Opening The Energy Gates of Your Body, Learn How

Boost your athletic and intellectual abilities with this ancient Chi Gung exercise programme. Using the system of energy channels in the body. Find out using the information and much more in this great book `Opening the energy gates of your body` by B.K. Frantzis. Enjoy this detailed book review where I will provide enough information … Read moreOpening The Energy Gates of Your Body, Learn How

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung, learn the secrets of this Chi Kung system from one of the world leaders in Taoist practices. This person is Master Mantak Chia and for this article I with provide a book review on Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1 by Mantak Chia. This technique when practiced using this book and a … Read moreIron Shirt Chi Kung

Learn Qigong and improve your general health

Learn Qigong and answer all the question you always wanted to ask about this fascinating system of exercises. One place to find those answers is a book called 300 questions on qigong exercises compiled by Lin Housheng and Luo Peiyu. This is not a current book but holds all the secrets from the past and … Read moreLearn Qigong and improve your general health

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