Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Iron Shirt Chi Kung, learn the secrets of this Chi Kung system from one of the world leaders in Taoist practices. This person is Master Mantak Chia and for this article I with provide a book review on Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1 by Mantak Chia. This technique when practiced using this book and a … Read moreIron Shirt Chi Kung

This is the only Shaolin Book you will need

We are going to look at one of the most popular Shaolin books on the market, by one of the most respected Kung Fu Grand Masters and a writer of many books. This grandmaster travels and teaches all over the world, This shaolin book covers many subjects and is a comprehensive program for physical, emotional, … Read moreThis is the only Shaolin Book you will need

Meditation for Martial Arts

Meditation brings many benefits for those who practice it, The number one benefit is stress reduction, in a world today which is filled with many stress related problems and situations. Meditation for martial arts is something you can incorporate into your training if this is not already the case. The Benefits of Meditation Reducing stress, … Read moreMeditation for Martial Arts

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