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We will be looking at one of the best internal martial arts books currently available on the market and this book is ` The Power of Internal Martial Arts by B.K. Frantzi. We will carry out a full comprehensive review of this book giving the possible buyer an insight into this subject and book. Covering briefly various section with this book giving you a taste of the information with those pages. This book covers various internal martial arts styles.

Animal, Human, and Spiritual

These are the fighting approaches to martial arts and consistent training within the martial arts one develops that animal aspects of human nature or realize the potential of the spiritual benefits of martial arts training. Being an martial artist help you deal with violence allowing the martial artist to transcend this force.

In Chinese internal martial arts the door is always open to go deeper into the higher spiritual possibilities

The benefit of internal martial arts are as follows

  1. Good Health
  2. Confidence
  3. Less Stress
  4. Spiritual Centre

The Animal, Human, and Spiritual aspects are covered individually with plenty of details in each section giving the reader a full understanding of those subjects. I found the Human section best for me, This section is the essence of internal martial arts.

A Continuum

The External and Internal Martial arts of China, this section runs through a brief but informative history of Chinese martial arts.

Fighting situations should take into consideration the following:

  • Martial arts skills and applications within the many internal martial arts styles
  • Fighting several opponents
  • Speed and power
  • The use of hands and feet
  • using hands to restrain or throw person
  • Kicking and punching vulnerable parts of the body
  • Close medium and log range fighting
  • How to defend yourself in adverse weather conditions
  • How to defend yourself in the dark and confined spaces etc

Details on martial art forms are given.

Information covering External martial arts with details given on

Power and strength

A detailed list is provided on how to develop power and speed which includes weight training, throwing objects and hitting objects with hands and feet.


list detailing how to develop speed

Which include

  1. Repetition training
  2. Training with weights on arms and legs
  3. Sparring training improving reaction time


  1. Improved through countless repetition
  2. Stance training
  3. Jumping
  4. Hill running
  5. Wrestling and Sparring


  1. Working on single movements or combinations
  2. Fast and slow sequences
  3. Sparring
  4. spontaneous training
  5. Those are the external side of Chinese martial arts and many other martial arts today

Even more information covering Ba Gua, Iron Shirt, Chi and self defense, weapons training in this great internal martial arts book.

Similarities and Differences

The internal martial arts of Tai Chi, Hsing-I and Ba Gua,

The five characteristics of internal martial arts those are detailed 1-5. This is a good read and will need to have an open mind and may take a few reads to grasp the concepts.

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Developing Martial Power with Chi

Listed in this section is the 16 -part Nei Gung Internal Power System

This list covers 16 methods of developing Chi power including breathing, feeling chi, body alignment, clearing blockages, moving energy, stretching and bending, opening and closing the joins, moving the energy, absorbing energy and projecting, controlling the energy, controlling left and right energy channels of the body.

Following this list there is a great deal of detailed information for developing internal energy or Chi and directing the Chi.

There is also information on internal fighting techniques, this is a great section covering different techniques including kicking, hand strikes etc

All of those techniques with regards to Chinese internal martial arts, all the fighting techniques art explained in details.

Also within all those sections are articles about wing chun, aikido and internal martial arts masters from the past this is great information and timeless.

Tai Chi

Fighting applications of this great Chinese internal martial art.

Covering a brief but informative history, Tai chi as a martial art,

The eight basic martial arts principles, please see the basic list below but is explained in more detail with the book, I have just put the Chinese names for this review the full explanation are in the book

  1. Peng
  2. Lu
  3. Ji
  4. An
  5. Tsai
  6. Lieh
  7. Jou
  8. Koa

All the above are explained in full detail with pages of information with some of these individual items covering pages of information. Various images showing techniques

Tai Chi is one of the original internal martial art styles.


Fighting considerations ans applications

The name his-i chuanis composed of three terms which are fully detailed within this section.

Hising-i is an excellent bridge from the external martial arts to the internal.

There is also a history of Hsing-I

Full techniques and training practices of Hsing-i are listed and detailed

Ba Gua

Fighting considerations and applications, Ba Gua is a great internal martial art and was once known as a vigorous alternative to tai chi chuan, Also known as eight trigram palms. Concentrating on circular movements, and developing personal chi and is also an effective self defense system using footwork for evasion and attack. Using spiraling movements to develop energy and skill.

The history of Ba Gua is detailed in this section

Bu Gua as a martial art, proven in China years ago as an effective martial art. Hitting with open hand, push, punch, grabbing, kicks joint locks and chokes etc. Also a full arsenal of traditional weapons.

A martial art designed to fight 8 attackers using twisting and turning and positioning to avoid attacks and attack. The full comprehensive description is given.

Ba Gua training, including details of Circle- walking and various chapters on Bu Gua training techniques and applications a great internal martial arts style.


The nature of speed in all styles of martial arts, this is a great section of the book and my personal favorite due to the information on speed. There is a lot of information here and would be of great interest to any martial artist.

I found the four basic types of speed interesting, great martial arts information all round. The speed in martial arts is broken down in a great way making it easy to understand and as a martial artist you will be better informed no matter what martial art you do.

Using Energy to Heal

The Health Aspects of Martial Arts, covering the internal martial arts healing system, there are great health benefits to practicing internal martial arts systems and some people mainly do it for this reason.

This section covers various exercises, chi, how the healing is connected to the martial arts. Aging and martial arts, mental health and martial arts which in today`s world the benefits are much-needed.

And Much more!!


This is a great book, I would call this book a must for any serious martial artist due to the following:

  1. Internal martial arts explained
  2. Various sections covering external martial arts
  3. There are plenty of articles covering throughout the books on masters, karate, aikido, wing chun, chi, external and internal martial arts connection, monkey boxing and much more!!
  4. Healing information explained
  5. Detailed comprehensive information

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If you already have this book or will purchase this book, please let me known your thoughts it will be great to get your feedback.

Hope your enjoyed this post, I have enjoyed doing the post.

Train Hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Internal Martial Arts Books

  1. What an interesting book on the holistic approach to Chi, I can see how developing this is so important to developing any martial arts skills. This is a very in-depth book on the subject. The Chinese training sounds very thorough and I like the idea of Ba Gua and using weapons to fight up to 8 people at the same time. Many people who do this internal martial arts seem to appear much younger than their age, maybe it works with healing.

    • Hi Lily, Thanks for the comments, This is a book that will teach you about the Chi, Mainly developed and trained in Chinese martial arts, This book is very deep and II advise the reader slowly read this book and practice at your own pace, this type of development can take time, do not concentrate on the results just trust the exercises, this is very important. 

      The Chinese have spent thousands of years on Chi and internal energy systems in many forms like tai Chi, Chi gong and martial arts, Ba Gua is another internal martial art which has Chi deeply embedded in the style. Weapons are great but not only used for fighting but a system of developing the body for combat. 

      As for fighting 8 people, That`s only in the movies 

      Thanks, see you soon,


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