Basic Home Martial Arts Training Workouts

We are going to look at a number of basic martial arts’ training workout exercises anyone can do, to keep themselves in great shape. Saving your time if your are unable to get to the club for any reason, simple but effective. Avoid getting inactive with your martial arts’ keep flexible, fit and strong. develop good simple home martial arts’ training workouts.

Skipping and Running

SKIPPING: For full detailed information on Skipping checkout my recent post here



RUNNING: For full detailed information on Running checkout my recent post here


Maintaining Leg Flexibility

If your do a martial art that requires good leg flexibility your may need to take advantage of home martial arts’ training ensuring your maintain flexibility.

There are a number of ways your can do this but, I would recommend your visit my previous post for full information see below:


Plan your work

Best to plan a daily or number of times a week home workout which covers the whole body in the shortest time, Please see below and a list of ideas what needs to be trained or worked on,

  • Fully body warm up
  • Cardovascular system
  • Full body flexibility
  • strength training
  • Martial arts’ techniques
  • Training with martial arts’ equipment

Wear loose clothes and try to train at the same time in the day for example in the morning or evening add rest days between workouts to allow the body to recover, Start slow and build up your workout do not over train keep it enjoyable.

The martial arts’ techniques your train will only be solo ones. Practicing things like kicks and punches in the air, shadow boxing and kicking, shadow combination training, stance training for those who are kung fu practitioners. And form or kata training mostly used in Chinese and Japanese martial arts’. There is also training with weapons like swords and sticks and other weapons again practiced in a form or short attacks or sequences, those are good for solo practice.

Strength exercises these are general and normally require little or not exercise equipment, covering press-ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, burpees, plank, leg raises, squat thrusts, etc there are many more to add to this list but as mentioned above I do recommend your vary the exercises to keep yourself challenged and keep your interested! be creative. Strength training is essential for strong bones,

Sample Martial Arts Home Workouts

1. Gentle warm up: start at the top of the body doing slow movements with the head warming the neck turning left to right total x 10, then moving head up and down x 10, move head side to side x 10, circle your head full circle 5 left and then 5 right.

2. Circle the shoulder 5 x forward and 5 x backwards warming up the joints, circle arms forward both together and the back 5 each direction arms must be straight

3. Moving both arms pump working the elbow joint x 10

4. Circle both open hands 5 right and 5 left to warm the wrists

5. Contract and retract the fingers (open hand then fist) as if your are squeezing a sponge to warm up those finger joints

6. Standing straight legs shoulder width apart slowly bend forward low as possible then back and then left arm up hand pointing to the sky arm over head bend low as possible to the right side then do the same on the opposite side. Complete this sequence of the 4 bends 6 times, this will warm up the spine taking it in all directions. After this slowly circle the upper body right then left putting your hands on your waist/ hips 5 circles each direction.

7, Bend at the knees from a straight standing position but do not go to far just go to a sitting position then back and up do this 10 times warming the knee joints. Now put your hands on your knees from a standing position bending over and circle the knees slightly bending to enable your to circle the knees 10 each direction.

8. From a standing position raise your right leg and circle your right foot using your toes as a pointer working the ankle warming the joint then scrunch and release your toes on your right foot, complete 5 circles in each direction. Then do the same on the left foot and toes.


Now your have warmed up all the joints your will now need to warm up the muscles.

Start again with the upper body, taking your time slightly stretch each muscle working your way down the body

All arm muscles, all leg muscles, back and shoulders ETC

Main Workout

Skipping for 2 minutes or star jumps x 20

Standard push-ups x 10 – 20

Standard squats x 20

Laying on the floor 20 crunches

Forward lunges x 20

Kung Fu horse stance complete 100 straight punches

Straight leg swings x 10

Crescent leg swings inside out x 10

Crescent leg swing outside in x 10

Laying on the floor leg raises x 20, still raised legs alternate legs up and down x 20. Still raised legs open and close legs x 20

Plank position for 1 minute

Combination: jab, cross, low turning kick x 20

Combination: Jab, jab, cross

Combination: front leg front kick mid height, low shin kick, high turning kick (keeping hand high protecting your head at all times.

Cool down: walk in a circle for letting the body cool down

Carry out some light stretching ensuring your do not over do it.

The above is a simple martial arts’ workout for punching and kicking martial arts’ covering basic kicking and punches. Depending on what martial arts’ your do it can easily be adapted to suit using your own specific kicks, punches and combinations for MMA, Kung FU, Karate, Kick boxing, Tae Kwon do, Muay thia etc. the main thing is the warm up ensuring your do not pull any muscles your can also add some running or skipping as mentioned above please checkout the links above to my previous posts. You can also spend some time on a home punch bag if your have one this is an effective and great training tool. Ideal for your home martial arts’ training.

Example of Home Workout Video

Solo Training Equipment

Please see below some amazing ideas for taking advantage of the best yet simple martial arts’ devices on the market. You will not need to use any fixings to your home as these items are mobile or standalone equipment.





Home martial arts’ training, This is not a one size fits all as there are many martial arts’ systems and styles but your can still take advantage of your time at home and continue your training, avoiding the disappointment of losing your fitness and drive for your martial art. Keep motivated by changing your workouts.

Home martial arts’ training is amazing because this will help your improve your skills and work on things your need to master. Imagine the progress your can make just by following a simple regular routine, start now and save yourself time.

So your can be creative designing your own home workout as a martial artist and train forms or Kata`s if your have those in your martial art system.

Check the training equipment above your can do full session on a freestanding punch bag and the reflex ball will keep your reflexes sharp. The resistance bands will improve your speed.

Happy home martial arts’ training!

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 😉

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2 thoughts on “Basic Home Martial Arts Training Workouts

  1. I am always interested in any type of fitness.  I enjoyed your post here that focused on joint and muscle warm ups, as well as strength training that are very important to do before doing the karate moves themselves.  I took karate classes for 6 months, got a green belt, and then I fell away from it.  Now, I do exercises using my body’s weight, as well as basic exercise equipment.  I’m not well trained enough to know what some of the exercises are, but I can always look them up.

    • Hi Anthony, 

      Nice to hear from you much appreciated, Nice to hear you are a fellow martial artist it never leaves you. You got to a good level in karate.

      Home training is a must in the current climate and for martial artist its essential to keep that flexibility and reflex. 

      You are doing better than most training at home keep it up and trust your experience do some of the karate exercises 

      Train hard, focus and practice 

      all the best 


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