Great Martial arts Actors from non popular arts

ADVERTISEMENT : NEED MARTIAL ARTS EQUIPMENT VISIT BLITZ OR CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS and BUY NOW There are great martial arts’ actors from different styles, we are going to look at number of those sharing more information about those stars and looking at some of their movies. Steven Seagal : Aikido A practitioner of the martial … Read moreGreat Martial arts Actors from non popular arts

Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts (MMA) system incorporates techniques and theories from several martial arts and the origins back to 19th and 20th century. Became more popular in the 1960`and 1970`s with martial arts such as jeet kune do, Wing chun, tai chi, boxing, judo, taekwondo kajukenbo, karate, jujitsu, kenpo, kickboxing, muary thai, krav maga, wrestling, grappling, … Read moreMixed Martial Arts Training

The Brazilian Martial Arts Dance Capoeira

The Brazilian martial arts dance capoeira is a martial art practiced in Brazil mainly, this art has a long history and is very popular. Having high kicks a rhythmic feel to the art, is great to watch and takes time to learn. It is a global martial art with schools in many countries with many … Read moreThe Brazilian Martial Arts Dance Capoeira