Bruce Lee and Strength Training

Bruce Lee and strength training get the facts, we will be looking at a full detailed review of the book Bruce Lee Strength Workout for muscles of steel by Dr Alan Radley. Giving a comprehensive look into the workout and strength routines of Bruce Lee. The writer using his own comprehensive physical culture library with many thousands of items including books articles etc. Along with first-hand information from Bruce Lee`s school-classmate Tony one of his oldest and close friends.

The Philosophy

Mind and body, train within your limits, keep it natural do not over train the body, listen to the body especially when weight training, Its the Zen way all about feeling. This is explained in more detail within the book itself which will ensure you have the right approach to your training the same approach as Bruce Lee intended and which worked for him a great part of Bruce Lee and strength training.

The secret of mindful training and constant practice, training should also be aimed at keeping the body loose and flexible so full range in motion while training, Information on weight training and strength, flexibility and speed, explaining how to adapt elements to suit your own needs.

Bruce designed this system using his vast knowledge of exercise having around 2000 books on training and exercise he was ahead of his time in regard to martial arts and physical fitness. Discussions on the difference between the individuals and their tolerance to exercise as we may need specific training methods to reach our goals.

There is a large discussion on free weights and machines, great information for Bruce Lee and strength training knowledge.

In weight training this book explains the two kinds of isometric training they are covering coming isometric and yielding isometrics, Can you explain what they are and the difference between them, How to incorporate those into your training and which is preferred. Once you have the book you will be able to answer those questions and much more once you discover the information on Bruce Lee and strength and training workout.


Body Anatomy and Exercise

Discover how the body moves the 3 system? full details are given helping the reader comprehend how the different parts of the body move, this will help you during your training and give you great additional knowledge.

Detailing bones muscles, covering Spine/ Hip, Scapula, in great detail.

The following exercises are list with the full details of each one how to one detailing what parts of the body should be moving, rotating, reaching forward or back, starting and ending positions, positions of grip, the correct movement, when not to over activate specific muscles, how to avoid injury,

  • Rows
  • Bench Press
  • Pull Ups
  • Chin Ups
  • Squats
  • Standing Press
  • Flying motions
  • Lateral motions

Information about the Trunk as this is a very important part of the body and it is vital that you understand the trunk (spine, back and hips) as this could help you avoid injury there are skeletal diagrams and details on the spinal joints and how the back bends. This is a must read for those that are working out on a regular basis as the knowledge gained here will be priceless. This is the best of Bruce Lee and strength training information on the trunk.

Bruce`s workout exercises

There are is many exercises around 29 showing with great details such as:

Excellent step by step images showing the complete motion of the exercise

Details of the equipment needed to complete the exercise

The effects of the exercise eg, what part f the body will strength/ conditioning

Resistance: medium or light

Hip position flexion and extension

Spine: neutral / fixed

Scapula: neutral/ locked

muscles affected

Poundage recommended

Joints used

Confirmation if the exercise was used by Bruce Lee

Bruce`s Workout Routines

This section shows the list of his actual workouts that he performed daily/ weekly various sets covering general, power, muscle gain, circuit, sample routines. Great section having all the workouts performed by Bruce Lee at the height of his fitness and to know he was actually using those routines during the height of his movie career shows you the results of those workouts. Bruce lee and strength training is legendary his body and athletic agility was ground breaking in the height of his career.

This is my favourite section of the whole book due to the points mentioned above.

This is an eye-opener and a piece of history for any serious Bruce Lee fan. As this will give you another insight into the man him self, You can test your fitness on one or more of his personally designed workouts and see how you do. If you can eventually perform those to a decent standard your martial arts will improve along with your fitness and strength.

Bruce`s Diet

Helps with Bruce Lee and strength training,

This is an interesting and informative section detailing Bruce Lee`s prefer foods and his favorite dish. Plenty of vegetables and fruits. Bruce also had his own shake details are detailed in this section,

There was also a protein shake with various supplements to sustain his energy during those demanding workout routines of the days and weeks.

Finally Dietary supplements taken by Bruce


This is a great book which hold loads of information which will help you reach your workout goals. Guides you on how to design your training to get the maximum results. advising on effect, exercise, intensity, muscle growth, failure, strength and endurance and time factor.

Both men and women can benefit from the exercises and other information within this book, will you help you develop muscles of steel. This book is one of the few books that gives details of Bruce Lee`s training in such detail.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to get into shape or martial artist or Bruce Lee fan or even personal trainers may find the information within this book useful for learning new exercises and information about strength, fitness and nutrition.

If you already have a copy of this book or if you purchase your own copy or if you would like to comment on this post please let me know your thoughts add comments the comments box,

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Train, Focus and practice

Wince 🙂


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  1. I remember as a kid, I watched the movie about Bruce Lee’s bio. I really impressed me. But a friend recently mentioned this book. I am eager to read it so I’ll buy it right away. Thanks for writing a post about it. I wanted to read first your impressions about the book.

    I have already bookmarked your site for future content. I don’t want to end up at “Marshal arts” looking at a bunch of horses.

    • Hi Paolo, Nice to see you again, thanks for the comments,

      This is a great book and its amazing to think we can actually do the exact workout Bruce was doing or some of the exercises that produced that amazing physique,.

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