Qi and Martial Arts, how do they connect ?

We are going to look at the book Qi Increase your life energy by Stefan Stenudd, this book will give you the information regarding Qi, This is often referred to in different terms such as life energy, Chi, and Ki. Providing you with how qi works. Provides several easy exercises for cultivating and increasing the flow within your body. With the information in the book you will find it easy to achieve flow, you will then feel invigorated beyond your expectations. This is a great book for anyone interested in qi and martial arts.

About the Author

Stefan Stenudd, Is a well-established high level aikido instructor, Please see my POST ON AIKIDO. He is from Sweden and has a 7th Dan in aikido, also a member of the Swedish grading community, Chairman of the Swedish Budo and martial arts federation and former Vice-chairman of the international aikido federation.

He is also an artist, writer and historian publishing a number of books in Swedish and English both fiction and non-fiction. Covering many subjects like Chinese Taoist classic Tao Te Ching (his own interpretation) and Go Rin no Sho by the Japanese samurai Miyamoto Mussashi

Also by Stefan Stenudd

  1. Life energy Encyclopedia, 2009, 2015
  2. Tao Te Ching, The Taoism of Lao Tzu Explained, 2011
  3. Tao Quotes. 2013
  4. Aikido Principles, 2008
  5. Attacks in Aikido, 2008
  6. Aikibatto, Sword exercises for Aikido Students, 2007

You can see from the above Stefan Stenudd is well-established and qualified as a writer and martial artist having the necessary experience in qi and martial arts giving you the confidence in the information within this book.

Great Detailed Information Provided

This book covers a wide range of relative information on the subject of Qi I found the information to be vast an informative and very easy to understand unlike other books I have read on the subject, this book demystifies this interesting subject making it accessible to anyone to understand in a logical comprehensive style.

The information is well laid out and follows a set path for the reader to follow if they are going to practice the exercises in this book. The book also recommends once you are competent you can then slightly modify or train the exercises most suitable to you.

These exercises are very effective and very simple which is great as I have read other books with very complicated and difficult exercises to practice. You do not have to be athletic, strong, flexible etc as they require little effort but as with all martial arts training or any training or skill you will need to be consistent to get the desired results. As they will have to be repeated regular for a lot of days. If you continue great results await you down the road.

This book cover the following:

  1. Introduction: Gives you the back ground information on Qi this is essential knowledge to help you get a full understanding if you are going to take up practicing the exercises. Covering spirit, breathing, intention, center, meridians Chakra, spirals and much more a very detail and comprehensive section well written.
  2. Exercise: how to approach these exercises and stay on track, how to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your practice. The importance of being motivated, where, how and when would be the best for those exercises along with the ideal clothing to wear. Exercises in various postures: sitting, standing, laying, all details and ready for you to practice.
  3. Meditation: great information on meditation which is a must for martial arts training of any kind or just generally good for your own personal mental health in the stress and strains of living in this modern world check out my POST ON MEDITATION. This section explains fully how to get into the correct postures and the importance of this, by the end of this section you will have learnt how to meditate and following the information will be able to start.
  4. Relaxation information and exercises, sound easy but to truly relax you will need to read this section and practice those exercises, helping to enable you to find what suits you and makes your body comfortable and relaxed. Explaining the importance of fully relaxing the whole body enabling the Qi to flow, Advising the best method to fully relax fast. Great easy exercises to relax, great to use after a hard and stressful day. Mastering the art of relaxation alone will benefit your life enormously.
  5. Breathing: the importance of breathing and the effects on the body, the great benefits on correct breathing and how is plays a major part with your Qi. the exercises here are again well written and easy to follow.
  6. Extension: This is a great section and my personal favorite and is an advanced point yet this to is explained clear and simple, A must read and once you start those exercises you to can get to fully understand this section and acquire full competency in this section. There is a lot of information here. The exercises are simple and some can be integrated into your daily life
  7. The Center:as mentioned the information in this section leads on from the previous sections and you will understand this section more after completing the previous sections, So it is very important not to jump ahead and make sure you are fully competent with the previous sections. You will need to developed your center to a required level to get the full benefits of this section.
  8. Chakras: This section details the positions of the seven chakras, this section is for information mainly and provides great information about this Indian energy system.

Exercise Quick Guide

This is a great section and will be your go to section when performing the previous exercises as they are laid out in the correct sequence with brief but good descriptions as you already know the details from the previous sections this is a great idea.

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The author has vast amounts of experience in qi and martial arts and has provided this amazing book filled with a wide range of information. This book demystifies qi and will be beneficial to many people such as martial artists, people interested in energy works etc. There are also sections within this book on subjects like meditation and relaxation which can benefit anyone look to reduce their stress levels and live a happier and healthy life.

If you are a practitioner of Chinese or Japanese martial arts the information or exercises or both could be incorporated into your training once you are competent with those simple yet effective exercises and you may have a particular interest in qi and martial arts due to your martial arts training.

Please provide comments below on your own experience with Qi or the post I would be happy to hear from you and provide our readers with your experiences.

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Qi and Martial Arts, how do they connect ?

  1. Hi WInce, thank you for sharing this book. I’m really interested in learning more about both Qi and Martial Arts and I’ll have to read Stefan Stenudd’s book. After reading your article and browsing your website, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what Chi is and also what Akido is. I took Judo for a few years when I was a kid and want to get back into martial arts and Akido is really interesting to me. 

    • Hi Matt, Thanks your commends much appreciated, nice to hear you found the qi and martial arts interesting, This is a great book and provides the information in easy to follow manner, There are many books that complicate this subject. 

      Aikido is a great choice I highly recommend reading my previous post ONE OF THE BEST AIKIDO BOOKS this is a review on one of my personal favourite books on aikido, if you start aikido this will be the only book you will need.

      After Judo, Aikido is a natural switch.

      Please let me know how you get on 


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