Best fighting styles for beginners to try

We are going to look at the best fighting styles that I recommend for beginners to try, just to confirm I am not promoting any particular art. I believe you have to choose the art you want to do and this will require some research maybe attending various martial art schools to see what you feel comfortable with. I will layout the very basic descriptions in this post and will in future be going into more detailed descriptions for many arts and would like feedback from practitioners. Who practice those arts to provide more insights to training in those arts.

The best fighting styles will ultimately be for you the reader to decide. The styles below are listed in no particular order and are just a sample of styles I would recommend for complete beginner looking to start martial arts.

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Boxing one of our best fighting styles

Amateur fight taking place.

Boxing is very popular global martial art and sport and started in the 19th and 20th centuries but bare knuckle-boxing goes back to 688 BC (ancient Greece).

Using hands (fists) to attack, defense by way of arms and body movement from waist and moving feet.

This fighting style in regard to beginners is a good choice as you can start at a very young age and you will not have problem finding a local boxing club. With recreational boxing or educational boxing can be practiced from age 7 to 77. From my own experience the fitness training is great as a high level of fitness is required and is ideal for anyone wants to combine loosing weight. You will be learning an excellent self defense system, This is also an Olympic sport and if you are looking for a boxing career, you go from beginner to armature then move onto professional. (age restrictions will apply).

If you choose to investigate this further find a good club and give it a go, kids will generally like the training as they have bundles of energy. The training is very cardio based and will keep you moving with the trainers or coaches pushing and encouraging you. This training builds discipline, skill and is a natural fighting art, not over complicated. Having no weapons to learn or formal forms or kata`s the instructors will build up your skill level gradually before asking you to do any sparring. Which is a (free-form fighting with rules and protective gear to ensure minimum injury you will also be matched with the same level opponent),

Training Equipment Needed.

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Kung Fu one of our best fighting styles

This is a Kung fu practitioner in a training stance

Kung fu is one of my best fighting styles as its origins goes back to 2nd and 3rd century BCE and covers a very wide range of styles within the Kung Fu umbrella. Most poplar time in the western world was in the 1970`s When Bruce Lee brought it into the western world. Some kung fu styles I have listed below:

  • Shaolin
  • Wing Chun
  • Tai Chi
  • The Northern Praying Mantis
  • Baguazang
  • Xingyiquan
  • Bajiquan
  • Eagle Claw
  • Ghor Chor
  • Praying Mantis

Those are just a few the styles they are many more, the Kung Fu best fighting styles use all parts of the body some more specialist in certain parts than others example, some styles specialize in kicks some, hand techniques some, body conditioning etc most styles can be traced back to there origins of past masters and the linage is important to prove authenticity. Most styles of Kung Fu have some form of weapons training with some more weapons than others.

There is also a category of hard and soft styles where hard styles concentrate on hard external training mainly and soft styles concentrate on internal training IE breathing exercises to build up internal power or life force which is referred to as Chi. Chi is a subject for another day it requires a lot of explanation, but as a beginner you only have to be aware of it, as it takes years to understand let alone develop. There is a structured grading system in place in most schools usually in the of belts or sashes depicting the rank by the colour of the belt.

As one of the best fighting styles it has a huge following as there are so many styles within the Kung Fu umbrella. You can start training from around 5 years of age and train well into your 80`s or 90`s as there are many martial art masters in China to prove it. Styles differ with regard of agility needed, flexibility needed, strength needed and conditioning.

If you wish to learn Kung Fu I suggest you decide what you want to be you dominant style of fighting you prefer example: legs attacks, stronger hands, internal power, softer styles like Tia Chi which has slower movement and is more favoured the older martial artists.

All the Kung Fu arts have free hand forms to learn and weapons forms to learn this is used as a way of documenting the moves for combat and art practiced to perfection which is never achieved. As you should be always growing in your chosen martial art, I could go on but Kung Fu is a very big subject. Hopefully there is enough information here to enable you to decide if Kung Fu is one of you best fighting styles.

