Give Your Martial Artist the Best Martial Art Gifts

For the ideal time of year time to think about buying gifts and if you are buying for a martial artist I have selected a few items to give you ideas to help you choose. Hopefully my selection of martial arts gifts will save you time searching for that ideal gift for the festive season. … Read moreGive Your Martial Artist the Best Martial Art Gifts

Abs Workout for Martial Artists

We are going to look at abs workouts for martial artists this will cover various martial art’s that place a high degree of importance on physical fitness.Those art’s have various exercises to cover all round fitness including strong abs and this is achieved by the different exercises performed during the training sessions. We will look … Read moreAbs Workout for Martial Artists

Cheap Martial Arts Stuff 1st Edition

We are going to look at some discounted martial arts stuff in the current market, This will be to help you purchase your martial arts equipment at a good price saving you money and time. Take advantage of those deals while they are around and avoid disappointment. Making it simple for you to find great … Read moreCheap Martial Arts Stuff 1st Edition

Kids and Martial Arts

Kids and martial arts, martial art is great for kids and instills many great habits like confidence, concentration, discipline, motivation, respect, teamwork, social skills, encourage physical activity, conflict resolution and much more. We will look into those amazing benefits above in more detail. First, how to choose a martial art for your kids If you … Read moreKids and Martial Arts

Meditation for Martial Arts

Meditation brings many benefits for those who practice it, The number one benefit is stress reduction, in a world today which is filled with many stress related problems and situations. Meditation for martial arts is something you can incorporate into your training if this is not already the case. The Benefits of Meditation Reducing stress, … Read moreMeditation for Martial Arts

Martial Arts Self Training 50 and Older

We are going to carry out a full book review of the book, Solo Training:3 50 and older. This book is written Loren W. Christensen and covers Karate, Kung Fu, and Taekwondo. This book of martial arts self training provides a comprehensive insight in to training, fighting and self defense, great workouts are compiled for … Read moreMartial Arts Self Training 50 and Older

Martial Arts Training Exercises

When doing any martial arts, you will know there are various martial arts training exercises those help your achieve a good level of skill. Depending on the martial art you do this will determine what martial arts exercises your will be practicing, Its great to just run through some of those exercises and share the … Read moreMartial Arts Training Exercises

Martial Arts Wisdom Quotes From One of the Greats

We will be reviewing Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee the iconic actor and expert martial artist, martial art’s instructor, film director , philosopher. He was responsible for popularizing martial art’s in the western world. Today we will be concentrating on his philosophy having a look at one of his many books called Striking Thoughts. This … Read moreMartial Arts Wisdom Quotes From One of the Greats

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