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Having trained in various martial arts over the decades such arts as Kung Fu (wuzuquan, sanshou and wing chun), Karate, Kick Boxing and Aikido having a keen interest in all other types of martial Arts. Learning from various instructors with different styles and ways of teaching, some styles are hard some soft. Then comes the different ways of fighting, training, mindsets along with the different grading systems and cultural differences from Chinese, Korea, Thailand, India and many more. Some arts are very traditional with a lot of etiquette. A lot of knowledge has been gained over the years, not just the defense element but the mindset the discipline needed to train and the insights of the different arts. Many martial arts have a lineage that can be traced back thousands of years.

The Changing world of Martial Arts

Many of those traditions and history of much of the martial arts are now not taught but lay hidden, As with the newer martial arts, which use mainly the most effective parts of various martial arts put together to create their own system. Not to say those systems are not effective, and speeds up mastery time.

Also, the newer style BJJ which is very effect and a style which stands alone, does have a lineage and history but not as long as the art of Karate.

The most modern martial art on a large scale is the Mixed Martial Arts where the practitioners train in various arts e.g BJJ, Wing Chun, Boxing, Kick Boxing etc. The art is very effective combat style where the practitioners are very fit, strong, and adaptable.

Provide Information for novice to expert

With all the Martial Arts to choose from you may need to do some exploration into various art to see which are will suit you or family members better. Depending on your training goals example: self defense, fitness, competitive, age appropriate, training time available, application (law enforcement, hobby, security,) etc

You may be a seasoned martial arts practitioner who wants an insight into his their in regard to linage, history, etiquette and advanced training methods and techniques.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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