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MMA one of our best fighting styles

MMA Fighters doing some ground work.

MMA is one of my best fighting styles as it is current started around the 1920`s under other names but officially labelled MMA 1999. MMA some times known as cage fighting and is a combat sport which involves striking, grappling and ground fighting. It gives the practitioner an all round fighting skill IE on the ground, standing and grappling. MMA is based on the various martial arts some listed below:

  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • Jeet Kune Do
  • Judo
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Wing Chun
  • Kick Boxing
  • Karate
  • Muay Thai

A very effective self defense system which is full of aggression needed due to training techniques. This is  is possibly the nearest you will get to real life fight situation while sparring or competing in a competition. It’s a modern sport with a huge following which involves spectators and practitioners as it in the media more having a large fan base. Not to the levels of boxing but being a modern fighting system it may one day over take boxing with regards to popularity.

The recommended age to start MMA is 15 years of age and older practitioners for 40`s 50`s year old with caution as a beginner due to the physical strength, flexibility and agility needed but if you are an experienced martial artist from another similar martial art you may be OK, but I personally would not recommend MMA for the older martial artist as beginner to martial arts.

This list below shows some of the items which are cover during training sessions

  1. Training rules and safety,
  2. boxing drills, blocking and ground fighting
  3. Evading strikes Muay thai / Kick boxing basics
  4. Knee, elbow combinations and sweeps
  5. Light grappling and close guard sweeps
  6. counter to punches and flow training
  7. Focus mitts training and take downs
  8. Chokes and grappling
  9. Kicks and leg blocks
  10. circuit training and fitness
  11. Jiu Jitsu and back control
  12. Stand up techniques

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Best Fighting styles for you

The styles above are only some of my best fighting styles there are few more but, this gives you a starting point to decide if you are going to start a martial art and what you need to be looking for and take in consideration. What may suit you will not necessarily suit someone else.

Final thoughts for the best fighting styles for beginners

Once you have chosen a school its important to keep training consistent in order to progress in you chosen martial art. If you find you are not enjoying the training or the school is not right for you try another school by do not be to hasty as some arts take time to understand the fundamentals and concepts.

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Please provide comments and feedback on you best fighting styles

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Train hard, practice and focus


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4 thoughts on “Best fighting styles for beginners to try

  1. Dear Wince,
    I liked your analysis and according with my personal experience, I can say that Boxing is an amazing sport, but it requires a huge effort in order to become a good fighter.
    It takes years to teach to our bodies how to move correctly and being ready to face a real opponent.
    By the way, I totally agree with your opinion and appreciated this post.
    Congratulations for the good job.

    • Hi Andrea,

      Great to hear from you,
      Yes boxing is a great art and an amazing sport and does require a great deal of training and dedication, It also takes a certain type of person to step into the ring and take those punches so hats off to you. I `m glad you like my analysis. Also I confirm it does take years to get where you body moves correctly and naturally, But what you learn in the process is priceless eg confidence, discipline, body awareness, the list goes on. With regard to real opponents, you train to be the best you can and hopefully you will not need your art but, if you do you know it there and could save your life.
      Thanks for your comment on my post much appreciated

      Train hard, focus and practice

  2. Hey Wince, this was a very good article to find online since I’m also interested in martial arts. I took kickboxing for a few months right before the lockdown in Germany happened. I’ve learned some basics of boxing like the jab and cross. I especially enjoyed the history you discussed about the various martial arts for beginners. Some people I know have taken judo and jiu jitsu and they said they’ve really enjoyed it. 

    • Hi Gabriel, welcome and thanks for visiting my website, if you want to know about martial arts this is the place to be, Great to hear you enjoyed my post on best fighting styles for beginners, nice to hear you got started and as you have found there is plenty to choose from, If you would like to know more before starting some of those arts please look through my website I currently have around 87 posts on martial arts. There is no problem with trying out a number of lessons before you settle with the one you prefer. 

      Please let me know your final choice once the world gets back to some normality 

      All the best 


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