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This book has many jeet kune do techniques, the book is Bruce Lee`s Jeet Kune Do by Sam Fury, this book covers all the aspects of Bruce Lee`s fighting methods. With easy to follow usable techniques. jeet kune Do is a very effective form of martial art and is ideal for self defense. This book will help you learn jeet kune do at your own pace, In this book review I will be covering the key points to help you have the information needed to make a decision.



About the Author

It`s always good to know about the author,

Sam Fury is passionate about survival, evasion, resistance and escape (SERE) training, he grew up in Australia. This developed into related subjects one being martial arts and jeet kune do. Please read the full description in the book.


Jeet Kune Do is designed to be an individual way of fighting. Bruce discovered that fighting is an individual concept and what works for you will not necessarily work for somebody else. You can adapt these techniques to suit your style of fighting. As with Wing Chun this is a simple system mainly techniques based. Having a limited amount of techniques allowing the practitioner to become proficient at fewer techniques. Practicing these techniques are more likely to remain in your muscle memory due to the limited number. You can adapt the training to suit you but you must maintain the main JKD principles concepts.

What Can You Learn From This Book

This is very important and you need to fully understand the concepts of any martial arts in order to be able to effectively learn and use the techniques.

This section covers things like a straight punch and how it fits into JKD. Explaining the importance of this technique within the system.

Covering the importance of attacking and how to attack without alerting your opponent this is a skill and a great concept. The full explanation is in this section of the book and I found it very interesting and informative written in an easy to understand way. I believe beginners will be able to work through this no problem.

You will learn about the non-classical approach to martial arts, this comes in many forms This section will teach you the JKD interpretation principles and non classical form of fighting in Martial Arts.

Economy of movement explaining how to move in an economical way and the reasons why this is effective in a fight situation. Giving you advantage over your opponent, Directness when in a combat situation and why, Simplicity and how to apply this concept, Simultaneous defence and attack, and the benefits of this in many techniques, Interception how to use in this concept on an attack.


The four fighting ranges of jeet kune do this section gives you the four fighting ranges which you should know,

Learn about the five ways to attack, each way is fully explained giving you a full understanding of each individual way to attack. This of course Will also help you defend against an attack.

The centreline system for Wing Chun is also used in JKD, this has been explained in the section, been broken down for your full understanding of this concept. Learn the main three guidelines for the centreline with regard to combat.

This book is designed to be used as a training tool and has a great section explaining how to use this book. This section covers:


Skipping Rope

Shadow Boxing

Focused Activities



Progressive Learning



Training for Reality

Indoors and Outdoors

All the above items are explained individually in enough detail for the subject. Giving you some good essential advice along the way and covering some important points about training. I particularly found a lot of detailed and helpful information in the section progressive training which outlines many helpful training ideas and procedures.

The fitness section is also interesting as JKD is a system that requires a high level of fitness and encourages you to have and maintain a high level. Exercises like skipping, intense sparring running …. is all part of your training. The important of this is detailed in this section.

There are various aspects of JKD covered in great detail, things like balance training and the importance of your emotions on your balance. The essential knowledge needed on footwork and this is particularly important in JKD as footwork is a major part of the system, telling you the finer details of footwork.

Punching, how and when and the important of developing relaxation along with the use of the hips to develop power. The use of the hip is essential and a must for anyone in a punching martial art. Learn and develop the snap while punching again this must have skill for JKD practitioners and is detailed here for you to develop and practice.

The target points for JKD are laid out on a diagram,

Counterattacks learn the many ways to take advantage of an attack from your opponent and take control of the situation. Side step, stepping to the right and left. And quick steps,

The strategic fighting overview, plenty of food for thought in this section, with some good basic advice. Timing.

Different attacking techniques, stop hit, jabbing, kicks various, back fists, combination attacks……..

There is also specific drills like Dan Chi Sao and Double Dan Chi Sao these come from Wing Chun

There is also a self defense section detailing a number of scenarios training, covering use of force, awareness, attitude, palm heel…..

Defense against different common attacks like, grabs, locks and bear hugs. Dealing with Multiple assailants and Armed assailants with various weapons like knifes, clubs ever defense against guns.

The above is just a brief sample with very little detail covering most but not all sections of this book giving your the information you need in this book review, hopefully you have found this helpful.

My Book Rating 3.9/5

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Final Thoughts

This is a good book to start you JKD journey and learn jeet kune do techniques, this book covers all you need to know to get started. A simple system with no forms to learn just concentrating on techniques which appeals to many people who just want to learn a simple but effect way to defend themselves.

Invented by Bruce Lee who encouraged the individual to make the system your own by moulding it to your individual needs.

JKD has a number of concepts to master but, by working on them consistently and having this book you will know all the theory and be able to use the book as a reference while training to keep you on track.

`Empty your mind be formless shapeless, like water, If you put water into a cup it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle, You put water into a teapot it becomes the teapot. The water can flow, or it can crash, Be water my friend`

Please leave your comments in he boxes below, on the book, post, your experience, What is your opinion on the effectiveness of JKD…….

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Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Learn Jeet Kune Do Techniques

  1. Hello Wince. I have seen the video of Bruce Lee speaking the quote about water., it’s riveting. He was an astounding fighter. Also, the concept of “flowing like water” is one I practice very day of my life; I flow through my life, when I encounter resistance I adapt. 

    I practiced karate for many years in my childhood, and only recently did I develop a light interest in learning another martial art. Martial arts are great for training the body and mind to achieve discipline, which is a trait many have forgotten in this era of scattered attention.

    All the best.

    • Hi Erick, 

      Thanks for your comments much appreciated, yes I agree Bruce Lee was a special man and his affect on the world is incredible. Glad to hear you have mastered the concept of `following like water` and managed to integrate it into your life, this will keep your life fresh and adaptable. 

      Great to hear about your childhood Karate days, Get back in the saddle and choose a martial art, then start training again, I have trained in a number of martial arts styles and there is a style to suit everyone, Please look through my website hopefully this will give your some ideas, Please let me know how you get on,

      Best on luck


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