The Psychology of Violence

The psychology of violence, we are going to look at the book Meditations on Violence by Sgt Rory Miller, even martial artists will be amazed by the information within this book, This book looks at martial arts’ and violence, looking into the link between martial arts’ and violence. Looking at his take on making martial arts’ work against violent attacks and much more…….

The Matrix

This books explains the illusion of safety to give you the full understanding and how this relates to martial arts’, this is a very important part in the psychology of violence.

Violence is very psychological and is something every martial artist should try to understand. You will learn the 4 different ways a fight can arise, this is very important for anyone but especially for those who work in the security service or law enforcement or prison service etc.

There are three levels of force which are detailed in this book and will give you the knowledge to ensure you are able to defend yourself and stay on the right side of the law. This whole concept is covered using various examples and tables, well documented and easy to understand.

This proves violence can be an easy thing to understand but the information in the book gives you as a martial artist the psychological advantage. There is a lot to martial arts’ techniques and training such as self defense, sparring, street fighting, spiritual growth, fitness and much more, this book looks at the connection of all the different aspects in regard to violence giving you a deeper understanding. Covering each aspect in details for example the assault mindset is one of those.

This is a great chapter setting the scene for what is to come, plenty of key pointers.


You will learn about different types of violence and why people fight. Who are you and how you react to various situations. Looking at patterns of violence and how they can occur along with de-escation etc

Animal behavior is discussed in great detail, various situations are described regarding human behavior,

How to decrease the risk of injury in possible violet situations

You will learn about the 4 basic truths of violent assault, and learn the possible advantage any attacker could have even against a trained martial artist, this is eye-opening and revealing, so if you are an individual that has to deal with conflict as part of you profession these valuable points are worth knowing. Knowing how to fight is great but to fully understand the psychology of violence is a must.

Learn about the chemical cocktail and and how it will affect you, this is detailed giving you the full facts,

Training and Experience are very important, you need to keep pushing yourself outside that comfort zone to grow, constantly improving and gaining experience. Change is growth as you need to adapt to different situations. You will learn the full details once you have your own copy of this book.

Violence happens in places, a run through of the various places and situations is covered in great detail and I found this to be very informative.

This is a great section covering the above with much more detail and more subjects covering all aspects of violence.


The writer of the book shares his experience of knowing criminals of different types from working with those individuals. Providing a detailed description of criminal minds and how they think in regard to violence. This section will be particularly interesting for lawman, security, anyone who needs to deal with people in a security situation. The information is detailed and easy to understand. You will be alarmed at some to the content, those are facts from a man who knows from experience.

You will find out what makes a violent criminal, The criminal personality is detailed by the writer giving an insight from his experience, This again will help you understand how this impacts in regard to violence. Teaching you what traits to look out for when you are in certain situations.

This section has many relevant bits of information, opening you up to a world in which you will not be familiar with unless you already work in the prison or related profession.

Defense Work

Learn the five stages of defense, do you know them, they are explained here in this book, As a martial artist you will be able to relate to those principles with ease. Or you may already have your own theories on this subject.either way this is a great bit of information for those that like to think more technically regarding martial arts’. Giving you great insights from an experienced practitioner.

The writer describing his own encounters being attacked, detailing the buildup and the components of the attack and possible out comes. Interesting information.

There is plenty of information about the following: responding to movement, responding to opportunity and jumping ahead of the motion, Responding to intent, use of terrain and Altering the relationship works on many levels, these subjects are covered in great detail each explained well ensuring you fully understand the key concepts. Those are an essential part of the psychology of violence.

The go button and the golden rule of combat: learn what those are and how to incorporate those into your training or mind set.

Again this is a great chapter I have only provided you with an outline of the information within this section and the information is not the full outline as there is much more and a lot more detailed. This gives you an idea of the information in this book.


The psychology of violence is the subject matter of a book written by Sgt. Rory Miller the book is called Meditations on Violence. I highly recommend this book for any martial artists, lawman, security personnel, bouncers etc as it gives you a full detailed description examining the gap between martial arts’ training and the crucible of actual combat. It’s a comparison of martial arts’ training and real world of violence.

Helping you read situations and learn strategies needed in various situations you may find yourself in. I found this book to be very informative and logical, concepts you can start using straight away,

I particularly enjoyed the real life experiences of the author which helped to explain many of the concepts, theories and strategies. Making them feel more real and effective,

As a martial artist, I found this book easy to understand as some basic combat concepts are covered in various martial arts’ training drills.

The author Sgt Rory Miller is a martial arts’ teacher and author of various books, a corrections officer, teaches and designs courses, Police defensive tactics, learn from jail house brawls and much more.

You will learn::

  • Myths, metaphors and expectations of martial arts’ training.
  • Thinking critically about violence and your sources of information.
  • Predators, adrenaline, altered states, and crime dynamics.
  • Adapting your training methods to reality
  • Making self-defense work
  • The aftermath of violence


Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Psychology of Violence

  1. At my children’s school, it’s sad to see that episodes of violence have been becoming common. Another mom told me she had read this book some years ago and it got me interested in it. The book seems to be an eye opener and puts a nice reality on violent encounters. Thanks for this review.

    • Hi Ann, nice to see you again and thanks for the comments, yes this is a great book and will each your tips and skills, and the best thing how avoid and understand violence. Giving you the tools and knowledge.

      All the best


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