Be Water My Friend by Shannon Lee

Be water my friend written by Shannon Lee the daughter of the legend and king of martial arts Bruce Lee. Be like water is one of his many wisdom quotations, This new book is a book of philosophy and will help you in all area`s of life, The author illuminates her fathers most powerful philosophies … Read moreBe Water My Friend by Shannon Lee

Kickboxing Training Book

Kickboxing is a great form of fitness and self defense, this system involves kicking, punching, elbows and knee attacks, I will look at one of my own personal favorite books on this system, this book was a great training aid for me back in the days when I used to practice and train this system. … Read moreKickboxing Training Book

Aikido Master Morihei Ueshiba book review

We will be looking at the book Training with the Master lessons with Morihei Ueshiba the founder of aikido, this book was written by John Stevens and Walther V. Krenner. This is a great book about the aikido master himself and has 157 photos, he was at the peak of his career, teaching, martial artist … Read moreAikido Master Morihei Ueshiba book review

King of The Ring Book Review

This is a book review on Anthony Joshua King of The Ring, This book is based on the post fight Klitschko and Anthony`s fight story looking at the earlier life and career of the young Anthony Joshua covering family life, street life, starting boxing, British title fights, Olympic Games, MBE, World championships fights and finally … Read moreKing of The Ring Book Review

One of the best Aikido Books

ADVERTISEMENT : NEED MARTIAL ARTS EQUIPMENT VISIT BLITZ OR CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS Aikido, lets look at one of the best aikido books on the market at the moment. Any aikido practitioner would benefit from this invaluable book. The book I am talking about is Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere by A Westbrook and O, Ratti. … Read moreOne of the best Aikido Books