Proper Running Technique For Martial Artists

Learn proper running technique for your health and fitness. This will benefit your martial arts giving you more stamina during your martial arts sparring, exercises, forms and general health. We will look at running technique to give you the information you need to be able to integrate the running into your martial arts training.

Please Note: The information below is to help you with regard to your fitness and exercise programme. As with all exercise programmes you should seek your doctors approval before you begin.

Beginning Running

As you are coming from a martial art background I would recommend starting slow and you may even feel more comfortable walking before running. This is an excellent way to start by doing 20 – 30 minutes and build up to 4 times a week. I would then recommend a mixture of both running and walking half-and-half or 50/50, this will ensure you are not over ambitious with your training. This will ensure keeping you on the right track to continue and not over do it, the main thing is you must keep it enjoyable.

Depending on how you are feeling you could do various running techniques such as 2 minutes running and then 4 minutes walking completing a cycle of 30 in total. This is especially good for martial arts as we need quick bursts of energy during combat, so those 2 minute can be at a pretty fast pace then followed by a medium pace walk. This will build your recover rate during those sparring sessions.

The Right Mind-Set

Think in time not miles this is important as a beginner as you are working on your fitness not the distance you are covering, As a beginner be mindful not to run too fast a good way to monitor this is to do the talk test which is, you should be able to talk comfortably while running with a partner or if on your own make sure you are able to talk without struggling for breath.

Build up slowly mainly concentrating on time not distance for now. Run where you feel comfortable but be careful if you are running on Roads or Streets, Watch out for different levels on foot paths and roads, people, cars. You could run in parks or fields, Up hills which builds muscular and cardiovascular strength ideal for martial arts. You need to build proper running technique for the long term.

Just keep your running regular and consistent not over training and keep it varied with regard to where you run and how you run.

Please see below an example of a typical beginners (non runners) programme for somebody starting running, this can be adjusted to suit your preference and fitness level.

  1. Week 1 Run 2 minutes walk 4 completing 5 full cycles
  2. Week 2 Run 3 minutes walk 3 completing 5 full cycles
  3. Week 3 Run 5 minutes walk 2.5 completing 4 full cycles
  4. Week 4 Run 7 minutes walk 3 completing 3 full cycles
  5. Week 5 Run 8 minutes walk 2 completing 3 full cycles
  6. Week 6 Run 9 minutes walk 2 completing 2 full cycles then Run 8 minutes
  7. Week 7 Run 9 minutes walk 1 completing 3 full cycles
  8. Week 8 Run 13 minutes walk 2 completing 2 full cycles
  9. Week 9 Run 14 minutes walk 1 completing 2 full cycles (repeat this week before moving onto week 10)
  10. Week 10 Run 30 minutes

Important Do`s and Don’t s for Beginners

Don’t Beginner without Full Medical Check up

Don’t train through any injuries, ensure complete recovery

Do, dress for the weather and environment

Don’t wear broken or worn-out shoes or shoes designed for other sports, Wear good popular running shoes.

Do tell someone where you are running and when you are likely to return, bring some cash, your identification and your mobile phone.

Do some light stretching before your run or walk and after completing your run or walk.

Do watch out for cars or vehicles especially at junctions and make sure you are seen (wear bright colours or reflectors at night and stay in open spaces)

Do if possible find a training partner, this is especially great when beginning as this give you both motivation and increase safety when running. Best if they are of the same standard and fitness level as you can then improve together.

Don’t wear head phones, This will tune you out from your surroundings making you vulnerable to vehicles, dogs, bikes, criminals etc

Don’t run in remote area`s where there is not many people around, you may be attacked or have an accident and need assistance.

Get The Right Running Shoes and Orthotic Insoles

The most important gear you will need is the right running shoes, Please see the following guidelines to ensure you get the right fit.

Check there is enough room at the top, where the toes are by pressing the thumb into the shoe above the longest toe, the edge of the thumb should fit between the end of the toe and the top of the shoe.

Your heel should fit snugly into the rear of the shoe and have no movement up or down as you walk or run.

The upper part of the shoes fits around the top of the foots snugly and secure, But should not be too tight or irritate the foot.

Take the shoes for test run.

Please see below a number of running shoes which are very popular with great reviews, meaning they are tried and tested and have satisfied customers.

Ensure you have the right running shoes to prevent injury or damage to your feet, knees or back.

Many serious runner also recommend Orthotic insoles to help keep your feet healthy, this is a good idea to add additional protection for your feet, especially if you start to run regularly.

SOLLOMENSI Men Women Running Shoes Trainers: Are a very popular and comes in many colours. And are highly recommended with a GREAT PRICE!


Nike Men’s Tanjun Trainers, These are very popular with many great reviews (tried and tested) for men and comes in various colours, these are Nike a more well-known brand,


Womens Mesh Running Trainers, These are women and very popular with many reviews (tried and tested) again this trainer has many colours to choose from and have a great price.


SPORTS Orthotic Insoles


Running Nutrition Book, (The Runner Cook Book) Click Here for more information and BUY NOW

Martial arts diet plan


Proper running technique for martial arts and health, hopefully the information in this post will inspire you to add running to your training whether you are a martial artist or not. Covering great information for beginners which is ideal for martial artists as we have enough training to do with are chosen martial art. Correct running without doubt will make you healthier and will benefit your martial arts training, Add running to your weekly schedule and make it a habit as it also has many other benefits including lowering stress.

Ensure you stretch before and after runs, Ensure you have the right shoes and orthotic sports insoles. Always start and end with walking and choose where to run. Only run on time not on distance and make sure you get the rest required, and enjoy the run.

Being martial artists you can add hill running into your runs to build those powerful legs which many martial artist need. You can also add speed training on some of those runs which can involve short sprints with rests in between. This is great as it similar to sparring just take your time and do not over do it as with all training we need to build up our ability gradually.

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. I’m a jogger myself and even though i do not do martial arts, this post definitely helps me to understand what’s required to get proper and correct training and routines. I am also flat-feeted and i appreciated the insoles that you reviewed and recommended in your posts. I’m always looking for a better insoles for my runners since i do jog regularly. Really appreciated your post and please continue to pump out solid content like this one. 

    • Hi Walt,

      Nice to hear from you much appreciated, nice to hear you are a regular jogger, this makes you well qualified to comment on running, No worries about the martial arts as we as martial artists respect your knowledge and experience in running. 

      Nice to know you like the reviews regarding the insoles 

      Thanks for the positive comments on the content its great to know people like yourself like and appreciate it. This helps motivate me to continue. 

      Thanks, I wish you all the success in the future 


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