Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung, learn the secrets of this Chi Kung system from one of the world leaders in Taoist practices. This person is Master Mantak Chia and for this article I with provide a book review on Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1 by Mantak Chia. This technique when practiced using this book and a … Read moreIron Shirt Chi Kung

Wisdom For The Way Bruce Lee Book Review

Being wise is not easy, this normally comes with age, If you know about Bruce Lee you will know he was a wise man. There is a small book which is an ideal gift for anyone, This book is pocket size but a giant where information is concerned. This book has many of his personal … Read moreWisdom For The Way Bruce Lee Book Review

Jiu Jitsu Wisdom knowledge is power, learn more

Learn the jiu jitsu wisdom, this can be found in this great book: Jiu Jitsu for Small People by Bryan Deluca. This amazing little book BJJ for small people by Bryan Deluca holds much wisdom. Helping us recognize they are certain situations where we are able to change the outcomes as we have the power … Read moreJiu Jitsu Wisdom knowledge is power, learn more

Aikido Master Morihei Ueshiba book review

We will be looking at the book Training with the Master lessons with Morihei Ueshiba the founder of aikido, this book was written by John Stevens and Walther V. Krenner. This is a great book about the aikido master himself and has 157 photos, he was at the peak of his career, teaching. Martial artist … Read moreAikido Master Morihei Ueshiba book review

Martial Arts Masters Teachings

We have a book with a collection of martial arts masters passing on various stories and teachings, these cover many martial arts its more the wisdom within those stories one can learn from. The book under review is Martial Arts Teaching Tales of Power and Paradox by Pascal Fauliot (freeing the mind, focusing the chi, … Read moreMartial Arts Masters Teachings

King of The Ring Book Review

This is a book review on Anthony Joshua King of The Ring, This book is based on the post fight Klitschko and Anthony`s fight story looking at the earlier life and career of the young Anthony Joshua covering family life, street life, starting boxing, British title fights, Olympic Games, MBE, World championships fights and finally … Read moreKing of The Ring Book Review

Best Martial Arts Bags for your Training Gear

It always good to have one of the top martial arts bags to store and transport your clothes and equipment to training. Having the right bag can help you know where to locate your training equipment when not in use and keep it safe. Depending on what martial art you do, will determine the size … Read moreBest Martial Arts Bags for your Training Gear

Best mouth Guards for martial arts

We are going to look at some of the best mouth guards for martial arts. Looking t comfort, materials, make and cost etc. Interesting Information about Mouth Guards First used in boxing in the early 1890`s in the combat sport of boxing to prevent damage to the teeth. At this time they were originally made … Read moreBest mouth Guards for martial arts

Best Martial Arts Shoes for Training

When training martial arts its essential to have the right shoes on to ensure correct, safe and enjoyable practice. With this in mind we will be looking at some of the best martial arts shoes on the current market. This hopefully will help you decide what to purchase when you need a new pair. Shaolin … Read moreBest Martial Arts Shoes for Training

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