Jiu Jitsu Wisdom knowledge is power, learn more

Learn the jiu jitsu wisdom, this can be found in this great book: Jiu Jitsu for Small People by Bryan Deluca. This amazing little book BJJ for small people by Bryan Deluca holds much wisdom. Helping us recognize they are certain situations where we are able to change the outcomes as we have the power to change our own lives. It’s all down to prospective and this book will give you the tools to see those things from another point of view.

This will help you in the way you engage in certain situations. These situations change you fundamentally as we are the results of our experiences in life. Those experiences can change for the good or for the bed and it’s important to recognize this so that you can act where appropriate. Learn to react to the bad in a good way as hold we react
to those bad of challenging situations defined who we are.


Also mental strength

We get defeated mentally, we need to be mentally strong when required. We need to learn not to quit when the chips are down or let that negative voice hold us back. We must not get stuck in self-defeating thoughts and actions, this book provides some answers.

This power or strength it’s within your grasp, you only need to recognize. It’s how we approach each situation and how we engage. This could be a fight, a meeting, as speech, or something else. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to win or perform. With regard to a fight no matter how big or strong your opponent you most believe in your abilities.

Using his experience as a fighter in BJJ this is true jiu jitsu wisdom. This is new book published this year 2021

Brief note about the author Bryan Deluca

Its allows nice to get some information about the author when looking at purchasing a book.

Holding a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu he is a creative writer and has written many books various subjects along with a vast array of articles. He lectures around the world sharing his knowledge, Growing up in Memphis and currently lives in NY. His passion for philosophy compliments his black belt in BJJ., Teaching BJJ for ten years.

jiu jitsu wisdom the start

You will be able to find out the secret of the great warrior poets in regard to smaller person beating a larger opponent and what mind set is needed. All those thousands
of years ago they already worked it out. Plenty of information on the strategy of fighting and BJJ, the importance of the mind in training and off the mat.

BJJ has many techniques such as locks, chokes, throws, immobilization and other submissions. Learn how BJJ could change your view of the words’ perspective
and perception. It is important you learn this and the author has managed to break it down to easy to understand info. This not only great for BJJ but all other area of your life. Get the full understanding of those words’ and enjoy the benefits.

Importance of advantages and disadvantages

Learn the importance of advantages and disadvantages and being small in BJJ is no different. The author has done a great job of detailing the disadvantages and advantages to being small in BJJ and as a martial artist myself I found this fascinating as there were something I did not even consider.

For martial artists and anyone interested in self defense it’s definitely worth knowing as it could just give you
the advantage you need. The right mind is needed great wisdom on how to use the advantages learnt. Again I cannot stress enough this is sound advice for anyone in martial arts or self defense and those skills can also be adapted the problems in life.

Life Lessons

Great life lessons are explained one being you are 100% responsible for what you choose in life, this will help your BJJ training. This is great advice and will help you from blaming others for where you are in life or in your training goals. Provided is also a great tip of when to train, this tip apply s to other situations like business or just redecorating a room. I have used this tip many times and found it to be beneficial. This tip will help you to do many tasks, I will not say anymore you will find all the details in this book of jiu jitsu wisdom.

Advice on how to control your mind and understand the important of your mind and situations, you will begin to be able to handle man different situations mentally with your newly acquired knowledge from this book. So what ever circumstances you may find yourself.

There is always a way out but you will first need to have the skills mentally to be able to deal with it. Just imagine you were at work in an office, construction site, restaurant, hair dressers…  and you had an angry client or customer. I would not advice to use our BJJ skills unless you were in physical danger. The skills in this book will assist you to take control and keep yourself calm, in other words’ react the right way without loosing your cool or loosing control.

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Approaching various situations

Find out how to approach various situations with more authority and physical presence being more assertive when you need to be. This can be done in a number of ways and the author educates us on the two words’ that can help us be more present, assertive and confident. We will be able to manage more situations using those words’. You will find out more when you read the book for yourself. A great section on self talk and what words’ to used to change and manage situations. An important skill to have in conflict resolution and jiu jitsu wisdom

There is a great section on being present or not and the goal of the flow state, which is perfect for combat, performing this has been explained here.

How to manage your expectations in life and in BJJ, How to be a survivor and what it means to be a survivor. Dedication and how this fits in with your training, the important and process of moving up through the ranks. The various stages in your journey and when to be relentless and the benefits of this strategy and how many fighters with this ability progress to win their fights.

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The important of time, in fact can you answer the question of how important?

I really found the chapter on techniques interesting and true, if you are a martial artist once you read this section of the book please let me know your thoughts.t

That’s enough for now there is much more information is this book for you to ponder and learn from.

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My Book Rating 4.4/5. The only thing missing is images/ photos

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This is a great book I like the way the author has used the jiu jitsu wisdom to explain all those great amazing tips, strategies and life lesson while still giving great BJJ fighting/ training advice,

This is a self-help book a martial arts book and a book of life lessons from the author, great combination and written in a comprehensive streetwise fashion. Short direct and to the point and every section has one or two inspirational quotes which give the book another dimension.

As the book says there are plenty of tips and advice on the practical application of BJJ if you are a small person or you are fighting someone much bigger than you, as a martial artist myself I found the advice to be great do-able. This book is also a great price!

Great jiu jitsu wisdom

`when meeting difficult situations one should dash forward bravely and with joy`

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Train hard, Focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Jiu Jitsu Wisdom knowledge is power, learn more

  1. Thanks for the informative post on how to practice BJJ to handle life’s circumstances! Thanks for
    emphasizing that the ability to win depends on how much we believe in ourselves. This is a
    fantastic point for me. Sometimes, I felt cheated by a boss or someone bigger than me and wouldn’t know how to handle such situations. And as someone who hates to be cheated, I would love to have such a book that enlightens me on what to do right to win in hard and challenging situations.

    • Hi Joyce, thanks for your comments much appreciated, yes this is a great book of knowledge focussing on the mental side of confrontation, the writer has done a great job in using his jiu jitsu to demonstrate mental strength. Teaches you the important of how you react to various situations. Being cheated is not great for anyone and this book may give you the tools you need to deal with such situations. I can also recommend my previous post on CONFLICT MAMAGEMENT you will find even more great information for this situation here please click the link and check it out. 

      Please check out the book and the link above to help you become confident in those situations. they will always arise from time to time,.

      Please return and let me know how you get on, it would be great to hear your story once you have read those books 

      All the best 


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