Best Ways to Stop Violence Happening to You and Yours

We are going to look at the book Training for Sudden Violence by Rory Miller, this is a great book that has 72 practical drills to help you with ways to stop violence. Those drills are tried and tested and ready for you to practice. For teachers of martial arts and self-defence this is a great book as the author gives valuable skills and insights teaching those drills and starts from the basics.

Speed of an attack can even shock and surprise the most experienced martial artist and can make it seem as time starts to slow down but in reality the assault is over in a short time.

In training with these 72 drills, they will help prepare you physically and psychologically for sudden violent attacks. The author designed those from practical experience in his own life.

Will help you develop situation awareness, learn the fundamental drills and combat skills needed, learn to take a critical look at your training habits.

These drills have been specifically made to train you for the worst case.

Learn to fight standing, on the floor, in a crowd, again weapons. He has kept the drill/ techniques that work and discarded what does not work.

This is reality and may be a fight for life, This book will hopefully prepare you for what we hope will not happen.

The one-Step

This is a great chapter in this book it explains one of the most basic drills which helps develop the most effective action. This has been found to be useful for many students and very simple to perform, two students working together.

The attacker initiates an attack very slow motion and the defender reacts, they continue this movement over and over until they wind up. They begin to find solutions to the attacks and change over so each one gets a turn. They will progress to more complicated mores as they progress. Timing is essential and students must go all out targeting the right parts, done slowly with cooperation.

Communication is key during this drill and be non competitive, they will have to mindful about naturally speeding up during this drill.

This is a great chapter and gives you an idea of the detail training tips in this book, I found the detail excellent in every section and easy to follow.

Dynamic Fighting

Self defense instructors teaching how to escape from a bear hug, this is good but the main people using bear hugs and law enforcement or bouncers mostly being used to control the person in some way. Fighting is dynamic moving and fast you need a good solid base. Being able to disrupt this base is a skill that you need to learn and develop, there is a drill where the use of judo jackets are used. This can be practiced in other clothing but you will destroy a lot of clothes.

The drill involves one as the aggressor and the other reacting to the pushing and pulling trying to maintain that base and not using strength, Finding other ways than strength to deal with the attacks. This drill is fully explained in the book giving you instructions. You learn how to control your weight and what works and what does not.

Practitioners of Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Rugby or American football you will be families with this concept. You will need a Matt to fall on but you will have to be proficient at break falls.

The Reality

In reality, you would use this skill and the environment to control your attacker and direct them into a wall or object. This drill will also give you the skill to help you deal with someone stronger than you and not resort to strength too much and only when needed.

This is demonstrated with the Sumo, when they fight only the souls of there feet are allowed to touch the floor during the contest. When any other part of there bodies hits the floor or they are pushed or thrown etc outside the defined area they lose the match. If you watch Sumo contests you will see it’s not allows the biggest or strongest that wins the bouts. They have developed the skills to deal with force and strength. You will find tips and teachings like those in the book itself.


Fighting emptiness is another concept mentioned in this book which I found interesting and as a martial artist one which I will add to my knowledge for self defense, Just an example if you get someone in front of you with there fists up ready to fight. You do not fight that area, you avoid the fists a fight them from behind. This will of course take a lot of skill. This can be developed with the aid of is this book.

Learn how to get out of a clinch.

Learn about targeting where to hit, how to hit and what to hit with, It is also important to learn how to generate power no matter what size you are. This has to be learn and practiced on the heavy bag. Certain parts of the body can take more punishment than other parts. This targeting drill is simple and will teach you how to recognize more targets.

This amazingly simple drill is fully explained in this section.

There are also drills to increase your understanding of distance and the importance during combat or self defense.

Training Open-Ended Skills

Fighting is not just defense but all forms of human interaction and can be very complex, it not like maths where you can measure or workout the out comes. There are a lot of unknown and improvisation and one wrong move can change an outcome of a fight. This is just some great information in this section but it is more detailed and explained in an easy to understand way.

So these drills teach you to improvise naturally (do not stick to a script).

These drills need to be realistic as possible to train you for real attacks so I advise you read this section completely and follow those drills to build up your skill to a high level. If, you are a martial artist you may already be familiar with this type of training. This will help you condition the body, using live play but, always monitor safety at all times.

Learn to move a body that does not want to be moved.

Learn to hit a moving target at varying distances.

Learn how to react the moment you get attacked.

This is a great chapter and the above gives you a small sample of what you can learn along with more skills and strategy for responding to sudden violence.


This section has 6 amazing superpowers you can integrate into your life straight away and each one will give you great advantages in many situations. To make it effective in what you are doing. Some are simple. effective and very easy to start. Get your copy of this book and improve your life immediately by learning these superpowers.

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This book will teach you many new skills and ways to stop violence effectively, this book has 225 pages stacked with plenty of information on personal safety and survival. Having 72 practical drills for you to learn and practice for every situation you can think of. No matter what skill level you may be martial arts expert or beginner or non martial artist this book has something for anyone. Protect yourself or friends and family giving you tried and tested tips and techniques.

An ideal reference book for those in law enforcement, bouncers, prison officers, security, close protection personnel etc.

There is even blind folded drills and defense again weapons.

Where, when and how to attack and how to deal with various attacks, the correct mind set needed for survival. This book has been produced with real life situations in mind. Will teach you what needs to be done if you are attacked!

Well written with in-depth easy to follow and understand.

The information in this book could save your life!

Please let me know your comments in the box below,

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. Thank you very much foe a wonderful book review on Training for Sudden Violence by Rory Miller. We should all know how to defend ourselves if someone should attack us. In todays world we should not sit back and let criminals take over on communities. A book that will boost your confidence and teach you how to fight back

    • Hi Diana, thanks for your comments much appreciated, glad you liked the book review and thanks for the complements. Its essential we all know some form of self defense, you just need to find the system that suits you as your age, body type, mind, and preference, 

      This book provides you with real life skills from a man who has been on the front line of violence and has years of experience in many violent situations. This is a great book, providing you with the tools to fight back if required and more importantly handle dangerous situations before they arise by recognising the warning signs. 

      Please visit again

      All the best 


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