The Bruce Lee 1 Inch Punch

The Bruce Lee 1 inch punch is one of the best kept secret in martial arts. Invented and performed by Bruce Lee himself many years ago. Ever wondered how this power punch was performed and how you can learn and develop the skills needed. Now you can with this book written by one of Bruce Lees original students. The great James W DeMile, this book is called Bruce Lee`s 1 and 3 Inch Power Punch, (This technique is known as the Floating Punch).

Why this book was Written

The author began his martial arts career in Seattle one of Bruce Lee’s original students. He and Bruce Lee developed the principles of the original Jeet June do. His involvement was mainly assisting Bruce.

This Power punch was originally taught to James and it was meant to be exclusive. The author decided to teach this technique as it would help individuals saving them from years of practice to develop such an effective punch. The information in this book gives you all the mechanics needed along with the theory for you to become fully proficient in this technique.

Making this Bruce Lee 1 inch punch available to all so no matter your martial arts style you can add this powerful technique to your martial arts toolbox. This is also one of Bruce Lee`s signature techniques.

Some training techniques may also be of use to you in your own personal training and may give you that edge you need.

Mind Development

Mind development this is an essential part of the technique being one of two parts. You need to be able to control the direction of your thoughts and control the direction of your breathing, this of course is a mental process and you will need to be able to master this before you can effectively carry out this technique. In this section you will get the full information description of how to control and direct your thoughts this is explained in a step by step easy to follow process. Mastering this process will also help you in many situations whether at work or at a social event you will learn to be able to relax no matter where you are. Next you will learn how to control the direction of your breathing this again is explained in great detail and it is available for you to train straight away. I personally found both of these techniques very effective and will continue my practice for the benefits they bring.

Physical Development

Physical development this section looks at the physical development. Covering all the muscles that need to be developed in order to that this technique most effective. As you can imagine this will cover your shoulders triceps tendons etc there are a variety of exercises in order to strengthen those areas some equipment is needed but nothing too extravagant the equipment needed is very basic in fact some items you can make up from things in your home. One item you will need if you haven’t already got it is HAND GRIP TRAINER a few I have selected.

Some Fundamentals

The fundamentals are covered issues like the mind and the body which we already discussed also strengthening of the physical parts your shoulders your arms the punch yourself. How to relax the wrist, how to prevent any damage to the wrist and your hand et etc The engagement of the body and the necessary torque needed. How to condense your energy for the short distance power needed. Being in the correct stance allowing you to get maximum power and how to control all this and speed. Training with the heavy bag as a training device all covered. Getting your timing correct is essential. There is a lot to Master here and this of course will take some time you would have to build up the muscles mind and the reaction speed along with the conditioning of the wrist and hand but the rewards are worth it, just follow these the instructions. As a martial artist I believe anyone can master this power punch and it is achievable along as you are consistent in your training follow the advice and be sure to prevent yourself any injuries they have outlined the possible injuries in the book and how to avoid them.

The one-inch punch and three inch punch requires different distances and training those are different but the exercises with regard to mind, breathing, strength training and conditioning are the foundation for both punches, The 1 inch punch would be the hardest punch to master due to the short distance and the torque required to generate enough power.

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This is a great little book with only one technique to learn and master but in order to master this Floating Punch you will need to train hard and follow the exact instructions. All the exercises are simple and achievable exercises to perform to enable the practitioner the ability to get the desired results. Leading them onto the direct training of the floating punch, this training will take time, consistency and dedication to become competent.

The book itself consists of 40 pages of straight direct information covering all the points above and more. Some training equipment needed but this in minimal. Standard fitness level required only, this training is also 100% solo so you will not need a partner while training. The time taken will depend on many things like your previous experience, how often you train, etc.

Benefits from using this book

  1. Mind development and control
  2. Instant Relaxation development
  3. Control and direct breathing
  4. Reflex development
  5. Physical development
  6. Hand conditioning
  7. A very effective technique (please read cautions to be Observed on page 6)

This book may be limited so get your before it becomes a collectors item and will be hard to find and very expensive.

Please provide your comments in the box below it would be great to hear from you and may help our readers

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Bruce Lee 1 Inch Punch

  1. Hey Wince. Very interesting post. To be fair Im just beginning my adventure with martial arts and post like this are extremely helpful. I never heard about this book, but now I definitely have to read it. Can’t wait to get as I am big fan of Bruce Lee (who isn’t?) and I’m very curious about his student work.

    • Hi Cogito 

      Thanks for your comments much appreciated, I am glad you are starting your martial arts journey and you are starting at one of the best places with Bruce Lee!. Yes get your copy now before this book becomes unavailable you can allows train this technique later once you are more established in martial arts. As a Bruce Lee fan please checkout my post on BRUCE LEE BOOKS you will see a review on the best books by Bruce.

      Thanks and best of luck with your martial arts


  2. The book in its most simplistic form is brilliant!!! But when you come to realize that the author takes the notes from those who created the art and developed it for a long time; the book really illustrates the technique in its full glory. If the technique worked for Bruce Lee and others then it will work for you. I found the book really fascinating and in-depth, after much reading and observation, I came to realize just how good this book really is. But you must fully understand what is said in the book before you can practice and see the results for yourself. It really does work and gives you a detailed look at the technique.

    • Hi Anas, 

      Thanks for your comments much appreciated, this technique developed by Bruce Lee and taught to only his top students. If you follow the training the technique will work, glad you enjoyed this book and are working on the techniques. The advice you have supplied is great for our readers, thank you. 

      all the best 


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