How to improve leg flexibility for kicking


Many martial arts require the practitioners to kick high and in order to do this you will need a high degree of leg flexibility. This can be achieved in many ways with some ways quicker, preferred, safer, more effective, better results etc the list goes on using exercises or special leg stretching equipment. This process must not be rushed and you should always ensure you are training under an approved martial arts club and instructor for your own health and safety.

Let take a look at the options and equipment available to help improve your leg flexibility for the use of martial arts

High Kicking Martial arts

Listed below is the main high kicking martial arts kicks where increasing your leg flexibility will  help improve your

  •  Front Kick
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Back Kick
  • Axe Kick
  • Crescent Kick
  • Hook Kick
  • Reverse Roundhouse Wheel Kick
  • Flying Kick
  • Scissor Kick
  • Spinning Heel Kick Topic/Idea 2

As seen above there are plenty of kicks in various martial arts, There are also more kicks you can add to this list as there are too many to mention but you get the idea.

With the right club and instructor you should be able to achieve your goals and with some extra stretching this will help you along the way, just be sure to not push yourself too far to avoid injuries when increasing leg flexibility.

Kwon 554094040 Mechanical Leg Stretcher, Black

This is a great device for home stretching, you can take stretching at your own pace, I can recommend this is as I had one of those units in the past when I was practicing kick boxing and found it very effective increasing my leg flexibility.

If you purchase this unit please do not stretch too fast to avoid pulling any muscles and ensure you are fully warmed up but above all follow the manufactures instructions when using the Kwon 554094040 Mechanical leg stretcher. Also do  not over use this machine.

Checkout picture lick below for more information and Buy:

ZEHNHASE Leg Stretch Machine, Heavy Duty Steel Frame

OTEKSPORT 3 Bar Leg Stretcher Heavy Duty Portable Flexibility Stretching Machine. An effective way to stretch your legs → Use high-quality equipment to increase leg flexibility and get ready to take your stretching to the next level.

Develop flexibility and balance. Portable and inexpensive → portable, lightweight, personalized home stretch, this leg stretcher is assembled, portable, lightweight, easy to store, saves storage space. Flexible martial arts equipment, suitable for the family, martial arts and basic stretching to increase leg flexibility

Stainless steel and thick non-slip foam → The leg stretcher is made of high quality stainless steel for durability and longer life. Non-slip foam on the feet to prevent scratches. Safe and reliable!. Which are prepared for you → each set comes with 2 foam spares and 1 strap that can be attached.

Checkout picture lick below for more information and Buy:

Leg Stretcher: Get More Flexible With The EverStretch Door Flexibility Trainer PRO: Premium stretching equipment for Martial Arts. Your own portable stretch machine!

  • ACHIEVE FULL SPLITS FAST. Easy-to-use leg stretcher to improve your leg flexibility, balance and range of motion in a natural body position. Just a few weeks of consistent use and your will notice considerable improvements to your movements.
  • MOVE EFFORTLESSLY. Flexibility equipment that’s ready to use in a few seconds: put the door anchor over any sturdy doorpost, close the door and pull the strap through the square ring and you’re ready to take your poses to the next level. Like a portable stretch machine!
  • MAKES STRETCHING MORE COMFORTABLE. Train with confidence. Nothing will break due to use of high quality materials: 150gr cotton strap that smoothly slides through 6mm solid metal welded square ring. Door anchor secures the strap with a metal bolt through a metal plate.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN. Does not damage door and stays put. The Metal Plate in the Door Anchor is padded with Foam and covered with soft Felt so this leg stretching equipment will not scratch or damage your door and won’t move or slide while you’re stretching your legs.
  • This is a great and more affordable way to achieve great leg flexibility.

Checkout picture lick below for more information and Buy:

Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts Book

Ultimate Flexibility is the book you’ve been waiting for. More than a collection of exercises or an explanation of technique, Ultimate Flexibility is a complete guide to stretching for martial arts, from the basics of why you should stretch to detailed workout guidelines for every style and level of martial arts practice.

Written by acclaimed author and martial artist Sang H Kim, Ultimate Flexibility is your guide to achieving maximum flexibility in your training. Begin with an in depth look at the how and whys of flexibility and stretching.

Learn about the many types of stretching, which methods are best for beginners, when to graduate to advanced techniques and why you should completely avoid certain types of exercises.

You’ll also find information that you wont find in any other martial art book, including a detailed exploration of how your body works for or against you in your training and how flexibility can make you stronger and faster.

Building on this foundation, Sang H Kim teaches you nearly 200 flexibility exercises that he has personally used to achieve the highest levels of flexibility.

You will get detailed instructions, workout planning guides,
goal setting tips, difficulty levels, injury prevention and recovery,
and over 400 photos to guide you. Special bonus sections: 10 Tips for
Full Splits, 20 Tips for High Kicks and 10 workouts for specific martial
art types.

Checkout picture lick below for more information and Buy:


This has been a great review into increasing leg flexibility, There are many ways this can be achieved and I have covered the major successful and popular methods. Using a leg stretching machine,

The door flexibility stretcher which again gives you another choice for you to achieve your goals, this is also inexpensive and may suit you budget. This may also be your preferred method. The other advantage is this can be transported anywhere so if you go on holiday or stay with a friend for some time you can take this equipment with you and continue your training .

Finally a book on stretching giving you the full information and plenty of exercises and advice, this will allow you to take your time and set up a stretching routine from the book or design your own using the exercises detailed within this book.

Once you and read through the information above and decided which system of stretching or combinations of stretching systems suit you and if you decide to purchase those items please let me know how you get on or just let me know your experience with martial arts stretching  and the best ways you think helped you.

Train hard, Focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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