Self Defense Instruction

There may come a situation where you need to defend yourself and good self defense instruction is recommended, this can be achieved in many ways.

We will be looking in more details the option available to you and your family and friends

We will be looking at unarmed defense only, as there are items like pepper spray and key rings etc that can be used for defense

What is Self Defense and avoid attacks

Basic self defense can be learn by almost anyone, regardless of size, height, physical fitness, sex, age etc. You do not have to be a martial arts expert, but you will need some self defense training of some sort.

Self defense is a countermeasure of which involves defending the health and well being of oneself from harm. You have a legal right to defend yourself but you should not use excessive force during the process.

Before it comes to defending yourself you have to be aware of your environment, this means hopefully avoiding the incident by ensuring you do not become a victim please see below:

  1. Always ensure you are aware of your environment and the people around
  2. If you go out late at night ensure you know how you are getting home
  3. Trust you gut it is usually right, if you don’t feel safe you may have to leave
  4. Make sure if you go to places you are not familiar with you do not go alone, if you have to make sure you are in wide open well lit places where there are people around.

There are many more I could add to the list, basically you need to keep the awareness and ensure you do not put yourself in any vulnerable positions. This will help you avoid many attacks or confrontations.

Self Defense Instruction by Book

Learning self defense will prepare you for unexpected situations,

You can learn basic self defense from books I would personally would not recommend this long term as I believe you need to be instructed by an expert. Those books can give you immediate techniques that are effective and simple which can be performed by most people without years of training. Those books will give you great self defense moves providing you with easy to follow self defense training program. Covering the basic defense against arm grabs, attacks from behind, strangle holds etc

If you are not into martial arts this may be a great option for you give you the knowledge that may save your life or help you protect your family.

Please see below a selection of some of the best Books on Self Defense


Self Defense Instruction DVD

There are also many DVDs`s which go through the various techniques in detail showing you how to execute each technique. Those DVD`s run for various time and cover different arts or just self defense which is a combination of the most effective moves from different arts that are designed to be used by practitioners who do not have a vast amount of experience. Using simple but effective techniques to render your attacker defenseless.

Please see below a selection of some of the best DVD`s on Self Defense


Short Martial Arts Courses

There are also courses online and self defense video courses which are good as you can get see the techniques being applied. Those course can be in any art you wish and the duration of the course can be anything from a couple of hours to 10, 20 hours etc. If you are interested in those courses please drop me a comment and I will get back to you with the details where to find those courses.

Self Defense for Kids

Its great to get kids into martial arts early as possible so they get a good introduction on how to defend themselves.

I would recommend them starting a martial art as kid like routine and will enjoy going to a class with other kids learning martial arts in a safe environment.

The martial arts will also teach them other skills such as social skills, team work, discipline, confidence and focus.

Different martial arts allow the kids to start from different ages but some arts allow kids to start training from around 4 years of age.

I suggest you take the kid along to one of the major well-known martial arts ideally in kids class and get them started. This will give them great lesson for life.

Self Defense for Women

Click This Picture link for more details

There are specific books, DVD`s and courses in self defense for women, those books are great because they deal with attacks from a bigger or stronger attackers. Giving women as men confidence in dangerous situations.

Those DVD`S and books give quick and easy defensive techniques that can be applied with little or no training which is sometimes what is needed.

All martial arts and self defense makes you more aware and confident.

There are specific women only lessons classes by women instructors, in many martial arts schools and this may be something you may be interested investigating, as you may feel more comfortable training in this environment. Just contact your local martial art schools to see if they accommodate this,

There are some art which do not require too much strength they are Aikido, Krav Maga, Jujitsu and Wing Chun Kung Fu you may want to try one of those martial arts for your self defense instruction. Or you may want to try one of the other martial art like Karate, Kick boxing, Judo, MMA, BJJ…………….


Self defense instruction can be carry out in many ways as detailed above, who ever you are there are many options as it depends on the time you have and where you live, If you are really busy and work long hours you may choose to get some DVD`s or Books and you can take your time to learn those techniques at your own pace.

This blog is for the person who want to learn some from of self defense without years of training and months of blood and sweat. Learn the basic techniques from DVD`s or Books that is something that may help you in certain situations

Please let me know, what you choose and how you get on, or any other comments

Train Hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. I’m interested in self-defenses instructions for women. Yes, there could arise occasions in which this skill and knowledge can be vital. Thankfully I have never gone through anything like that, but it’s always nice to know about these things. And I really like the energy that goes into martial arts.

    • Hi Ann, Welcome back and thanks for the comments, 

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