Basic Home Martial Arts Training Workouts

We are going to look at a number of basic martial arts’ training workout exercises anyone can do, to keep themselves in great shape. Saving your time if your are unable to get to the club for any reason, simple but effective. Avoid getting inactive with your martial arts’ keep flexible, fit and strong. develop … Read moreBasic Home Martial Arts Training Workouts

We will Define Qigong

We are going to define qigong, which means in translation “working with the energy of life” we are going to look at one of the greatest qigong books QIGONG THE SECRET OF YOUTH. This is a great book by Dr Yang who has written many books on the subject, he is also a renowned teacher … Read moreWe will Define Qigong

Kids and Martial Arts

Kids and martial arts, martial art is great for kids and instills many great habits like confidence, concentration, discipline, motivation, respect, teamwork, social skills, encourage physical activity, conflict resolution and much more. We will look into those amazing benefits above in more detail. First, how to choose a martial art for your kids If you … Read moreKids and Martial Arts

Best Skipping Ropes For Martial Artists

Best skipping ropes for martial arts, weight loss and cardiovascular fitness. We aim to save your time and money but still recommending good quality skipping ropes which your can use for your martial arts fitness training. With many skipping ropes to choose from its best to purchase highly recommended skipping ropes. Benefits of Skipping Rope … Read moreBest Skipping Ropes For Martial Artists

Meditation for Martial Arts

Meditation brings many benefits for those who practice it, The number one benefit is stress reduction, in a world today which is filled with many stress related problems and situations. Meditation for martial arts is something you can incorporate into your training if this is not already the case. The Benefits of Meditation Reducing stress, … Read moreMeditation for Martial Arts