Kids and Martial Arts

Kids and martial arts, martial art is great for kids and instills many great habits like confidence, concentration, discipline, motivation, respect, teamwork, social skills, encourage physical activity, conflict resolution and much more. We will look into those amazing benefits above in more detail.

First, how to choose a martial art for your kids

If you are already martial art practitioner this can be fairy simple as you can take your child to you own club if there are kids classes which is normally best as it is nice for them to train with other kids, it tends to be more realistic and enjoyable for them. Its also great you being a part of the cub, this will encourage and motivate them. You being known to the club can only be a benefit. Kids and martial arts and a great combination as seen in Counties like China and Korea.

If you are not a martial art practitioners this can be a confusing process with all the different martial arts out there to choose from and the different styles. As martial arts is not a one size fits all and you will need to choose the right art for your kids depending on what they like and their personalities. If your kid has plenty of energy and is always on the go then they may find high energy martial arts more suitable or they will initially get bored with the more low energy martial arts.

High energy martial arts examples: boxing, kick boxing muay thai, MMA, taekwondo. Those type of martial arts require high energy. Manly high energy training and more suitable to kids keeping them moving when training and involves many physical training exercises.

Low energy martial arts examples: Aikido, Some Kung Fu styles, Karate these type of styles do have some physical training exercises but not as intense and constant as the high energy martial arts and these may suit a kid that likes to break down techniques more, concentrating on things like forms or kata`s.

As mention above I would recommend a martial arts school with kids only class for kids from 5 years old to around 13 year old. This is because I think they learn better with other kids and they find it more enjoyable and give them the opportunity to make new friends. They can also practice the techniques more realistically on other kids.

It best to take your kid for one lesson only, to give the martial art a try before deciding which martial art school to join. I would recommend trying maximum 3 schools before deciding, Your kid or kids will confirm which school they enjoyed the most but make sure the martial arts are varied for example Kung fu, MMA and boxing or kick boxing, judo and karate etc. The martial arts schools will be more than happy for your kid to try out for one lesson before deciding and this will also involve your kid in the process of choosing a school for them.

Kids can start martial arts depending on the club from 5 years of age.

Location is important but quality and the right school is more important, so find the best school nearest to your home.

If your kid have siblings or a friend from school you can take along this will help them settle into the school a bit quicker.

If you are not a martial art practitioner why not take the opportunity to join the school with your child rather than sit on the side lines waiting for the class to end. They train adults and kids in the same class and there are enough kids for your kid to practice with and adults for you, this could be a great opportunity to get in shape and learn some martial arts and spend more time doing something with your kid. I have seen many families do this and after some years you have a family of black belts in a martial arts are great achievement for all.

Cost can be an issue and its best to get a detailed cost of the funds needed to confirm it meets your budget and you are getting value for money. Things for you to consider cost per class or monthly costs for a number of classes, insurance cost, costs for grading, cost for uniform and when needed, membership costs usually annually, costs for weapons if needed, travel costs, Equipment needed like pads and gloves etc

Safety each instructor at a club should have proof of instructor standards which will include DBS check, 1st aid training, proof of grade and some form of insurance, once you joint your details are taken then you get your own student insurance card. Checkout: The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) (If you are not in the united Kingdom your Country should have a similar organization to monitor your martial arts clubs).

Get a feel for the instructor and the format of the lesson, noting the help and coaching your kid or kids receive. How the kids are taught and the level of the most senior kids to see the possible level you kid can attain.

Is the club located in a safe area with easy access and egress also the premises itself are there fire exits and are the routes well-marked out, is the area safe to train in, fire alarms and sprinklers, toilets changing rooms etc just a few considerations.

Kids Punch Bags for Home Training for simple workouts

This may help get your kid or kids prepared to joint a martial arts club, this will give them the incentive to attend martial arts training. Along with burning all that energy kids have, you can also teach them the basics and once they start at the club they will be able to practice at home some of those moves they learnt on the equipment.

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Kids Boxing Gloves and Focus Pads

Depending on the martial arts they eventually start it always good as a martial artist to have a set of boxing gloves and focus pads. Their siblings can train each other taking turns on the pads or you can hold the pads for them teaching them the basics of moving and hitting, All good family fun girls boys get them all involved help build their confidence and fitness.

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Martial arts and kids go hand in hand, will set them up and teach them many skills which will enhance their lives and future lives. Something they may wish to continue, meeting new friends and learning self-control, discipline, confidence, motivation and concentration which are all great for learning any subject and may help improve their school work.

I have mentioned the physical benefits above which their are also many,

I have included great information to get you started along with a few suggestions for training at home to get them started,

If you are an Adult and would like to start Martial Art Check out: WHICH MARTIAL ART SHOULD I LEARN

Please take so time out to tell me your thoughts and experiences on this subject in the comments box below:

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Kids and Martial Arts

  1. Since this year begun, I have been asking myself if I should put my kid in martial arts? A friend told me martial arts movements can help kids get a better feel for their body in space. This is good for kids who struggle with motor skills. But what I feel is the biggest benefit is that it helps understand the power of the mind over the body.

    • Hi Ann, nice to see you again and thanks for the comments, Yes martial arts is great for kids and helps them in many ways as per the post, teaches them life skills and the important of exercise and self defense. As you mentioned they will start to appreciate the connection of the mind and the body.

      Please let me know what you decide with your kid starting martial arts

      All the best


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