The Best Women Self Defense Moves

We will look at some of the best women self defense moves, This will involve looking at a number of martial arts that provide quick easy to learn self defensive moves. Providing self defense tips great self defense moves for women, Hopefully, this will provide you with the knowledge you need to take action and keep safe. They are in no particular order and I feel any one of those will give you the skills needed to defend yourself.

General Safety Concerns

There are many safety concerns in today’s society for women as well as men but we are looking at the safety of women in particular. You have to be awareness when you
are in public areas or when you interact with strangers particularly in closed off or secluded environments. Public transport is another concern when you are traveling alone. Stay out of empty carriages if possible and do not sit in secluded seating on buses
trains etc

As well as the martial arts you may be interested in assertive, which will help you have the confidence to speak in an authoritative way if you ever need to no
matter what the situation, this can prevent the escalation into being a victim and if this is something you think you may benefit from please give it a go and find out more here: assertiveness.

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With sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence and violence against women and girls on the increase. It is important to be able to defend yourself if and when needed.

Taking up a martial art will give you the confidence fitness and skills needed to be able to confidently look after yourself. Those skills of course will be an advantage in many situations for example work and you may work with the public or in the security sector, or when you’re out and about doing your day-to-day duties and leisure activities within public spaces, social events you may be at a social gathering and unfortunately need the skills to get you out of an unfortunate situations,

With the increase in domestic violence this may of course be a situation where your skills may need to be used. Martial arts not only has the physical benefits of the ability to defend yourself but also the mental benefits with regard to confidence and mental toughness.

Martial arts will give you loads of self-defense tips which you can use in many situations. You will learn self-defense moves that are easy to apply and with
a little repetition and practice you will be able to carryout those moves with great efficiency.

I have selected some martial arts which I feel are ideal for self defense, with effective self defense moves which do not need any additional strength and great skill is not needed at least on the basic techniques.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is one of the most practical and leveraged self-defense-based martial arts at present. I feel this system is ideal to help women defend themselves. The techniques are very effective.

This system was developed by the Israeli defense forces and Israeli security forces, the combat techniques are derived from aikido, boxing, wrestling, judo, and karate.

The basic principles are :

Simultaneous attack and defense.

Development of aggression,

Striking opponent until incapacitated,

Using objects at hand for self-defense,

Targeting the body’s most vulnerable points, .

Use of the most simple repeatable strikes,

Full awareness of your surroundings,

Responding to attack under pressure,

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Aikido is great for women due to a number of points some of those are size or body type or current physical condition and ability or agility or disability you can still train in aikido and gain more confidence in this martial arts system. This martial art as mentioned above does not rely on strength in size but on control and speed and mental discipline. You will find your overall fitness improves and the self defense skills are great.

You will learn techniques that you will be able to use after your first lesson. Doing aikido you will also develop better body movements and control having a stable base and learn how to read your opponents body movements and will be able to direct their force and energy once you get to a good level of skill. This martial art derives from Japanese jujitsu and it utilizes locks holds and pins mainly. Using what we called whole-body techniques where your body is used in many techniques as leverage in order to defend yourself and carry out techniques

The principles of aikido are:

  1. oneness,
  2. circular movement,
  3. Ki,
  4. Balance

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Brazilian Jujitsu

Brazilian jujitsu is an effective self-defense , martial arts and combat sports system. BJJ involves grappling and submission holds. Mostly done from the ground, this system was originally derived from Japanese jujitsu judo and wrestling. Currently one of the most effective fighting systems on the planet.

This martial art once beat all comers from different martial arts in a world martial arts competition many decades ago when it was new to the market, It was developed in Brazil by the Grace family who are still a very big part in BJJ. They are linked to many clubs, so if you decide to take this system up make sure it is linked the Gracie family.

The principles of BJJ are as follows:

Use strongest the parts of your body against weaker parts of your opponents body.

Use action/ reaction to attack.

If you can’t move your opponent, move your own body.

BJJ is great for women because it is a defensive system where women can focus on using skill and leverage to overcome size and strength. This is perfect for women learning self-defense. From previous experience women tend to pick up the more technical details of techniques faster than men.

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Wing Chun

Wingchun is a Chinese martial art which was created by a woman called Ng Mui. This art is great for women as it allows them to defend themselves against bigger and stronger opponents. Wingchun is also great for general fitness and well-being. The Wingchun system has three primary forms and a number of two-person drills along with various self-defense techniques. The main principles are defending the centreline of the body and attacking the centreline of your opponent this is done by a carefully designed structure allowing you the advantage over your opponent.

The attacks are hand techniques with various kicks at waist and be low-level, hand techniques include slaps, punches, chops and finger strikes. There is also some takedown techniques and grabs are utilized and also being able to defend against grabs. If you advance within Wingchun and complete the three forms you would then be able to start the form which is on a piece of equipment called the wooden dummy after this you’ll be able to go onto weapons in Wingchun which there are only two. The range of Wingchun is close to your opponent and by close I mean punching distance with a slightly bent arm this range is good for punching kicking the use of elbows, knees and finger strikes. As mentioned above there are various drills to sharpen up your close combat reactions and reflexes.

The Principles of Wing Chun are:

  1. simplicity,
  2. directness
  3. practicality,
  4. economy of movement,
  5. ‘minimum use of brute strength’.

If you like using mainly hand techniques and the use of punches, elbows and chops, this may be the martial art for you, this is striking art, but you will learn to de-flex oncoming attacks, This is a great martial art using simple, direct techniques making it easy to learn in a short time.

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This post has outlined four different types of martial arts, I suggest you read through all details individually and check which martial art suits you best this will depend on if you prefer striking arts like Wingchun or Krav Maga which is purely designed for self-defense in many situations or you may like the art of aikido which concentrates on movement and blending with your attackers strengths, this is more of a traditional Japanese martial art or finally you have BJJ which is very effective and has plenty of groundwork more of a wrestling type of self-defense with chokes holds and joint locks.

It is an individual choice and you may consider other martial arts out there which may suit you better, martial arts like boxing kickboxing, karate there are plenty of martial arts this is just to give you a taste of the martial arts out there and in my opinion these martial arts concentrate more on self-defense. Also, quicker to get competent.

Please leave your comments in the box below it would be great to hear from you on your thoughts on this post and women’s self-defense in general also please share with your friends.

`Empower women empowers women`

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. Wow! Even I been a guy have learnt something from this. Thanks for sharing this. I think  for a lady it is important  to learn basic self defense techniques that can help her fight anyone who wishes to do you harm and any form of harassment. Another importance of self defense for ladies is that they will gain for themselves self-confidence

    • Hi Esiri, Thanks for your comments glad you found the post interesting, I hope this will inspire you to take up some form of martial arts, I believe there is a martial art for everyone, please check through my website there is plenty of information here to help you, 

      Yes is good for women to do martial arts, helps them with all the comments you made for sure. Please share the post all the women you know.

      All the best


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