Best Martial Arts Movies Ever Different Actors

We are going to take a look at the best martial arts’ movies ever with different actors, That will involve looking at films from different styles of martial arts., To see great martial arts skills, You will have your own  favourites so please feel free to leave your comments at the end of the post. I look forward to hearing from you.

This will give you a better idea of the fighting styles as you will see various techniques and applications, Some high quality martial arts’ moves.

Enter the Dragon (Bruce Lee) Kung Fu, amazing martial arts skills

Details about this movie

This is one of the best martial arts’ movies ever and was produced by and starring Bruce Lee, back in 1973. Bruce want revenge of the death of his sister and will stop at nothing to get it.

This movie show the skills of Bruce at the height of his ability and fame, There is also some A class actor of that time in the movie like John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Ahna Capri and Yang Tse etc. Even today this is a great movie ahead of it`s time without all the technology to add the special effects of today.

This movie has some great scenes like the nunchaku scene where Bruce show his skills with the nunchaku. This was a ground breaking movie of its time, all the actors are great. The story line is great and believable and easy to follow. The ending was predictable but, you get so engrossed into the film you are on the side of good (Bruce).

Based on Kung Fu and Chinese martial arts’ the moves are great along with the mindset of Bruce

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Creed II (Sylvester Stallone and Michael B Jordan)

Details about this movie

This is a good movie with the great Sylvester Stallone a legend in the movie world and this is a sequel and a formula that has worked time and time again. Each time bringing the movie up to date with the current times. The story line is great as it goes onto the next generation of fighters from the previous. When you are a Rocky fan like me this film makes absolute sense and you will appreciate the film more having seen the previous movies. When you have not seen any of the previous films I believe this will still be a great film to watch you soon get into the story line.

The great relationship between Sylvester Stallone and Michael B Jordon in the movie like father and son which the wisdom of the old boxer passing on and coaching his boxer, As the champion Michael B Jordon put it all on the line, another revenge story line keeps you gripped, Coming back for injury the fighter gets to work. There are also story lines which I will not go into so you will enjoy the movie.

Great boxing fight scenes and training scenes, one of my best martial arts’ movie ever

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Never Back Down No Surrender (Michael Jai White) MMA with great martial arts skills

Details about this movie

This movie is also on my list of the best martial arts’ movies ever due to the fight scenes which I think shows great skill. As to get to that skill level take a lot of training and dedication. Directed by and starring Michael Jai White, Josh Barnett, Gillian White and Nathan Jones. A former MMA champion is on the come trail again, after 2 years out of the major MMA fight game. Within the movie there are steroids, injury`s, use of drugs and racism police allegations. This is a movie with great fights scenes and story lines which are tied together well, Being made in 2016 this movie is relatively new.

Michael Jai White, Josh Barnett and Nathan Jones are well-established martial arts’ fighter outside of acting and the fights scenes shows this skill. There are other great martial artists in the cast,

There is a number of F words throughout the movies which can make it more realistic or some may find it too much. This movie is based around an MMA environment with plenty of action.

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Mercenary Absolution (Steven Seagal) Aikido

Details about this movie

This is a great best martial arts’ movie ever, based on the main character saving a young girl from trafficking and staying on the right side of the government agency. These movies have plenty of action with stars like Vinnie Jones and Josh Barnett. This movie is 2015

This movie has some strong language and scenes of drug abuse which some may feel uncomfortable with.

This movie shows the movie action of Aikido to which Steven Seagal is currently the main person making such films and I recommend you watch other movies by him as he has been doing this for years.

Plenty of action in this movie.

Kick Boxer (Jean Claude Van Dam) Kick Boxing and his martial arts skills

Details about this movie

The main character goes to avenge the defeat of his brother an America kicking boxing champion who was left paralyzed after a championship fight in Thailand and finds himself trapped in criminal intrigue. He finds a kick boxer trainer who lives in a remote part of Thailand and gets trained to avenge the defeat and injury of his brother. This movie was release in 1989 when the martial arts’ star Jean Claude Van Dam was at his peak in martial arts’. The fights scenes in this movie help shape his career. Action packed fight scenes with great moves.

This was a great movie of is time with a great final fight scene make this on of my best martial arts’ ever.

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There are many martial arts’ movies and everyone will have there own favourites due to what they like or are trained in. The movies above great movies from different arts’ showing different fighting skills and styles there are also many styles which I have not included in the best martial arts’ movies ever but will address this on another best martial arts’ movies. As there are always movies coming out and too many martial arts’ movies to choose from.

When you are a martial arts’ practitioner you may have movies you wish to review. It would be great if you would like to send me comments on your best martial arts’ movies. It`s great to see those martial arts skills.

Or if you are a martial arts’ movie buff please let me know your best martial arts’ movie.

Train hard, focus and practice


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  1. A discussion was brought up the other day concerning why is kickboxer rated R. And my personal opinion is that it is because of the numerous fight scenes. During one of these scenes, a man is paralyzed with an elbow to the back. Fighting is mostly competition fighting in a Muay Thai ring. But there are also of street fighting. So all these things combined awarded them this rating.

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