Some of my best kicking Martial Arts

I will give you an insight into some of my best kicking martial arts, they will cover arts that mainly use kicking as their primary attack and defense. Those arts are some of the most popular arts trained be many individuals around the world. Many completing years of dedication taking various gradings to achieve high levels in their arts. Kicking arts takes a lot of training and consistency also need a great deal of flexibility. (Training equipment)


Kicking action during competition.

Taekwondo is one of the great martial arts kicking systems, started in Korean in the 1945 originated from Chinese martial arts and Karate. Mainly concentrating on head kicks, jumping kicks and spinning kicks along with various kicking techniques and combinations. With a narrow taller stances and great agility. The practitioner need to be very flexible and agile as well as a higher than average fitness level. This kicking art is also a sport and is part of the Olympic Games.

Works on relax/ strike principal saving energy with good balance, and breathing techniques, their is also different types of sparring IE set sparring where practitioner can practice different combinations and free sparring to help improve techniques.

Mainly kicking but other items are also tort such as self defense techniques, fundamental techniques like punching, grabbing, holds, throwing and falling.

If you like kicking and maybe prefer kicking to punching, grappling etc and you are flexible, you may wish to give the art a try if you are young you could end up in the Olympics. To get a black belt in this are takes around 3 – 5 years average. (Training Equipment)

Muay Thai

Muay Thai Fight

Another one of the best kicking martial arts, the art goes back to the 18 century and is a combat kicking sport in Thailand. Is also known as the art of eight limbs where attacks can come from elbow, fists, knees and shins. competitive bouts are conducted in the ring, very fast and brutal, this is a serious fighting system with plenty of knock outs in competitions and the practitioners are usually under the age of 30 and you cannot compete after 40 years old. This is a practical art and back in the past it was actually used for warfare.

As in boxing and Kickboxing your fitness level as to be very high as fighting in any ring takes a lot of stamina, this art involves a lot of bags work (on the heavy bag), repetition training developing speed and combinations. Legs have to be fast, able to carry out multiple kicks on the same leg in short duration. Ability to kick with both legs, using a number of combinations, Plenty of fixed and free sparring over hours of training perfecting those moves legs should be as good as hands if not better and both hands and legs should work well together. The fitness level required is the same as someone in boxing training. There is also a great deal of body conditioning to enable the body to take blows and give blows without sustaining any injuries.

Kicking the following kicks are with the system Roundhouse, kick, straight kick, diagonal kick, half – Knee, kick, Reverse roundhouse kick, down roundhouse kick, axe heel kick, jump kick and step-up kick.

This art is for somebody who like fitness able to run miles if required and strong and flexible with good reaction or reflexes. Again with the leg training flexibility is key. More geared for the younger martial arts practitioner on the competitive side but recreation training can train on for longer. Due to the nature of the training there is a number of injury sustained on joints and other parts of the body. (Training Equipment)


Individual demonstrating high kick

A Japanese martial art is my final best kicking martial arts but not least, major following around the world with many types of Karate. Karate came to Japan in 20th century and has semi and full contact competitions. Karate has three sections which are basic techniques, forms and sparring. Being a Japanese art has plenty of etiquette in the dojo and has a belt system in place. Strength and fitness training and a number of forms to learn (forms are fixed movements which are there to carry the techniques from the original art into the future and perfect the techniques.

Kicking in Karate is a major part of the art and flexibility and strength are key and to improve your kicks practice is the best way to improve your kicks. Like all kicking arts as mentioned before the flexibility has to be good and there are many exercises to improve your leg flexibility but ensure you take your time as if you are a beginner it could be dangerous if your over stretch you could obtain some injuries.

Kicks are roundhouse kick, back kick, stomp kick, axe kick, groin kick, front kick, jumping kick, joint kick and crescent kick. This is a great art with a lot of history and global following and is ideal for somebody that it interested in a traditional martial art that can be practiced from very young of 3 years old and practiced to any age as long as the practitioner is fit enough. This would be a great art to start for some who is interested in a long martial art journey. If you are looking for that kicking art that is slower and controlled round a very traditional art made to practiced for a long time, this maybe the art for you. (Training Equipment)


If you prefer kicking or wish to develop your kicking and are already doing a martial art there is a number of things you can do to improve your kicking:

  • work of your flexibility, light stretching for your legs and the rest of the body but you need to be consistent
  • strengthen your legs
  • practice different kicks
  • kick heavy bag to condition your legs
  • practice double kicks
  • work on your balance and stability
  • kick at the right time (do not telegraph your movements)
  • increase hip flexibility


Hopefully if you are a beginner looking to start a martial art with a lot of kicking one of the above may suit you. There is a variety of martial arts above and a short bullet point on how to improve your kicking if you are already a martial artist who wants to improve their kicking. All those arts above are well-established martial arts and you will not have a problem in finding a local club.

The important thing is that you progress at your own pace when kicking to prevent any injuries.

Would like to hear your comments on martial art kicking, please let me know your best kicking martial arts, visit store.

Train hard, Focus and Practice


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2 thoughts on “Some of my best kicking Martial Arts

  1. Hi Wince,

    I have a 7 year old daughter, and had a friend recommend that if I wanted to make sure she can defend herself, a kicking martial art is the way to go.

    Main reason being is that girls are generally more flexible than boys, but not as physically strong. But using your legs to strike evens the score a bit.

    Do you think Tae Kwon Do could be a good choice for my daughter?

    Thanks for any advice you are willing to provide.


    • Hi Michael,

      Great to hear from you, great idea to get you daughter to start a martial art at such a young age, that is the perfect age.
      Doing a martial art at that age would be great as children have bags of energy and any martial would help with discipline, focus, body control, social skills confidence etc.
      Girls that I have trained with in the past and currently do have an advantage with regards to flexibility they are also more technical in their approach, this is with carrying out the techniques as they generally do not have the strength so the techniques are carried out correctly. They are also great as teachers as they seem to understand the techniques because they cannot resort male ego and start using power. As a result they understand the applications and delivery without using strength which is the whole point as you are generally attacked by someone bigger, stronger, or more than one person.
      I have trained with girls/ women in various arts Kickboxing, aikido, Kung fu etc and Yes Tae Kwon Do would be great for your daughter the flexibility would be an advantage for sure. I would also recommend Karate as along with kicking great hand skills would be learn for those situation where they will be needed.
      It depends on your daughter and which martial art suits her, I would take her to Tae Kwoon Do and a Karate do 1 or 2 lessons each school and let her choose which school she likes most, that way her is likely to keep it up and as she gets older she can stick to it or venture into other arts but either would give her a great foundation in martial arts.

      Once your daughter is settle in her new martial arts school, please let me know how she gets on where she went in the end.

      Good luck with it,

      Train Hard, focus and practice

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