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Due to the increase of COVID the wearing of face coverings has increased and you may wish to promote your martial art or just have a mask with Bruce Lee on the front. There are many designs on the market and now there are martial arts face masks, We have selected a number of different types, please look through to see if those designs are to your liking.

Enter The Dragon Face Covering

This musk is a unisex reusable face mask with a great picture of Bruce Lee on the front from the ground breaking film Enter The Dragon. Windproof and anti dust with 5 layer and carbon activated filters and replaceable filter the mast can be used for many activities for example covid 19 face cover, pollen allergy, cold weather, smog, cycling, running and construction work etc.

Fully adjustable ear loops for all adults, Great mask for any martial arts fan with the detailed artwork, This mask cost £3.90 and is ready to purchase below

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Karate, Aikido, Judo Themed Face Covering

This masked is for adults, teenagers and children and can be used in many situations covid 19 PPE, construction, airplanes, public area`s, pet grooming, gardeners etc.

Lightweight with adjustable ear loop buckle and elastic straps for close to face adjustments and comfort. Washable polyester suitable for everyday use.

Great for Halloween or fancy dress as part of your outfit.

The detail on this martial arts face mask is great, showing different techniques with the names of those techniques including Aikido, Judo and Ju jitsu

comes at a cost of £4.55 please click the pictures below to get the full details

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Kickboxing Taekwondo Is Martial Arts Face Mask

This mask is washable and reusable with stretch fabric fit men women and kids giving you a smug fit. Having 2 layers for added protection but is lightweight and soft fabric you can wear for long periods if necessary. Heads you against dust, sand, wind, UV rays etc.

This face covering has a great design especially if you are a practitioner of Kick boxing or Taekwondo.

Please click the pictures below for the full info

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Tai Chi Yin Yang, Qi Gong Meditation Face Mask

This unisex face mask comes comfortable soft material and is breathable. This mask is very stylish and beautiful designs which can also be purchased in different colours and qualities. Comfortable fit to ensure comfort when you have to wear for long periods. This mask can be washed by hand and re-used many times, it`s built to last. Great for both men and women.

This mask has a great design which I feel can be used anywhere blending in nicely with the detailed yin and yang design make it unique and very fashionable item. Cost £3.50

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MUYIXUAN Face Cover Karate Eastern Martial Arts

This mask is for both men and women reusable with 2 people getting ready for a take down this could be karate, judo, or jujitsu. Comes in high quality polyester breathable and comfortable to wear. Suitable for many activities including outdoor pursuits. With adjustable elastic ear loops enabling close comfortable fitting and ideal for daily use.

Great sketch of the martial artists in action on the front of this mask, the cost is £6.81

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Kung Fu Dust Mask Fashion Face Mask

This mask has a kung fu fighter on the front and has carbon filters, suitable for many sports including outdoor activities. Can be washed by machine but recommended being washed by hand and reused.

Great design on the front very eye-catching.

costs £3.98

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Kids Chinese, Japanese Martial Arts Face Mask

This face mask is wind proof, dust and odor proof, washable and reusable, very stylish and will go with many outfits and blend in well.

Great for dust, allergies, pollution, ash, chemicals, hospitals made out of polyester and can be used all year round, breathable and made for comfort. Designed to prevent marks being left on your face when removed.

Soft breathable washable. Suitable for adults and children

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Sword Training Face Mask

This mask is breathable, anti dust and made of polyester and made for comfort, Suitable for everyday use. With 5 layers and carbon activated filters, plus 2 filters this mask is suitable for men, women and children, Washable and designed for daily use. Fully adjustable for great fit and comfort. This is a high quality face mask, cost £6.78

Great picture on the front of the mask with great colours and detail.

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Kung fu fighter martial arts action Masks

Washable and Reusable Cotton Warm Face Protection for Outdoor, made for men and women. Hand wash and made from polyester breathable and water repellent. With 2 x layer replacement carbon activated filters, soft and water repellent and washable, great for camping cycling etc made for daily use.

2 x Replaceable 5 later carbon filters, great for daily, costs £8.99

=>Please click the pictures below for full details and buy your Kung fu fighters<=

Muay Thai Face Mask

This is a great design and having 2 x 5 layer carbon activated filters same as the above masks. Soft washable and breathable. Made of polyester.

Dust proof, waterproof elasticated and adjustable straps, cost £10.99

Comfort fit to the face, You will find more details below please click the picture

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Hope you have enjoyed this post, I have covered various martial arts face masks and hopefully you have found one to fit your choice.

There are some amazing designs on those masks above,

Please leave your comments in the box below

Train hard, focus and practice,

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Martial Arts Face Masks

  1. Hello. Good day. With the increase of COVID, masks wearing has actually been increasing. But this masks are really cool to wear because they are designed masked. It makes you look cool than the ordinary or normal masks we all put on. If you are a fan of martial arts, this is really good for you, and also it can be use for Halloween too. Funny and also cool. Makes you look smart and amazing.

    • Hi Bob, Thank you for your comments, Yes they are great designs and with the increase in COVID anything to get more people to wear masks can only be a good thing, Helping people to stay safe. People have many interests and even if they don`t like the martial arts masks, this post may inspire them to get the masks related to their interests.

      Great comments all the best,


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