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Tai Chi for beginners, we are going assist those looking to find out more about the amazing Chinese martial art of Tai Chi which is short for T`ai Chi Chuan or Taiji Quan. We will refer to the martial art as tai chi for simplicity of this post. Can be used for martial arts or Health and MEDITATION. A fist system based around the concept of yin and yang and has many training subjects for example pushing hands, forms, stances, The great thing is there is no age limit practicing tai chi and is accessible to all able-bodied.

Foundations of Tai Chi

There are five main original schools of tai chi they are Chen, Yang, Wu (Hao), Wu and Sun all are traced back to the Chen village. The origin goes back to 1580 – 1660 and the names goes back to the families that started them. What is the best tai chi for beginners? there are now many modern tai chi styles to choose from with the roots going back to the original systems.

Tai chi today is mainly used for health, there are still martial arts schools that use tai chi for combat and defense but most practice for health and hobby purposes. Used in hospitals, clinics and community centers and it primarily popular with seniors due to the low impact nature of the forms and movements that are slow not too demanding on the cardiovascular system but there will be some benefit to this system. Will help maintain health and a calm and relaxed mind and has been known to improve various diseases which have been documented.

Group of adults practicing tai chi in the park

There still remains many martial art schools that only practice the martial side of tai chi or both, it is purely down to the student which school they choose. With the other modern martial arts of today like MMA and BJJ the martial side of tai chi has taken fall in students.

The health tai chi is still wildly practiced in china with many older generations training in the early hours of the morning in parks and open public spaces, having amazing benefits keeping there bodies agile and flexible. Tai Chi is said to be a moving meditation by many. Being a previous Kung Fu practitioner I found tai chi forms to be slow flowing movements that actually needed a lot of control and relaxation to perform to the correct standards. During those practice session you feel you are unifying mind and body. Feeling refreshed and fully relaxed and stress free.

If you have a stressful job, I recommend buying a health tai chi DVD and practicing yourself daily to eliminate the stress from your life, you will feel the benefits of the slow controlled movements that require you to concentrate on your tai chi forms.

Tai Chi Concept

The main goal of tai chi martial art training is not to meet force with force as this will injure both parties and if your opponent is much bigger and stronger than you will get seriously injured, So brute force against brute force in tai chi must be avoided.

You will be trained to meet hardness or brute force or strength with softness to absorb or follow the motion remaining in contact then redirect the attack once yang become yin, you will then be able to apply your technique. Sounds easy but believe me this will take a lifetime to master!!! if you truly do.

The forms will help with this concept and the two person drills will build up your sensitivity such as pushing hands developing your free moving technique and skills,

Tai Chi Pushing Hands Drill,

A number of other martial arts use the same concept possibly originating from tai chi ? martial art like WING CHUN and AIKIDO teach you to not meet force with force.

Tai Chi as a martial art is effective and has a standing, testing their skills in tuishou (pushing hands competition) and Sanshou (Chinese kick boxing competition). Not as popular as the modern martial arts but, a martial art that will cover many aspects of martial arts and you will be able to train this art for a long time what ever your age.

Tai Chi for beginners is an amazing martial art to try, if the information here sparks your interest.

Techniques and Training

The movements in the forms and in the exercises use the complete full range in motion while maintaining your center of gravity helping to improve your posture.

The movements also increase joint flexibility and circulation,

Within the forms, some can be long with great detail taking a lifetime to master but well worth the training as you are allows chasing a goal. The forms themselves catalog and help preserve the original moves, being transferred from generation to generation. You will also be taught the applications of the movements in the forms by your teacher.

Pushing hands will help you develop sensitivity and strong stance along with reaction, defensive and attack techniques. Carried out in small and large circular movements.

Leverage against joints and the body.

There are a number of stances and breathing techniques to help develop Chi (life energy)

Weapons in tai chi. Not used for fighting in modern day but, are used to help you develop tai chi and unarmed skills, helping with body movement, stance, evade and attack along with strengthening the body and many other benefits

Please see the weapons below:

  • Straight double edge sword
  • Broad sword.
  • Folding fan
  • Wooden staff
  • 4m spear
  • dadao and podao
  • Ji
  • Cane
  • Rope dart
  • Three section staff
  • wind and fire wheel
  • Whip chain


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For those more interested in the martial side of Tai Chi, please see the book below to learn about the power in tai chi.

A great book for those currently practicing tai chi and would like to know more theory to help develop their tai chi.

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Tai chi for beginner, This has been an amazing post for an authentic Chinese martial arts system with origins as far back as 1580. As well as a martial art also train for it health benefits only making this system available to all ages due to the different styles and reasons for training e.g health or as a martial art the choice is yours.

This is a complete old style martial art with plenty of layers, you can train this system for life and still have much to learn. The system has Forms, weapons, pushing hands, stances, chi development, combat and much more.

Many other martial arts are been possibly originated from tai chi, an Internal system there is of course modern versions but the origins stay authentic due to the forms original training methods.

As a beginner I would recommend buying a DVD or book and learning at home first because this will give your body a chance to practice some forms and exercises before deciding on joining a club. I have recommended a book and DVD above.

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this nice post on Tai Chi. It’s perfect for me as a beginner. I have recently learned that its original name written as Taijiquan is Tai Chi Chuan. A friend has recently started practicing this ancient Chinese form of exercise originally created as a fighting art. He was today explaining that Tai Chi was accredited to a Taoist Monk named Zhang San Feng as its creator.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for your comments, Glad you enjoyed the post and great to hear you are doing Tai Chi, You can practice this art well into old age. I will take up this wonerful art when i eventually finish the more harder styles. I did do some in the past when I was practising Shaolin Kung Fu, there were a couple of Tai Chi forms, they were great flowing slow movements like silk in a slow breeze. Great for mind body and spirit.

      Your frend has great knowleadge, please get him to review my post and leave a comment, it would be grest for my readers

      All the best,


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