Learn How to Improve Conflict Management

Learn how to improve conflict management with this great book Conflict Communication by Rory Miller. This book covers a unique system on conflict management. You will learn your reactions to conflict are subconscious, scripted. This is some think everyone should learn about as conflict is everywhere home, work, school, when you are out in public. With this system you will learn about the three brains, survival, emotion, and reason. Helping you stop conflict.

Each brain deals with different conflicts, learn the principles and a collection of tricks, tips exercises, drills, lessons to manage and avoid dangerous conflicts.

This book will change your mind set with regard to conflict, it books comes from a man with a long experience with violence.

How the author came to write this book

The author has devoted many years to developing his knowledge in conflict and as a martial artist. A Psychotherapist this puts him in the ideal position to get the right information. Having accurate predication s and strategy to deal with conflict tried and tested.

His works has improved many readers lives and knowledge with regard to self defense and conflict and dealing with violence. This can be very useful in various profession like law enforcement where it will be a great advantage whether certain individuals may become violent. Keeping you a step ahead keeping you and your colleges safe. The information will help you deal with verbal threats hopefully aiding you in preventing those threats developing into violence.

Get The Knowledge

Stop being a potential victim once you have the knowledge, learn to deescalate those situations. Fear plays a major part and leading to people avoiding various situations where they could have been able deal with those and manage the conflict.

You need to actively take steps to minimize the threats of possible violence once you deem the potential is there.

Learn to function on a psychological level rather than a social level to help you apply the actions needed to stay safe.

Learn about the different brains: Lizard, Monkey and Human one is for survival one is for emotion and the other is for reason. They all deal with conflict differently, this book explains those points in great details.


This is a great section covering plenty of subjects in great detail, giving you the foundation you need to fully understand the fundamentals of conflict communication.

You will learn about the following:

  1. Responses to conflict are subconscious
  2. Reponses to conflict are scripted
  3. For the good of the group
  4. Enhancing the monkey script
  5. Using your human brain
  6. Staying at the human level
  7. Monkey problems
  8. Group dynamics
  9. The other Maslow levels

Covering responses to conflict, this will aid you on how to improve conflict management. Thought reactions are subconscious we do not think about those we just react in most cases.

Say you get insulted the first thing most people do is to get angry, this is a typical reaction as you did not use your conscious mind to make a decision. Acting on emotion rather than thought, and working on script (this is more detailed within this book).

The basic of script are where the same arguments are gone over and over again. This happens in many family house holds for example kids tidying their rooms or washing or cleaning duties these are all scripts of conflict communication. These responses are automatic. The fact that they keep happening means it not working and you may need to look into those scripts to see if you can improve those situations.

This demonstrates responses to conflict are scripted and this book will give you the full explanation and tips on how to work with or change the scripts when required and recognize them in good time and stop conflict.

Good leaders praise in public and criticize in private.

Learn about Behaviours

You will learn about behaviours like willingness to perform and be part of team, not too challenging. Some times even drawing attention of good or bad behaviours can be only to ensure you are still a member of the group and performing your duties within the group for the benefit of the group. Also, you know your place within the group. As there are some individuals who tend to stop performing or mess up and this will affect the effectiveness of the group. They need to know the rules and importance of the group.

The monkey and lizard brains are a part of everyone these need to be learn about and this system you will learn in the book and it will give you an advantage on you have fully understood it, it is explained simple and easy to understand here.

You learn more about the scripts you will find most scripts are great and will not need to be changed or adjusted etc.

The Brain

The human brain is for the modern world for social conflicts and problem solving and will help you recognize when you are on script and what action if any you need to take.

Learn to recognize you own response to situations and monitor your feelings and responses, whether you like someone, label them, make excuses or justifications. This all takes time and knowledge and you will get the knowledge from this book.

Learn how to control those inappropriate statements you may say in the wrong environment and not to take something personally.

It takes history to hate someone, to get a deep negative bond. You learn about the different brains you will know this book have been written to give the human brain the edge giving you the advantage in those unfortunate situations. Learn the concepts and fundamentals.

Recognize the monkey brain problems below:

  1. We don’t do that here
  2. Snow flakes
  3. Untouchables
  4. Checking status
  5. Dominance
  6. You do not belong here

Learn in detail for each of the about problems and what it means understanding those will make you most effective at reading situations. Fully explained in this book.

Dealing with Survival Fear

When you have been put in a dangerous position wear survival is your only option, learn how the lizard brain takes over to aid you going into survival mode. In the early stages try to calm the situation verbally but, do not count on verbal encounters being successful as these situations are unpredictable,

For law enforcement, medical staff, bouncers, prison officers etc this section is a must read in fact the whole book is a must read and you will benefit greatly from the information in this book. You have a duty to assess the situation and be safe or in some cases do you need to be there.

Physical attacks happen at close range learn how to calm the situation with the tips and information in this section is great and eye-opening. A complete description of how to handle a volatile situation using verbal action and tried and tested techniques.

Tactics, Tools, Techniques to Stop Conflict

This section teaches many in depth subject please see some below:

  1. Coordinating your mind: how the brain reacts and how to improve and control it. This is a great read with plenty of information you need to understand giving you exercise. You will get great benefits from this section learning various drills to sharpen and improve your skills. You also learn about hunches and practice, understanding and explaining intuition giving you a crash course in human dynamics and body language.
  2. Active Listening: This is an extremely powerful technique and a great life skill to have and you will be able to learn it from this book, People like to be heard.

Threat Assessment

  1. Is this a dangerous relationship
  2. Is this a dangerous job
  3. Will this situation become violent
  4. Am I being targeted for violence

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This is a great book packed with detailed information with exercises, drills, explanations, systems, every possible subject with regard to conflict communication, types of conflict, violence, group dynamics, the different ways the brain reacts to conflict, scripts, learn how to react, techniques tools tips, building rap pore, setting boundaries, the human alpha and much more.

This book is ideal for anyone as we all need to communicate in one way or another. The following people may have more interest in this book., law enforcement, government workers, bouncers, prison guards, social workers, probation officers, taxi drivers, shop workers, martial artists, shop owners etc and stop conflict.

Get this book without delay to learn how to improve conflict management. This book will change your total outlook. This is a system designed for you to keep you safe and give you the advantage in different situation and some not so nice. The knowledge here will keep you safe where ever you find yourself as these are life skills and are universal.


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Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. As humans we find ourselves n situations that are not best and we have to get conflicting ideas with those around us and most importantly, how we handle such situation is what matter and such article will give you all that you need to get going and well equipped for such situations and that is the key to personal growth that we all need in our lives 

    • Hi Jack, Thanks for your comments, yes I agreed every time we meet someone we are communicating mostly happy interactions but, some conflict situations and knowing how to deal with them to prevent them developing into violence is an essential skill.
      All the best

  2. This book looks like something that is very essential for me to get my hands on and read. I like the way you were able to give us the inside story of why the author decide to wrote the book. Surely it is something that I should read especially since I want to go into internal relations and also evaluate inter state conflicts.

    • Hi Jamie, Thanks for your comments, yes this book will give you the information you need for your new career in internal relations.
      I wish you all the success,

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