Be Water My Friend by Shannon Lee

Be water my friend written by Shannon Lee the daughter of the legend and king of martial arts Bruce Lee. Be like water is one of his many wisdom quotations, This new book is a book of philosophy and will help you in all area`s of life, The author illuminates her fathers most powerful philosophies … Read moreBe Water My Friend by Shannon Lee

The Bruce Lee 1 Inch Punch

The Bruce Lee 1 inch punch is one of the best kept secret in martial arts. Invented and performed by Bruce Lee himself many years ago. Ever wondered how this power punch was performed and how you can learn and develop the skills needed. Now you can with this book written by one of Bruce … Read moreThe Bruce Lee 1 Inch Punch

Bruce Lee and Strength Training

Bruce Lee and strength training get the facts, we will be looking at a full detailed review of the book Bruce Lee Strength Workout for muscles of steel by Dr Alan Radley. Giving a comprehensive look into the workout and strength routines of Bruce Lee. The writer using his own comprehensive physical culture library with … Read moreBruce Lee and Strength Training

Best Martial Arts Movies Ever Different Actors

We are going to take a look at the best martial arts’ movies ever with different actors, That will involve looking at films from different styles of martial arts., To see great martial arts skills, You will have your own  favourites so please feel free to leave your comments at the end of the post. … Read moreBest Martial Arts Movies Ever Different Actors

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