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Looking into some of the best martial arts’ books around, this will be an ongoing theme as there are too many martial arts’ to narrow down the best books down to a few arts’.

We go to look at the following book

  • The Warrior Within

The Warrior Within

The Warrior Within is a book of the philosophies of BRUCE LEE to better understand the world around you and achieve a rewarding life.

The forward has been completed by Linda Lee Cadwell and copyright 1996 by John Little.

This book has great forward by Linda as mentioned above detailing Bruce Lee `s personal life experiences and philosophies.

covering family life, fighting skills and systems including JKD fighting system which was developed by Bruce Lee. Also, covering the early life of Bruce. Yin and yang is explained in detail in the section.

This section is one of the best sections in the book very informative supplying great details about Bruce his training, life, family, fighting systems, teaching philosophies fighting strategies and much more. This short forward has bags of information.

Philosophy of Bruce Lee

This section covers many of the brilliant sayings and stories from Bruce Lee, for example, The main thing is teaching a man to do his thing, just be himself………. I`m against trying to impose a style on a man. This is an art, an expression of a mans own self.

About Bruce Lee

This section covers short but well documented statements from those that knew him well, including Linda Lee and many of his students, Great insight to Bruce for his fans.

The true meaning of Gung Fu

Goes into the thoughts of Bruce Lee regarding Gung Fu very insightful

Life learning lessons

There are many sections covering various topics, covered by Bruce Lees thoughts and philosophies giving his detailed insights into many subjects on life, using his Chinese and western insights. Bruce shares his knowledge on many subjects as he studied philosophy and had read many books along with the study of martial arts’.

All aspects of martial arts’ philosophies are covered in this book in regard to Bruce Lee.

This is one of the best martial arts’ books, due to the insight into Bruce Lees thoughts and teachings

There is also a section on the Bruce Lee films, great section for the hardened fans out there.


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The readers can integrate those philosophies into their own life, this is the objective of this book and I think it meets this point.

The benefits of purchasing this book is the quality and the information within this book and the fact that you do not have to be a martial arts’ enthusiast to appreciate this book or Bruce Lee fan.

John Little has done a great job researching and collating the information together.

The best part in the book for me is Chapter Five Running Water, this is a great chapter detailing the true philosophies of Bruce Lees life and fighting concepts a must read.

Great insight into Eastern philosophy, you will learn a lot from this book if you are a practitioner of Chines or Japanese martial arts’.

For those interested in Bruce Lee this is a must book for you, after reading this book you will know much more about the man himself.

This book is timeless and will help you better understand the world around you.

Have you read this book, what your thoughts

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Train hard, focus and practice

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2 thoughts on “One of the Best Martial Arts Books

  1. I am sure that there are many reasons to read this book.  I would enjoy reading about the combination of Martial arts and how it shaped Bruce Lees’ world.  Eastern philosophy is very intriguing to someone from the western world.  Reading can help us understand how the different aspects shaped the life of Bruce Lee. When I read a book as far from my normal list like this one, I usually find something will be with me forever.  Thanks for the review and information. 

    • HI Sami

      Thanks for your comments, I agree, this book tell the full story of Bruce Lee regarding the eastern and western connection

      All the best

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