Great Judo Self Defense

Judo is a great martial art for self defense, I will be going through some key point in judo self defense.

Judo is a Japanese martial art and sport and the sport was created 1882 by Jigoro Kano, consisting of throws or take downs, joint locks, choke holds, strikes with hands or feet.

Many of the more recent martial arts like BJJ, Krav maga and Sambo come from parts of judo and you can see the connection in some techniques used in those arts

Also you will see some judo techniques in self defense courses.

Judo Throws

There are 3 basic categories in judo as listed below

  1. Nage-waza (Throwing Techniques)
  2. Katame-waza (Grappling Techniques)
  3. Atemi-waza (striking Techniques)

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Throwing Techniques

From the Standing position you can do the following hand throws where you use your hands to throw the opponent, Hip throws where you use your hips to throw your opponent and foot and leg throws using your feet or legs to throw your opponents.

From Sacrifice position (this is where you sacrifice your standing position) to throw your opponent and can be done from the side or rear.

Those throws are great for judo self defense techniques and once learned from an instructor can be very effective.

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Judo Grappling

Grappling in judo covers holding and pinning techniques, strangulation techniques and joint lock techniques, those techniques are not usually only taught to senior students.


Forms are pre arranged patterns and techniques, these are great for preserving and perfecting the techniques.

There is also freestyling where you can try to execute various techniques, you will have to be of a good level to take part in this.

Benefits of judo

Helps you develop physical fitness due to the energy needed and the fast pace of the practice. You gain strength and flexibility due to all the twisting an extending of the body and limbs. This also increases your speed and agility, giving you greater endurance. Developing good static and dynamic balance due the constant pulling and pushing while on the mat training you start to build this up naturally. As with many martial arts your reaction time improves but, punching and kicking arts will improve this quicker and to a higher level. You develop the ability to read how your opponents are going to move once you grab a hold of them. Your coordination improves as with most martial arts along with your self confidence and you progress through the ranks.

Judo for Self Defense

Judo is an effective martial art for self defense as it has throws, joint locks, ground training and choke holds. Without the great kicks and punches judo is not a popular martial art today but, the throws, joint locks and choke holds are great for close combat situations. The original ground fighting martial art has now been taken over by Brazilian Ju jit su with regards groundwork.

Known for it’s high hip throws in the dojo on the mat is OK but out on the street the opponent would be hitting the ground with force causing serious injury or even death. This could also be true of many of the throws also the choke holds can cause death and great care must be taken when ever practicing or using those techniques in a real life situation.

The arm bar is another technique which can be used in self defense, these techniques could break the opponents arm so you have to be care due to weak joints.

Judo is a physical martial art which requires a reasonable level of strength which you build up during your practice.

You can do some training at home and also gain knowledge, there are books and DVD`s explaining and demonstrating the techniques. You can also buy a throw dummy so you can practice throwing techniques at home those may help with you judo self defense.

You should also be able to find a local school and Judo is still reasonably popular and most major cities should have a school.

All judo schools have a grading system in place, with the standard belt system which will help gauge your progress and motivate you on your martial arts journey.

There are a number of exercises that you can do to increase your strength if you are a gym attendee. Please see the exercises below:

  1. Bicep Curls
  2. Tricep extensIons
  3. Bench press half squat
  4. Fly-squat
  5. Fly-cross overs
  6. Bent over pulls
  7. Lat pull downs

Unlike most martial arts there is only one style of Judo

There is various techniques which can be used against punches and kicks which is effective for judo self-defence. I would recommend learning a little judo technique against different attacks like hay maker, straight punch, turning kick, grabs etc


Judo is an effective form of self defense and I personally think there is a number of great techniques which would be ideal against attacks off-street attacks .

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The combination of throws using hips and hands, you will learn the principles of breaking the balance etc and getting into the right position. Your physical size will not be an issue there will be a number of techniques to suit all shapes and sizes.

The locks and choke holds once mastered can be effective quick to apply self defense techniques by please remember not to use too much force when defending yourself as those techniques can cause serious injury and even death .

Judo will suit those practitioners who like to move in close to defend themselves and be hands on connecting to their opponents in order to carry out the appropriate techniques.

Judo is also ideal for someone who does not like punching and kicking but prefer to grab and move in using their bodies to throw and use locks etc on attacks, great judo self defense.

This is a great art to get kids involve early as they will learn how to fall etc and as it’s an Olympic sport who knows where it will take them.

Please let me know your thoughts on the subject of judo as a self defense I look forward to receiving your comments.

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Great Judo Self Defense

  1. This is a martial art that I’ve had a little to do with as my partner is a black belt in Judo by the age of 17 and was winning competitions. We have always messed around and joked about it as when I first met him we were playing at wrestling and I swiped his feet out from under him. I knew he was holding back but he was so shocked and asked if I had trained in Judo. It was hilarious when I had to admit that I grew up with three older brothers and my swipe technique always worked on them. This martial arts seems a great one for women to learn.

    • Hi Lily, Thanks for the comments, Great to hear your partner is a Judo expert and black belt amazing! and at such an early age when most teenagers were too busy drinking and partying, great man! 

      Growing up with 3 older brothers would have made you strong and able fight if needed. 

      I agree Judo is a good martial art for women, as it is more technique based than strength similar to aikido but a bit more energetic. 

      Great comments as usual, see you soon 


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