Be Water My Friend by Shannon Lee

Be water my friend written by Shannon Lee the daughter of the legend and king of martial arts Bruce Lee. Be like water is one of his many wisdom quotations, This new book is a book of philosophy and will help you in all area`s of life, The author illuminates her fathers most powerful philosophies of life. Discussing the ways they can be applied to your daily life, making your life more happy healthy and stress free. This is great bringing those wisdom to a new generation of fans whether martial artists, fans of Bruce, fans of Shannon or fans of wisdom and philosophy. Great for flexible thinking.


More About This Book and Bruce

Bruce Lee the cultural icon who was world renowned for martial arts, films, philosophy and a thinker, He revolutionized the world of martial arts in the early seventies, but also was a philosopher, studying the subject and reading many books. He was a ferocious reader. He also loves helping people improving their lives with his teachings and has himself written a number of books on the subject of philosophies on all aspects of life,

This book has previously untold stories from Bruce Lee`s life and more about the concepts and teachings. Plenty of lessons to be learnt from this book,

If you know about Bruce Lee`s saying of `be like water` he expands on this concept and reveals a path to an enlightened way of being.

What’s in this Book

This book has 10 chapters and has 229 pages, please see the chapters below:

  1. The Water Way
  2. The Empty Cup
  3. The Eternal Student
  4. The Oppoinent
  5. The Tools
  6. The Ostacle
  7. The Rainstorm
  8. The Living Void
  9. The Way of The Intercepting Fist
  10. My Friend


This book covers the early years of Bruce, going into when he first discovered martial arts, and how he found that martial arts gave him the knowledge for life. Discovering the mind and body are in tune with each other and learning to master combat and martial arts help the mind stay strong and shape. So he began his journey of self discovery. When he learnt Wing Chun all those years ago, you also had to learn Taoist Philosophy with your martial arts.

Bronze statue of Confucius

You will learn how this put Bruce into a position to write his water principle. He was able to inspire others helping them move forward in life no matter which path they chose. Helping people realize there are no limits in life, you only limit yourself. This book covers a number of family stories not before told. This book may help you find your path thanks to Shannon and the inspiration of her late father.

The art of being aware discover these principles and how to deal with obstacles in life, the Brice Lee`s way, how to deal with the and keep going. How to stay in the zone and keep on track,

Learn to be present, teaching you the importance of being totally in the present moment,

The concept of pliability in martial arts and in life, how to apply these to your daily living. As Bruce discovered the benefits of martial arts on other parts of his life and you do not have to be a martial artist to understand or use those concepts you just need an open your mind and be prepared to read this book and as Bruce said use what is useful and discard what is not as what is good for one person may not be good for another.

yin yang symbol on tiled wall with sunlight tone.

There are many concepts here some I have read before in Bruce Lee books but Shannon has detailed many more I have not come across before.

The bamboo teaching theory from Bruce`s point of view, be flexible being able to flex with what ever comes your way, some these teaching comes from his original teacher Yip man, as martial arts is not only technique but also a way of thinking. Apply those concepts above and more to your life. He made it a reality as a life long process of self actualization.

The yin and yang, the full Chinese meaning of yin and yang and the full explanation from Shannon, well written and explained, expressing the difference between the western and eastern concepts and ways of thinking with regard to yin and yang. This is fascinating and educational helping you to see the benefits of the Chinese Yin and Yang as it relates to more than martial arts it actually relates to all things but, you will need to read this for yourself for fully understand the yin and yang concept. Once understood there will be benefits to your life.

One of Bruce`s famous `saying empty your cup` Shannon has written the original story behind this saying and the teachings on this concept. This is a piece of classical Bruce Lee philosophy

Learn about Choiceless Awareness and how this can benefit from this open point of view.

Meditation cover on how this fascinating process can be used as a tool, When did Bruce started to meditate? how to achieve good meditation, and how to overcome the typical problems experienced by anyone who is new to meditation. By adding meditation into your life will gave you great benefits for your mind and body.

This book also covers Bruce`s transition from wing chun to Jeet Kune Do, deciding not to be limited be one style or one way of fighting, The full story of when Bruce had this revelation and here is fully explained.

Learn about Bruce`s thoughts on teachers of martial arts regarding the relationship between the student and the teacher, this is interesting and surprising, but a great point of view.

Learn how to come to agreement and reach a point where both parties reach agreement.

Believe in yourself trust your process and take action

Learn how Bruce recommends you deal with obstacles and keep the flow going.

Get Your Copy of `Be Water My Friend` click picture link below:

My Personal Book Rating 5/5

flexible thinking

Be water my friend by Shannon Lee, has done an amazing job with this book a lot of work has gone into this book, and the information here is detailed and will assist the reader in many aspects of life. Helping them get through the up`s and downs of life. Providing great usable philosophies which can be used by anyone whether martial artist or not. Bruce discovered early that martial arts had benefits for living a great life, some of those lessons came from his Taoist and zen teachings during his martial arts training, helping you maintain flexible thinking.


The concept of water in many forms is used as an analogy to teach/ confirm various concepts.

Shannon has given us an insight into the mind of Bruce and the detail is remarkable making this book ideal for use as a reference book. I found each chapter provides valuable lessons. Known for his martial arts abilities this books confirms his philosophical expertise. This book provides you with the tools to improve and grow without limitations.

There are a number of untold stories which only the family would know about Bruce and Shannon has included some of those within this book.

Get the best out of this book learn the lessons and incorporate the relevant ones into your daily life. Lessons of flexibility, adaptation and maintain control of your life and environment,

`Empty your mind; be formless, shapeless like water`

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. Wow! I ‘m so glad that I was given the opportunity to come across your site. This is such a commendable affirmation and I love it deeply! My take away are these to important sentences: “Learn how to come to agreement and reach a point where both parties reach agreement…[and] Believe in yourself trust your process and take action. ” It goes with out saying but sometimes you definitely need to say it. It doesn’t matter your walk of life or how much  YOU THINK you know… those words hold true! Thank you, again. 

    • Hi Ayoola, Thanks for your lovely comments and I am over the moon your leant some of the amazing wisdom from this article, The book is the source of that wisdom and comes from a life time of dedication by Bruce Lee the amazing icon. His daughter has been gifted with the same wisdom and its great to see she is passing on this to the current generation. It can only make the world a better place. 

      There is many lesson here, I recommend this book to everyone, 

      Thanks again and please FOLLOW and get notification of my new posts 

      All the best


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