Martial Arts Training Exercises

When doing any martial arts, you will know there are various martial arts training exercises those help your achieve a good level of skill.

Depending on the martial art you do this will determine what martial arts exercises your will be practicing, Its great to just run through some of those exercises and share the benefits.

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Strength Exercises

Strength exercises take many forms in martial arts let start with Press ups or Push ups: Those are done in many of the martial arts schools where strong upper body and back strength is needed and are also good in any fitness workout, . There are different types of press-up as in wing chun, as well as the standard press-up they do press ups which concentrate on the Triceps. In Wing Chun there is a lot of centre line punching. Next would be Squats: Which are good for leg strength and can be done with the arms in front or crossed close to the body. Making sure your back is straight and the weight is on your legs, do not go down too low as your can damage your knees. Also, working on the legs you can do lunges again be mindful of not damaging your knees by going too low. Those are great martial arts training exercises for strength. A strong body is essential for any martial artist and also good for the bones and posture and this can be achieved by doing those and other strength exercises. You can also incorporate weight training for strength but keep flexible! as you need a certain amount of flexiblity as a martial artist

Cardiovascular Exercises

With regard to martial arts here are some exercises Running: This is a great way to keep your cardiovascular system in check, covering running, jogging and sets of running routines and can be done with no real effort just get ready and go. You may also want to give hill running a try to push yourself just a little more. Jumping Rope or Skipping : is great all your need is the rope, is also builds your coordination and half an hour rope work is all you need get your body fully warmed up and ready. You can also do different routines and pace work for a great main workout. Circuit Training is also great for the cardiovascular system and strength, usually a set of 6 to 8 exercises on a circuit where your go around the circuit completing a set number of each exercise. You would usually complete the circuit 3 time while having a brief rest between each exercise. This exercise is great to push yourself and try to improve your time. Helping improve your endurance, fitness and stamina.

All those cardiovascular exercises are great martial arts cardiovascular training exercises, and it is recommended everyone do some sort of cardio training to keep the heart and lungs healthy but, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Flexibility Exercises

Some martial arts more than others need to have more exercises for flexibility, arts like Tae kwon do, Kick boxing and Muay Tia and Karate are just a few of those. It is very important to completely warm up the whole body including all joints before undertaking any stretching exercises. As your do not want to damage any muscles or hamstrings, Also only go as far as your feel comfortable do not over stretch listen to your body.

You have static stretching and dynamic stretching, Static stretching is holding a stretch position for 10-30 seconds this includes touching your toes, triceps stretching etc basically any muscle that your can stretch and hold. If your have no experience in this its best to have a few lessons to learn the exercises. Then you have dynamic stretching which involves movement like leg swings ensuring your do not push too far and again warm up is essential. As mentioned above only do those exercises after being trained by an expert, so get some lessons before doing those, to learn the exercises.

Speed Exercises

Many martial arts work on improving speed, arts like boxing, kick boxing muay thai etc where speed is essential and could be the difference from a win or lose..

There are a number of ways to improve your speed, Training with ankle weights and hand or wrist weights doing single or set moves. Combinations or shadow sparring. Once your remove the weights your will notice your limbs feel lighter and faster.

Resistance bands mainly used on punching and again train with those and when they are removed you will feel the benefits

In boxing you could work with the speed ball which also improves coordination and timing.

Footwork Exercises

Footwork drills which involves changing stances stepping back and forward, moving to the side and incorporating the hands but working mainly on your footwork,

Skipping is also a go way to improve your footwork and hand eye coordination.

normal shadow sparring moving around as much as possible, working on movement.

Martial arts like Aikido and Jujitsu footwork is also very important and weight needs to be controlled at all times with strong stances, being able to move with ease when required. You feet need to be well-placed in the right position for throwing opponents when required.

Martial arts such as classic Kung Fu have many static stances design to be in those positions for short periods of time to help you build up your legs

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The exercises above are great martial arts training exercises and will improve your martial arts and your overall fitness and flexibility.

The cardiovascular training with improve your over cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) as well as help you lose weight or maintain a good weight.

I would recommend working on all the above no matter what martial art you are doing as this will keep you in great shape but don’t over do it start slow then build your level up.

Please let me know what you think and leave a comment.

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Martial Arts Training Exercises

  1. I didn’t realize that you would have to do so much fitness training to do martial arts but it makes sense as you would really need the strength and the flexibility to not hurt yourself. I was fascinated to see the cardio workout there as well. It really is an all-around sport no matter which arts that you choose. This was an interesting article outlining the training required.

    • Hi Lily, and thanks for the comments, Depends on the style of martial arts as to the amount of fitness required. for example the following arts need a high level of fitness: Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Karate, Judo etc. Martial arts like aikido, Tai Chi, some Kung Fu styles do not required a high level of fitness or strength but rely more on technique, angles and body position. 

      I personally think fitness, strength and flexibility art important in all martial arts as this can not only complement your martial art but essential for your health. 

      Glad you enjoyed this article and hope to see you back soon,

      All the best 


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