Self Defense Information For Choosing a Martial Art

Today I will be covering self defense information for choosing a martial art, depending on specific attacks and styles

Self Defense

Countermeasures that involve defending your health and well- being, we are looking at physical and unarmed situations. Using specific martial arts. Those arts are more constructed towards the basin levels of self defense. As they defend against specific attacks and situations.

Those could include being grabbed round the throat, grabbed from behind, surprise attack, multiple attackers etc

Just a few basic points: ensure you are aware of your environment and surroundings weather day or night, light or dark. Who is around where are, why are you there or why other people are there and how do you get out or go home if you need to also making sure your journey home or elsewhere is planned and safe.

In other words do not put yourself in any vulnerable situations. Awareness includes you are not totally concentrating on your phone or you have ear plugs in listening to music and are unaware of what’s going on around you. Don’t be too paranoid just aware or you will not be able o relax and enjoy yourself. This is good self defense information for anyone as a prevention, as most situations build rather than just happen.

Trust your gut instincts, they are normally right and if a situation arises and you are fight back to a point where you can get away for help or a safe place, Your life may be at risk so you may have to attack vulnerable body parts like groin, feet, eyes or throat. Remember you are looking to stop the attacked so you can make your escape. If you are untrained in any martial art, this is your best option. This is the best self defense information for you.

Japanese Jiu Jitsu

Various Techniques being Trained

Goes back to the 20th century and works on manipulating the opponents force against them, developed combat system for the Samurai. The modern day system is more geared towards self defense as it involves grappling, throws, takedowns, joint locks, holds, choke holds, hand and fists strikes, and kicking. Is also known as the art of self defense.

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Due to the variety of techniques in regard to defensive techniques from holds, grabs, punches make it an ideal self defense for anyone interested in learning a system that get straight into defensive techniques. The term itself implies. Flexibility applying techniques not using strength which makes it suit smaller weaker practitioners enabling them to defeat larger and more powerful opponents.


An Aikido Technique being demonstrated

Founded by Morihei Ueshiba and works on angles, energy, joint manipulation, building up your techniques gradually working on various attacks from grabs single hand and double, defense from punches straight swings, Plenty of throws and you learn how to fall out of being thrown early on. This art is a slower pace than Japanese Jiu Jitsu and is more of a softer art.

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Perfecting angles, stances and correct techniques giving the practitioner time to understand each technique, But there is different more modern types of Aikido which are faster pace and flowing movements. I do prefer the traditional Aikido as this teaches you the authentic system. concentrating on stance, power, blending and awareness. This art provides self defense information for those looking to increase their self defense knowledge and awareness in a system that will them on a self defense journey. This art can be practiced into your seventies+

Krav Maga

Defensive technique
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Krav Maga is an Israel martial art developed for the Israel defense forces which was developed from Aikido, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and Karate. This system is an ideal for anyone looking to get straight into self defense. Working on physical aggression and simultaneous defense and attack used by special forces and security due to it’s direct no nonsense approach. This also can give you confidence that it’s very effective as it used by those professions. Working on finishing fights as quickly as possible using maximum aggression attacking the most vulnerable parts of the body causing maximum damage or even death. Training defending against attacks and counter attacks.

Ensuring opponents are completely incapacitated after confrontation. This art also incorporates strikes on the opponents eyes, throat, neck, face, solar plexus, groin, ribs and knees. The training also covers such things like surrounding, situation awareness, escape routes, additional opponents. Control of the situation using verbal methods, mental toughness. Only using physical violence as a last resort. This provides great self defense information for those looking for a system that covers everything from situation awareness to full on aggression.

Conclusion of self defense information

Anyone of the above would be a great martial art to start for self defense, which go straight into techniques which are more direct and concentrate on learning techniques. The Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga and more direct and quicker to learn than the Aikido which is more technical and takes more dedication.

You have to consider which of those or another art is the best for you, I would say they all have there place and depending on your situation.

If you would like to learn quick easy self-defence you need to be looking at the Japanese Jiu Jitsu or the Krav maga which are simple and direct aggressive arts no nonsense approach. With Krav Maga going into the complete situation not just the fighting ideal for security etc.

Aikido is more of a longer journey more suited to the person looking for a martial art with self defense information for long term. As this art has plenty of technical techniques and may take longer to master but it’s a great system if you choose to learn it. I would find a local school of one of the above you have chosen and give it a try, you may enjoy it.

Please let me know what you think you may have another 3 which you prefer, or you may have different experiences of the above arts. Please let me know your thoughts and comments.

Train Hard, Focus and Practice


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2 thoughts on “Self Defense Information For Choosing a Martial Art

  1. Hi Wince! Really informative post. It’s good to know the options before choosing. I’m inclined towards Jiu Jitsu. I feel it is also an effective way to build strength. And I won’t even need to pick up any dumbbells, LOL. The full-body workout you get with Jiu Jitsu includes a lot of grappling, which builds strength throughout our entire body. I’m excited about starting to train.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for the comments, Nice to know you enjoyed the post, and found the information helpful. You have made an excellent choice with the Jiu Jitsu, this is an effective modern martial arts system. Yes this system will build strength and stamina a great workout. Look forward to hearing about your progress once you are able to train. All the best 


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