Martial Arts Self Training 50 and Older

We are going to carry out a full book review of the book, Solo Training:3 50 and older. This book is written Loren W. Christensen and covers Karate, Kung Fu, and Taekwondo. This book of martial arts self training provides a comprehensive insight in to training, fighting and self defense, great workouts are compiled for … Read moreMartial Arts Self Training 50 and Older

Bruce Lee and Strength Training

Bruce Lee and strength training get the facts, we will be looking at a full detailed review of the book Bruce Lee Strength Workout for muscles of steel by Dr Alan Radley. Giving a comprehensive look into the workout and strength routines of Bruce Lee. The writer using his own comprehensive physical culture library with … Read moreBruce Lee and Strength Training

How to improve leg flexibility for kicking

ADVERTISEMENT : NEED MARTIAL ARTS EQUIPMENT VISIT BLITZ OR CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS Many martial arts require the practitioners to kick high and in order to do this you will need a high degree of leg flexibility. This can be achieved in many ways with some ways quicker, prefered, safer, more effective, better results etc the … Read moreHow to improve leg flexibility for kicking

Martial Arts Training Exercises

When doing any martial arts, you will know there are various martial arts training exercises those help your achieve a good level of skill. Depending on the martial art you do this will determine what martial arts exercises your will be practicing, Its great to just run through some of those exercises and share the … Read moreMartial Arts Training Exercises

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