SAS and Elite Forces Unarmed Combat Techniques

Looking at the book SAS and Elite Forces guide Unarmed Combat written by Martin J Dougherty. This is a great little book very easy to understand. I will be going through a full review to help those who are interested in unarmed combat giving them the tools to deal with unexpected assaults. Using efficient unarmed combat techniques to survive the assault


Interested in more than SAS Unarmed Combat

Be Ready

You have to be ready for any situation this comes with being aware of your environment at all times and if a situation occurs be able to deal with it quickly. Efficiently as possible having the aggression and self-control to win. An effective response could save your life.

This could be achieved without lengthy training you just need to learn great unarmed combat techniques. To have the confidence to put those into reality if needed.

Assess the threat, this is where to start and can be done pretty quick allowing you to put a plan in place, Theses are the things provided in this book in more detail, which you can be learnt once you have your own copy.

It’s all about being ready monitor where you are and who is around at all times

Things covered such as extreme threats, likely threads, be aware and surprise attacks. Some of those attacks will need direct unarmed combat techniques.

Real fight situations are covered in an easy to understand way helping the reader be more prepared.

You will learn about body language and aggression, imminent attack (spot the signs what to lookout for). Learn about getting too close can be dangerous at the wrong time.

There is a lot more information and detailed easy to understand information particularly great for the non martial artist.

What you Need

You need to know what to do for different kinds of attack which is covered in great detail using great images and text giving the reader a full understanding. Learn about how to grapple up close along with great unarmed combat techniques.

The benefits of training unarmed combat techniques are explained along with the correct mental attitude the same as a solder, great insights into the trained mind of a combat solder and what keeps them going giving them the edge over the normal non-military person.

How to have a plan, train for the possible assault, have the correct mental attitude and build up that staying power to keep running on empty. Those are detailed with great images and explanations .

Various basic exercises are detailed in order to keep you in the best possible fighting shape, this will no doubt assist you if you get attacked. As you do not want to run out of steam during the attack and leave yourself vulnerable. It`s always recommended maintaining a level of fitness and strength for fitness, health and self defense reasons no matter what age or ability. There is a great section in this book that cover this topic and those exercises are used in the military, this is a great section for anyone.

The Basics

Learn the basic techniques, how to stand, move. concentrating on defending yourself without all those years of practice martial artist may need. As a solder you need to be ready for action in a short period compared to an established martial artist who can take years and in some cases decades to perfect their art. These unarmed combat techniques are for non nonsense self defense that are used by the SAS and Elite forces.

The SAS and Elite forces use ways to hurt your possible attackers, there are 4 can you names them?

You can learn all the basic from this book including all the basic stances to defend again different attacks ensuring your body is in the correct position to deal with that oncoming specific attacks.

Details of where to attack the body if you need to defend yourself and your life depends on it.

Taking Action

Training for reality, reasons for failure to defend yourself, the tactics.

The goal is to preserve life this could involve doing enough to escape to safety as continuing just to beat an attacker could be dangerous. This is where you need to learn to monitor and read the situation having the right mind-set. Learn about the offensive mind-set.

Application of techniques to ensure they can be pragmatic when required, looking at things like sparring to train realism. Also. With the term pressure testing which is some think used in the military to build confidence.

Awareness, learn more about the different types like situational, Habitual awareness and street awareness.

Can you spot the signs of aggression, those are detailed,

The OODA loop ? what is it and how to make it work for you

Body as a Weapons

Do you know what pats of the body can be used as a weapon,

Hands as fist, palm, chop, grab

Elbow as elbow attack

Foot as kick, stump, sweep.

Head as head butt

whole body as smother

Provided are great images and text providing great details and unarmed combat techniques on how and when to use those body weapons quick efficient and direct. Great moves which can be used by anyone looking to be able to defend themselves against an unprovoked attack.

Great section on take downs which is my favorite section, the details and unarmed combat techniques easy to understand and great for direct application.

Followed by the main effective unarmed combat techniques, you will not be disappointed they cover defense against grabs, head control take downs grappling, chokes, defense against multiple attackers etc

There are defensive techniques against every possible attack you can imagine, great detail and images laid out in an easy to follow structure giving the reader confidence to practice those techniques with a partner.

Defense Against Weapons

This is an interesting subject and under no circumstances would I recommend tackling someone with a weapon of any sort unless your life or someone dear to you is under threat.

This is a great section covering knifes, bayonets, long sticks, guns etc again with more great images and text to fully explain each technique in great detail. Covering many weapons you will learn a great deal. Plenty to think about and digest. Direct unarmed combat techniques.

Fighting groups and more detail on multiple attackers providing plenty of relevant information.



This is a great little book a must have for anyone who would like to know how to deal with unexpected assaults in any environment.

Covering a wide range of situations and techniques laid out in easy to understand images and text the information flows from page to page. Not only the physical aspects of unarmed combat techniques but more importantly covering the right mental attitude and awareness needed to stay safe.

Those are proven unarmed combat techniques which are used by the SAS and other Elite armed forces,

Great book idea for the untrained person looking to know a little self defense and even the more seasoned martial artist who likes to learn more techniques, and their are many.

If you buy one book on self defense make it this one,

I hope this has given you a taste of what this book is about as this is only a small percent of what is in this book to get the full information and detail you will need to BUY NOW, your own copy

Please let me know your thoughts on this book or any other comments regarding this review or if you already have a copy what you think of this book.

Train hard, practice and focus

Wince 🙂

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4 thoughts on “SAS and Elite Forces Unarmed Combat Techniques

  1. I learnt Yamaguchi Gojo Kai Karate so I really enjoyed reading this article about martial arts. I think that everyone should learn a martial art so that they can defend them self if they ever get into a tricky situation. Just being able to judge a situation and knowing timing and judgement could be the difference with saving your life of that of others.

    Great opportunity to fight like the elites.

    Thank you 

    • Hi Imelda, 

      Glad to hear you have some experience in martial arts, I agreed with you everyone should learn martial arts not only for defense but also for the other benefits like confidence, discipline, fitness, focus, concentration and social skills. Along with the awareness skills learnt. Yes this is a great book plenty of relevant information for self defense

      Thanks for your comments 


  2. Well, this seems like a good book for me. I read through your summary of it and it seems like a good book that one will need to be able to deal with an attack. I agree that one should understand that our body can be used as a weapon and that we can also defend ourselves from those who uses weapons as well. I’d like to know if this book will be suitable for me or I would need to have prior knowledge about combating.

    • Hi Payton,

      Yes this is a great book, and glad to hear you enjoyed the review, This book is suitable for you even if you have no prior knowledge of combat as it would give you a good understanding of self defense, environmental awareness and the right mindset. This may encourage you to take up martial arts in the future. Hope this answers your question. 

      Thanks for your comments 


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