Which martial art should I learn

Which martial art should I lean is a question many people ask themselves when it comes to choosing a martial art. When you ask yourself this question you need to take your time and do not rush into the nearest or cheapest club you can find.

I recommend you do your research and in this blog I will take your through key point to remember when looking for a martial arts club.

Hopefully you will find the information useful.

Key points to consider

Location of the club, is the club easy to get to and remember this may turn out to be a long term commitment as if you really enjoy it you could be traveling to this particular club for years. So make sure you are willing to travel for the long term, as many times I have seen good martial artists give up because they no longer like the journey or their life circumstances have changed and traveling a long way is no longer practicable due to time and expense etc

Cost can be an issue and its best to get a detailed cost of the funds needed to confirm it meets your budget and you are getting value for money. Things to consider cost per class or monthly costs for a number of classes, costs for grading, cost for uniform and when needed, membership costs usually annually, costs for weapons if needed, travel costs, Equipment needed like pads and gloves etc if required, Seminars cost be consider but those are usually up to you if you want to attend, private lessons as some instructors offer private lesson for students to gain specific details and special training and knowledge.

Safety each instructor at a club should have proof of instructor standards which will include DBS check, 1st aid training, proof of grade and some form of insurance, once you joint your details are taken then you get your own student insurance card. Checkout: The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA)

Is the club located in a safe area with easy access and egress also the premises itself are there fire exits and are the routes well-marked out, is the area safe to train in, fire alarms and sprinklers etc just a few considerations.

Instructors if possible take a lesson and get a feel for the instructor and the format of the lesson, noting the help and coaching you receive and any questions asked the answer you received.

The duration of the class and the content within the lesson.

Students good martial art schools have good senior students willing to help and guide new students, also the good schools will normally have a number of senior students of good skill level.

Decide on a Martial art, after finding out your preferred method of self defense/ fighting for example, up close, like wrestling or BJJ, at a distance like Karate or Kung Fu, short range like Wing Chun, locks and grabs like Aikido or Krav Maga. The list is endless as there are many martial arts, If you still cannot narrow it down I would recommend going to different martial art schools and styles to get a feel for what you like. Eventually you will find an art for you, Some arts cover a wide range of fighting skills like mixed martial arts where you learn to fight on the ground, on your feet etc learning the effective moved form many arts, Take your time during this process as you do not have to sign up to most clubs until you are ready and for you its best to find the right art for you.

Your decision, will also be based on your physical size, shape, age, flexibility, strength, fitness. But keep an open mind as what might seem difficult now will be easy in a months time and you will also build up better flexibility and strength. This section hopefully gets you answering the question of which martial art should I learn? at this point you should be getting closer to the answer.

Please see below some of the most popular arts in the world.

You cannot go wrong choosing one of the arts below taking into account all the information I have given above. Which martial art should I learn, the list below may be one you choose?


There are many forms of Karate and it is a very physical art concentrating on self defense, striking kicks, punches, counter attacks, long stances. Has a great history and linage which goes back many years. You will have no problem finding a school, There is a well structured grading system which will help you gauge your progress through the ranks. There are will also help maintain your fitness.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

As the tittle says it a mix of various martial arts blending many forms of combat, a new form of martial art as it takes the effective techniques from various arts and combined those to make this art. Due to the UFC this is very popular due to the different skills used and knockouts in the UFC. The fighting style is ground fighting, kicking, punching, choke holds joint locks, stand up short ranks, some arts mixed in art Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ and Tae Kwon do etc,

This is a very physical art with plenty of sparring but covers a very wide range of skills and if you choose this art you could become a good all-rounder in regard to combat

Kung Fu

Kung fu is one of those arts which is part of the original fighting systems again with many styles and training. From it China goes back thousands of years and different styles from northern southern parts of China. One of the most popular Kung fu arts is Wing Chun which was practiced by Bruce Lee, Who eventually went on to develop his own style Jeet Kune Do (which is similar to MMA).

There is also the Shaolin monks from China and you can find many Shaolin monks in various countries now teaching their arts, If you choose Kung Fu this is a great opportunity to learn authentic Shoalin Kung Fu.

You may also want to try the gentle Kung Fu system of Tia Chi Kung Fu if you art of a senior age


The arts above are only a some of the most popular there is many more, you may choose one of the others. Just ensure you do your homework and find out the fighting style you prefer then choose the arts to checkout.

Take your time it could take a number of lessons before you find a school that suits you and remember it`s up to you

Which martial art should I learn, now you know where to start your martial arts journey.

Please supply me with comments or questions, I look forward to hearing from you.

Train hard, Focus and Practice


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4 thoughts on “Which martial art should I learn

  1. I would like to share some of my thoughts while struggling to decide between learning kung fu or karate. It may be useful for some of your readers. This is how I view these two. Karate is easier to learn than Kung Fu because it is about straight linear movements. These movements are easier to execute than those of Kung Fu. But if a person does not want or is not capable of doing jumping kicks and other hard to execute techniques, Kung Fu might be better.

    • Hi Paolo, thanks for the comments, I find martial arts styles is personal and you have to find the art that suit you, but it is important to remember you can switch if you do not feel the style or martial art. Yes Karate could be easier to learn, again this is my personal opinion. Plenty to consider before you start this post covers al the information needed. 

      Great comments, all the best 


  2. Hi Wince, I’m pleased to meet you. I have gone through the post of which martial art should I learn you provided, and I find it to be very educative and interesting. I like the way you outlined the key points to consider, this is well presented. I am very happy now that I know where to start with my martial journey. This is helpful, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kotontala, Thanks for your comments, I am glad you found this post very helpful and has provided you with the information to now more onto starting your new martial arts journey. Please come back and let us know which style you eventually started and how you find the training, 

      Thanks for your positive comments 

      all the best 


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