Opening The Energy Gates of Your Body, Learn How

Boost your athletic and intellectual abilities with this ancient Chi Gung exercise programme. Using the system of energy channels in the body. Find out using the information and much more in this great book `Opening the energy gates of your body` by B.K. Frantzis. Enjoy this detailed book review where I will provide enough information to assist you in knowing more about this book and the benefits that await you. The author has been fully trained in mainland China by a great Taoist master,

Chi Gung is a form of Chinese exercise which combines energy and physical movements, This qigong has been practiced for over 3,000 years in China, The beauty of the exercise is that it can be practiced by a wide age range from 6 to 90 + due to the gentle slow low impact movements, and breathing exercises. Opening the energy gates will bring great health benefits.

The Benefits of Opening The Energy Gates of your body

1. Has been known to slowdown or reverse the degeneration of aging, Helping you maintain your youthful looks for a few more years or even enable you to start to look younger. Making you more confidant in your everyday activities.

2. Many believe this training prevents various illnesses as well as injuries.

3. Increase your athletic performances, also will a boost the mind

4. This system due to the exercises naturally help you learn the essential skill of relaxing the mind and body. Breathing exercises along with relaxed movements will ensure you will master relaxing the mind and body, consistency is the key.

5. Stresses will drain away once you learn the skills zoning out performing those great sequences and stances.

6. Another reported benefit is the improvement of sexual functioning.


Opening the energy gates of your body (Author)

Bruce Kumar Frantzis

  1. Trained in mainland China by great Taoist masters
  2. Chi Gung and Tai Chi expert
  3. Over 30 years of experience in Oriental healing, martial arts and meditation
  4. 15 years of study in China, India and Japan
  5. Fluent in Chinese and Japanese
  6. Holding black belts in Judo, Karate, jiu-jitsu and aikido
  7. An advanced acupuncture and Tui Namassage therapy
  8. Worked as a Chi Gung doctors in a number of clinics in China

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What secrets skills can you learn and master from this book

How Chi Gung Works

This section covers various topics such as the internal mechanics this cover chi gung and health an in depth description covering subjects like blood, muscle tissue and the heart. The effects of chi gung, If you are interested in the details of the more medical side of things then this section is great for you. Others may find this section a bit to intense but it also covers the emotional side. Which I think is important to understand before starting this sort of exercise and this section explains it fully. Safety is also covered which of course is vital.

Broken down into easy to locate sections making it ideal for the reader to navigate to the topics they are more interested in or would like to fully understand.

Chi Gung Theory

This section hopefully will help your to understand the theory behind the practice which I fell is important as even in chi gung classes. The instructors tend to concentrate more on the physical movements but knowing the theory will propel your skill. Also, covers the different interpretations in China and the west, this is where in the west we may find it hard to fully appreciate. The possible results from this practice and will have many sceptics and non-believers.

The core exercises for opening the energy gates of your body are fully explained and the sequence confirmed.

The Standing Posture

The standing posture is a fundamental training foundation in opening the energy gates and many Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi and Chi Gung systems. This powerful yet simple training system is a powerful meditation. Builds power in the whole body. There are over 200 different stances which all having different benefits but you will be happy to hear this system opening the energy gates of the body concentrates on one. It is essential to ensure you have the correct body structure with everything in the right place. You should be fully relaxed, this no doubt will take some time but from past experience this sort of training take dedication.

Lessons on body mechanics, structure and small heavenly orbit and learn the eye-opening secret of Dissolving, the transformation of ice to water to gas (in relation to chi energy flow with the body). How learning this process will aid and fast track your development. This process is fully broken down enabling the reader to gain and fully understand the process. Essential for your progression.

Opening the energy gates of your body

Full explanation of the energy gates and where they are, there are plenty of energy gate located throughout the body, the great thing is this section has plenty of sketches of various parts of the body detailing the energy gates showing the exact locations. Information regarding dissolving each point.

Cloud Hands Rooting the lower body

Various exercises art explained and detailed with the appropriate sketches for the reader to enjoy and be able to learn from them. Helping you attain a solid root in the lower body.

Swing exercises

Essential exercise for energizing the upper, middle and lower body, this will also open all the joints. Having 3 swings this simple but effective exercise is great to perform leaving you feeling totally invigorated. Each swing is broken down enabling the reader to master one before moving onto the other.

Tai Chi spinal stretch

A supple spine is essential for good health, this exercise provides great benefits, which will help many working in jobs where your back gets stresses and strains like desk jobs, or driving jobs.

Learn this and strengthen and maintain a healthy spine.


This is the 2005 Edition, click image to find out more
This is the original 1993 click image to find out more

Book Rating 4.5/5


This book gives the reader all the information they need, they will be able to fully understand all the theory, and practical features of this system. Being able to start your training straight away, the actual exercises are not too many so you will be able to concentrate on mastering those without having too many exercises to learn.

This training can be done for health only or as additional training for martial artists who are interested in the energy side of Chinese martial arts. Learn the secrets of opening the energy gates of your body.

“Qigong is the art and science of refining and cultivating internal energy”

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Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Opening The Energy Gates of Your Body, Learn How

  1. It is my first time hearing about the Chi Gung exercise program.  I love that this book teaches a program for seniors as well.  It is sad to say, but they are left out of the loop too many times.  With a pandemic now, we need to ensure that our seniors have things they can do from the comfort of their homes.

    I was excited to see that this type of exercise reduces stress and relaxes us.  As a diabetic, this is great news for me, because stress is a proven reason for a spike in blood sugar.  I will encourage others who are diabetic to give this a try.  I checked out some videos on Youtube and so I will be looking to purchase this book.  Thank you.

    • Hi Josephine, thanks for your comments, I am happy to be the person to introduced you to Chi Gung, I think this is an underestimated form of exercise, the Chinese have been practicing this art for centuries. I think you have nothing to loose as this art can be learnt from a book or video to start with, you may then feel the need to find a club to meet like minded people and keep you motivated. Yes older people tend to practice this form of exercise due to its gentle movements. This is something I will be doing more of once my martial art days are over. 

      Stress is responsible for many different illnesses, any way to reduce stress is essential and this is a great way. Nice of you to encourage others to get better health and have done your own research. 

      Great comments! I wish you success in your new found Chi Gung journey 


  2. This sounds like an excellent book.

    I like that it more than just about exercise, but it’s all about the whole being and is as much about within, as the external.

    I like the fact that there are not a lot of exercises and that way I can concentrate on getting them right rather than trying to remember what comes next.

    If the exercises reduce stress, prevent illness and stops aging, then I think we should all be wanting to buy this book to get started immediately.

    • Hi Geoff, thanks for your comments, Chi Gung is for health and is a holistic type of exercise. I always find keeping it simple is best and having fewer exercises is the way, 

      There is great benefits but like most amazing things it takes dedication and consistency. Daily training for months, but worth it in the end. 

      All the best 


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