My Top Ten Martial Arts Equipment

I am going to take a look at my top ten martial arts equipment, this will be across the different martial arts to get balance where I can. Some arts use more equipment than others depending on the art you do, martial arts equipment can help you along your journey in martial arts improving your strength, speed, coordination, conditioning, protection, reflexes and much more,

Punch Bag (heavy bag)

Heavy bag there are different types

Punch bags are the primary equipment in many of the martial arts and is my first of top ten martial arts equipment. They are used in many martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, Muay Thai, boxing, kick boxing they can be hanging standing etc. Filled with different materials such as sand, rags, grains and other materials. To avoid injury ensure the protective equipment is worn on the hands and wrists, When training on with the bag there are a number of considerations to bear in mind.

Stay focused: ensure you are focused on the bag and don’t get lazy eye, focus during your time on the bag, don’t look down and try not to focus on one point too much.

Stay Balanced: Ensure you stay balanced, while hitting the bag, this will ensure you are hitting the bag with as much power as possible, do not push the bag when you punch it, punch don’t push. Make sure you are hitting the bag correctly to ensure you do not get any injuries on your hands or wrists. This is a great training aid and when used correctly will benefit the practitioner master their balance a good reason this is part of my top ten martial arts equipment.

Move you when you are not punching: This helps keep defensive, moving your feet are more important than hands. Throw 3 – 5 punches at a time this will help build up combinations.

Speed Ball

Training on a speed ball

Mostly used by boxers, they are known to help with hand speed and hand and eye coordination. They also increase reaction time.


Two Kung Fu Practitioners using weapons

Many martial arts use weapons in their training arts like Karate, Kung fu, Aikido etc those weapons are used for body development. Use the help things like stance, angles, power etc and the forms for the weapons goes back many years.

Arts such as escrima and Kali use mainly sticks and knifes which they used to develop the free hand techniques. Weapons are an important part of my top ten martial arts equipment as they are the structure of many of the martial arts systems.

Also, wooden knifes are used to help develop your defensive techniques in are like Aikido where different attacks are carried out used to practice defensive techniques. Those knives are usually rubber or wooden

Wooden Dummy

Martial arts master training on a wooden dummy

Wooden dummies are used in a number of kung fu systems such as Wing Chun, JKD, Hung Gar and Mantis, originally developed for Wing chun is ideal for practicing a special form specific to the dummy. Using the dummy is only for senior students as your level in the art needs to be ready for the form, the dummy can also be used for practicing short sequences. Helps with coordination, speed, techniques and is ideal for solo training, Different types are available freestanding, bolted to a wall on a frame. The dummy for the different arts above a slightly different designs so if you are willing to purchase one ensure you get the correct dummy for the art you are doing. With wing chun it’s the 4th form and once you learn the dummy it best to purchase one of your own and freestanding I ideal for this as it does not take up too much space in your home. The more you practice with the dummy to more better your will get. Using the dummy also conditions your arms.

Focus Pads

Boxers doing some focus pad work

Those pads are used by many martial arts which have striking like boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, Karate. Wing Chun, etc Can only be used in a pair, their are different quality and from personal experience I would recommend getting a well known brand that’s been around for some time. Those help with improving and learning different combinations. Speed, timing and coordination also moving around as the holder of the pads can move around making you move also throwing some attacks making you move improving your footwork.

Protective Equipment


Head guard, gloves, mouth guard, leg pads and gloves those are used for your safety and must be used when need or advised by your instructors, they will prevent serious damage to various parts of your body. Again good quality gear is recommended. You will be advised by your instructor when and where to purchase the correct equipment.

Body Opponent Bag

Those are in the shape of the human form made from rubber material, those are ideal for more focused attacks than a standard heavy bag, usually to top half of the torso without the arms. They are ideal for instructors for demonstration purposes. Great for practicing techniques and combinations.

Kicking Paddle

Kids being trained with kicking Paddles

Used for accuracy training and are ideal for kids to practice their kicking, Used in martial arts where there is kicking

Self – Defense Training Suits

Those suits are heavy self-defence training suits aimed at protecting the training partner during practice, They allow the attacker to hit the appropriate areas with more force and they are working with a moving target which helps with reflexes and moving around while under attack. Mainly used in arts where some training is in the ring like kick boxing, boxing,

Rubber Guns

Are used to practice defensive techniques like Krav Maga, and special forces training.


The above equipment are my top ten martial arts equipment and are an important part of training each item fills a purpose and are used for a reason. I recommend using martial arts equipment it will propel your skill as from history they have help create many a good and rounded martial artist. Along with the equipment in your chosen art and of fellow students you can achieve a great level.

Train hard, Focus and Practice


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  1. About 5 years ago, a friend was going abroad and he left me several things. One of them was an old speed ball. I learnt to punch it. I first learnt to count when punching and then synchronize my punches. It’s an anti stress exercise. But his speed ball is too old now so I would like to buy a new one.

    • Hi Ann, nice to see you again, thanks for the comments, Great to hear you learnt to use a speed ball so much you now want a new one, Its always nice to get equipment your used to using. Please check my recommendation, see link below:

      Please let me know how you get on with your new speed ball 
      All the best, and see you soon

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