The Power of Tai Chi Chuan

We are going to look at the book on Tai Chi Chuan, This book will help you learn the internal secrets of Tai Chi Chuan.

Harness the power of Tai Chi Chuan learn the internal strength through this comprehensive program of meditation, forms practice and push hands skills. Step by step photos of each techniques making it easy for you to follow and learn published in 1991 but you can still get your copy here (please see below). Authors are Doc Fai-Wong and Jane Hallander. This is a perfect book for Tai Chi Chuan`s practitioners help you discover the power of tai chi chuan.

History of Tai Chi Chuan

This book details the many forms of tai chi chuan and the different families where the names were given to the arts. With a history of dating 1,500 years of tai chi chuan, The dates go back to A.D. 502-557 of China Northern and Southern dynasty and was used by the military for hand-to-hand combat. Many of the techniques were for health and longevity and along with this information you will learn the four basic principles of tai chi chuan. Those are great principles and any martial artist will find them interesting but as a tai chi chuan practitioner those principles will be the core of your training. Those principles are also applicable in other martial arts both Chinese and Japanese.

The full story here is very interesting once you read this section tai chi chuan will make a lot more sense to you.

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Tai Chi`s Internal Secrets

This section will teach you the internal secrets, it is a great chapter. You will learn the difference of how tai chi chuan is taught and trained today to how it was back in the original times. This is the reason why the internal secrets is now not the

main part of the training. In the old days students were required to practice and develop before moving onto form training. This training enabled them to build up the necessary internal strength to progress this was a combination of stance training and breathing techniques.

There are various stances many are shown in this book. Which students used to practice for the initial 2 to 3 years before moving on to form work The postures were there to develop Specific energy for different body parts this is greatly explained within this section and the following chapters, This section will teach you the power of tai chi chuan.


Meditation and Breathing Exercises

Meditation, stances, and form postures as you can see from this the original training, has now been changed to suit today’s environment and time limitations but while reading this section I realized those original training secrets hold the key to internal development I would recommend if you train tai chi chuan you must read this chapter thoroughly and get a good understanding there is plenty of great information here which you could integrate into your training and knowledge of this art. Chi development comes from stance training meditation so you will find the full definitions and the correct postures to practice and develop your tai chi: internal energy.

This section covers the importance of meditation and breathing and gives you an overview of how to meditate and also covers in great detail some postures which you will be training to help you develop your internal power.

Showing you the first standing meditation posture which is detailed here, once you have learnt this you will be able to move on to the other postures which there are a few more standing postures to help you develop full details are given ready for you to begin your practice. And easy to cover instruction informing you of the time you need to train each day how to build up to achieve the ultimate level needed.

These postures are chosen to develop different parts of the body and help circulate the Chi. There is also a section on tai chi breathing exercises which have been known to develop healthy blood and chi circulation and the calming mind and body.

This section also has three of the most important tai chi chuan moving breathing exercise patterns with full instructions which you can begin practicing straightaway.

Tai Chi Martial Stances

The stances in this section are not the same as meditative stances these are fighting stances. These are martial stances and are there to develop specific parts of the body.

This is a great section with 10 postures for developing different parts of the body which will give you great power in a combat situation. Full details are given for each posture detailing which part of the body will be targeted for development during the dance training.

The Yang Family Tai Chi Form

The young family Tai Chi form this is detailed in picture format with step-by-step moves for you to practice or use as a reference. Each move is fully explained and numbered. This is a long form and I would recommend not learning it for my book you would need professional instruction but of course the book could be used as a reference if the form you are learning is authentic.

Correct Form Practice

This section is based on correct in your form and gives you good pointers to correct your form. Giving you all the corrections which you should be getting from an instructor things like shoulders how they should be, covering elbows’ chest, hips and waist,

The back foot all with regard to tai chi, but it also covers a lot of detail about energy flow movement of muscles, speed and relaxation feelings you should be having what to expect and what to avoid eyes and intention the spirit.

What is the correct level of aggression while training. how to practice your forms with regard to speed energy etc also the correct position of feet and hands and levels of stances.

Practical Applications of Form Techniques

Practical application of the techniques from the tai chi form are shown. This will give you some ideas of how the movements in the form are used in applications


Tai Chi Push Hands

Tai chi push hands, The benefits of this training exercise are great and in most kung fu schools there is some sort of push hands or some schools call it sticky hands. You will develop great sensitivity, learn how to relax and react, learn the weaknesses of your opponent and their strengths, help you predict their next move, etc. This is a form of sparring in tai chi chuan.


Buy Your Copy of Tai Chi Chuan`s Internal Secrets

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This has been an interesting look into the internal secrets of tai chi chuan, hopefully the information has provided you with enough knowledge to take your training to the next level or inspired you to get you own copy of this book and get the full details with those pages.

Anyone practicing or looking to practice any Chinese martial art will find this book interesting, supply maybe limited due to the age of this book.

Please leave your comments in the box below it would be great to hear from you and may aid our readers,

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. I heard of Tai Chi before but never Tai Chi Chuan, thanks for sharing this information. I mean I grew up seeing my grand parents doing tai chi but never thought of it as a martial art form because the movement is too slow. Thanks for your review on this book. I love the fact that this book has some pictures so that we understand certain postures. I am going to check the book out. 

    • Hi Nutttanee,

      Thanks for your comments, great to know this post brought back those wonderful memories. yes Tai Chi is short for Tai Chi Chuan, but these days Tai Chi is known for the soft slow forms and meditation side of Tai Chi Chuan as Tai Chi is practiced by older practitioner due to the slower movements. yes the illustrations in this book are great. 

      Please let me know what think of this book once you check it out,

      All the best


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