A Great Budo Aikido Book for Every Aikido Practitioner

We are going to look at the aikido book Budo Teachings of the Founder of Aikido. This focuses on the early life of the founder and what led him to develop the great martial art of Aikido. This book has more than 400 historic photographs of the founder in action. Born in western Japan and mastering judo, kendo. Jujitsu he created aikido, with life long training and development he promoted aikido all over the world. Passing away in 1969 aged eighty-six. His aikido lives on with many practicing this amazing martial art globally.

The Early Years up to his Passing

This section covers the early years of Morihei Ueshiba, covering dates of birth and place of birth along with his families class and status. Details of is parents with regard to occupation etc,

Studying Confucian classes and Buddhist scriptures when he was young which was arranged by his family, full details are detailed in this book. Information covering early school life onto his completion of school and his first job then onto his ongoing career. Finally joining the army where he was given a nick name due to his abilities these are all detailed in this section till when he leaves the army.

Covers his family life giving details of children

Being a great part of his community he was involved in many activities for the community and was involved in a number of enterprises giving you a great insight into the man himself. This section is a good read I will leave you to read the details when you get your own copy.

How he Mastered of jujitsu, meditation techniques, spiritual practices,

The opening of Ueshiba Academy where he began teaching and went on to develop his own style,

This section has some of the best pictures in the book showing Ueshiba in his early days with family friends, students and community members.

There is a lot of information covering many subjects in his early years some of which I have mentioned above but this is just a mention for you to get an idea of the information in this book.

There is also information covering Dojo training,


Budo is a spiritual path leading to enlightenment, peace, harmony, truth, goodness, and beauty.

This section of the book has poems on Budo, Plenty of great photographs of Morihei showing many techniques in step by step illustration easy to follow.

Budo is a spiritual path that is in line with nature and the universe. Having devoted practice in using the sword to link the heaven and earth along with the movement of those techniques. The path of budo will take time to understand and is explained in a more detailed way within this book.

The warriors’ mindset on the martial arts’ path filled the mind and body with valorous spirit. The method to budo explained in understandable detail in this section which helps you to appreciation and have more of an understanding of budo.

Covered is the principle of adjusting mind and body, learn the principles behind the sword as the sword is the soul of the warrior and true nature of the universe. Swordsmanship enables the warrior to activate the principles of the universe.

Why is it preferred to respond than attack?

Learn how to use your hands, feet and hips, and how they work in relation to each other. When and how to apply techniques.

The importance of perception and harmonization on yourself and your opponents mind, body, and spirit and how this is achieved.

The correct mindset for battle, with training secrets from the masters, not sure this information is anywhere else.

Basic techniques, learn the right way to practice those techniques and the ongoing training. You can see those in full step by step pictures in detail being performed by the Morihei Ueshiba himself in his element. With weapons and unarmed weapon techniques

This section as mentioned has many techniques all detailed for you to refer to but this Budo information is amazing you will get to know the full essence of aikido not just the movement of the techniques,

If you are a practitioner of aikido or instructor this book will be invaluable, the information here is beyond the techniques and more of a way of life and living.

Dojo Techniques

The last section has photos of step by step techniques in photo only again with Morihei Ueshiba in his element.

Many techniques have been included kneeling and standing, both standing and both kneeling. With various attacks grabs, strikes, holds etc again a great reference section for the senior aikidoka.

The Book

This book is an amazing book and may become limited in the future due to the age of this book, there is currently limited availability. Get your copy now to avoid disappointment.



This book is one of my personal favorite aikido books as it all about the founder detailing his full history including early years, family, locations, martial arts’ trained and when, how and why aikido was started.

You will get the true sense of aikido and learn about the spiritual side This book provides you with things you will not learn in the dojo and will complete your understanding of aikido and how it is meant to be practiced and instructed.

Covering every aspect of aikido a great reference book for any akidoka and you can rest assured the information within those pages are authentic and original.

Detailed information about his personal life, which had a number of tragedies, which he came through and manage to become one of the best martial artist of all time.

The pictures are great documenting his life and his techniques, with more than 400 photos.

With a number of poems about the path.

Provides the fundamentals in words and pictures great for any aikidoka`s, His teachings of the warrior path, spirit and the arts’ is very enlightening and you will learn all about the spirituality side of this martial art.

Hope you have enjoyed this review, I have provided a brief review of each section to give you an insight into the quality of the information within this book.

I have a number of aikido books and this is one of my favourites and would personally recommend it to anyone trains in aikido.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding my review or if you already own this book please leave your comments to help me and others who may want to know your point of view. Comment in the box below.

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Great Budo Aikido Book for Every Aikido Practitioner

  1. I just finished this book and it is truly amazing. Strongly recommended to anyone who wants to find out more about the early days of this beautiful art. It will teach you all there is to know and much more!

    • Hi Wereld,
      Thanks for your comments much appreciated, Great to hear your have just finished this book and found it amazing, It is a great reference book for anyone doing aikido and the information is priceless. As you mentioned the history of this great art is interesting and a great read. Thanks for recommending this book this is great for the our readers to hear from another aikido practitioner,
      All the best

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