Learn Shaolin Temple Training Secrets in this Book Review

Discover the Shaolin temple training secrets, those have been a mystery for many years and I personally have always been very intrigued. You can see the shaolin monks performing many amazing feast`s of physical strength, endurance and agility at shows live or in documentaries. Have you ever wondered how those skilful martial artist get to such high skill levels to perform those stunts. No need as the information is in this: 72 Consummates Arts of The Shaolin Temple by Fujian Science and Technology Publishing House.

What 72 Secret Consummate Arts are in this Book

  1. The four-step arts
  2. Iron-head arts
  3. Arhat arts
  4. Iron-arms arts
  5. Double-key arts
  6. Pot lifting arts
  7. Key-stone arts
  8. Iron-bag arts
  9. Thousand-catties floorgate arts
  10. Whip strength technique
  11. Separating water arts
  12. Jade-belt arts
  13. Embrace-tree arts
  14. Eagle-wing arts
  15. Over-load-elbow arts
  16. Saddie arts
  17. Pellet-fist arts
  18. Gang-rou arts
  19. Sand-bag arts
  20. Sunlight-hand arts
  21. Yin-fist arts
  22. Iron-sand palms arts
  23. Bamboo-leaf hands arts
  24. Pushing-mount oalms arts
  25. Close-plate palms arts
  26. Mantis-claw arts
  27. Guan-yin palms arts
  28. Five-posion hand arts
  29. Clinnabar-palms arts
  30. Single-finger jin gang arts
  31. Immortal-palms arts
  32. Touching-stone arts
  33. Pipa arts
  34. Pulling up nail arts
  35. Lifting-up thousand catties arts
  36. Rubbing and inserting arts
  37. Removing mountain arts
  38. Eagle-claw power arts
  39. Key =-finger arts
  40. Single-finger hand stand arts
  41. Picking-up flower arts
  42. Centipede-leaping arts
  43. Lying-tiger arts
  44. Tortoise-back arts
  45. Door-crotch arts
  46. Iron-cow arts
  47. Gunny-bag arts
  48. Inhaling-bag arts
  49. Soft-bone arts
  50. Iron-broom arts
  51. Cypress-stake arts
  52. Iron-knee arts
  53. Foot-shooting arts
  54. Self-hitting arts
  55. Summersault turning arts
  56. Anti-broadsword & anti-spear arts
  57. Stone-pillar arts
  58. Plum-blossom stakes arts
  59. Meteor stakes arts
  60. Leaping & jumping arts
  61. Jumping & leaping arts
  62. Flying arts
  63. Light-body arts
  64. Single-rope penetrating arts
  65. Penetration arts
  66. Belt-somersault arts
  67. Gecko-creeping-wall arts
  68. Arts of leaping onto roof and vaulting over walls
  69. Frog arts
  70. Iron-shirt arts
  71. Golden-clock cover arts
  72. Swimming skill arts

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Full information on Consummate Arts

As you can see from the list above there are loads of different types of consummate arts, there must be some think you find interesting from the list above and would like to find out more.

Each art has a full description of how to perform the art and there are beautiful drawings of a practitioner showing each art being performed. There is also a brief description of the art detailing what parts of the body the art affects and how it came to be practiced in the shaolin temple, also which parts of the body will benefit from that art. Provides the information on benefits for gung fu after mastering that particular art.

This book is based on the Shaolin Temple Song mountain known as the leading temple on earth, you may wish to checkout more above this temple which is still very much in service still producing many amazing martial artists, check the official website below by clicking below:


You can go to China and train with the Shaolin monks, They offer Kung Fu courses that run from one week up to five years, . The courses we teach include traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi kung, Chinese kickboxing, etc.

There is also a detailed section on Shaolin Wushu on Skeleton, Channels and acupuncture points, which is very detailed covering individual points. The final section of this book is the Shaolin Temple Secret Recipe on Rescuing which is Chinese medicine for various conditions using traditional secret recipes. There are many injuries and ailments detailing herbs and other ingredients for the specific problem.

The Shaolin Temple

In the Songshan mountains area in Henan provinces Dengfeng City. This shaolin temple is famous with many martial arts fans around the world. It is located around the mountains and in 1983 it was crowned a national temple for all Buddhists by the stage at this time.

Established in 495 AD by emperor Xiaowen, Kid learns the shaolin teaching, learning about the martial arts, Buddhism and much more.

This temple has a great in-depth history and to get the full story I would recommend you go to the link above and checkout the full history of this amazing temple.

The temple is beautiful form the day it was built and remains beautiful today, During the early periods many teachings were established such as Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

The shaolin temple has always had great teaching and today anyone can arrange to attend this amazing temple in china for courses on Shaolin martial arts. This is a full list on the official site above with details of costs etc. Great if you are able to go a learns the wisdom and teaching from those amazing martial artists they are among the best in the world and have the highest level of skill in the world.

The Shaolin Monk

They are among the most dangerous and skilled martial artists in the world, the training is second to no other martial arts. The training is full time and they live in the Shaolin Temple, some staying for many years and others shorter times. They normally start as young kids, they study and practice Chan Buddhism, Chinese kung fu, Chi Gung and meditation and kung fu forms. Used for self defense, health, philosophy non violence.

The monks have a daily routine which has not changed since the ancient times rising from bed at 5am and going to bed at 11:10pm with a full schedule in between with all the above included.

The exercises they do cover :

  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Combat drills and skills
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Gymnastic skills
  • Strict nutrition

‘Shaolin exercises develop forces of the whole human organism, all joints, and bones; you are capable of striking with all parts of your body.’

Chinese Traditional Shaolin Temple Warrior Monk’s Robe Martial Arts Kung Fu Uniform Training Suit, come in 3 different colours (click the picture below to find out more)

This is just the very basics on Shaolin Monks to get the full story I would recommend you check the link below:

Shaolin Monks Daily Routine And Training

Buy your copy of 72 CONSUMMATE ARTS SECRETS OF THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE please click the picture link below:

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The book 72 Consummates Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple is an amazing book and great for anyone who is interested in Chinese martial arts and the Shaolin Monks secret training arts. This book is getting harder to get due to the age and availability, there are some still around click the link above to find out more.

I would say this is move of an information book than a training book, (you could try some of those secret arts if you get a copy of this book) and a great one to have in your collection if you like me have an active interest in all different types of martial arts, I bought my copy many years ago and it was nice to read it again.

The Shaolin Temple training is amazing and this book demonstrates the techniques all that made those monks legendary.


`Train with the energy of a warrior and soon you will have the heart of a warrior`

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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