Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts (MMA) system incorporates techniques and theories from several martial arts and the origins back to 19th and 20th century. Became more popular in the 1960`and 1970`s with martial arts such as jeet kune do, Wing chun, tai chi, boxing, judo, taekwondo kajukenbo, karate, jujitsu, kenpo, kickboxing, muary thai, krav maga, wrestling, grappling, combat sambo, savate, kung fu, capoeira etc.

We will be looking at mixed martial training

Training Equipment

Due to the complexity of mixed martial arts there is plenty of training equipment a mixed martial artist can invest in to help improve his / her skills. It always good if the practitioner could put in additional training outside class time to improve and using training equipment can be a great way.

It`s great to use the freestanding punch bag in the shape of a man, those are good for practicing techniques and drills and excellent home workout.

Skipping rope is great if you have the head height or garden space and half an hour standard skipping is great for the cardiovascular system also helping coordination.

Skipping Rope

These Pads are great but you will need someone to hold them in place.

Focus Pads

Free standing punch bags

MMA gloves

Clothing and shoes

You will need specific mixed martial arts training equipment to help you on your MMA journey and the above list is for you to consider. Just having and using good quality martial arts training equipment does give you the edge and the option to train when you are at home and have that spare 1/2 hour.

Don’t over do your training just take it at a comfortable pace and go through some routines

I have supplied various suppliers and equipment for you to browse within this post

Training skills

Mixed martial arts is a very complex martial art system as you have to have skills in various fighting systems like ground fighting, boxing, kicking, locks and holds etc you will have to have an all round martial arts knowledge and ability.

Attacks include elbow strikes, head butts, various kicks, various locks and choke holds,

There are a number of martial arts techniques you will train in but the primary techniques are in the following martial arts Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu, Kick boxing, Muay Thai, tae kwon do and Karate.

It will take at least 3 years to be competent at MMA but you will have to train consistently doing 3 days a week, but once you get competent you will know a lot of techniques covering various martial arts

Mixed martial arts training the benefits

Improve cardiovascular system: Due to the high intensity workouts and training sessions you will find your overall cardiovascular system will improve. Giving you a better heart rate and stopping you getting out of breath if you need to do any running around. The workouts will include running, skipping and hours of bag work along with the sparing and ground fighting all of those activities working the heart.

Lose weight: as mentioned, with the improved cardiovascular system you will automatically lose weight in the processes and as long as you train regularly and eat good nutritious diet you will keep the weight off. If this is something you are interested in mixed martial arts training is a great way to lose weight and learn a new skill. You will lose weight without thinking about it as you will be too busy learning and training.

Tone body: you will notice your body getting toned and will start to see more muscle definition, once the weight comes down. If you are slim this will be a faster process

Increase strength, This will be increased during all those strength exercises like push up, squats. burpees. Lunges etc and in the gym pull ups, dead lifts, barbell squats intact most of the strength building equipment in the gym will be fine for building strength to help you in your mixed martial arts training exercise. Just do not train too heavy building too much muscle that it starts to restrict your flexibility or make you get too heavy. I would recommend lighter weights and more reps for mixed martial artists. This will ensure you do not build big muscles.

Increase co-ordinating: the conditioning I am referring to is the body conditioning. This is where the punching of the bag conditions the fists and the continuous knocking of the limbs conditions the limbs to take blows. This can only be done by putting the body through this process. Muay thai work on this a lot conditioning their legs against various objects so the shins become hard able to break the average leg with one kick.

Improve confidence: as with all martial arts you gain self-confidence once you get proficient in your martial art.

Improve mental toughness: MMA builds mental toughness and the higher you go in the martial art the higher your mental toughness will be. This could be to due to pushing the body during those tough training sessions (like solders doing all those long runs during training, building up the mental toughness).

Reduce stress: most sport helps you distress, and hitting a bag or pads will help you remove the stress of the day. Any sport that uses energy but you cannot been a good bag workout to kill that stress!

improve overall flexibility: With all that kicking you will need to be flexible and as mentioned above the martial arts like karate and kick boxing or mauy thai. You will be learning the stretching exercises which will help you achieve those high kicks and not just legs back, arms, neck etc the whole body as you do not want to pull any muscles.

Great group activity: Martial art is a great group activity you meet people you would have never met otherwise. Training in such close contact and conditions build bonds and friendships that can go on for years its great.


Mixed martial arts training is great, for those martial artists that want a modern all round fighting system. Its a tough system with loads of fighting systems to master for example grappling, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and many other techniques from other martial arts. You will need to be fit, strong, flexible, and fearless

Please let me know your thoughts on mixed martial arts training or experiences

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Train hard, focus and practise

Wince 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Training

  1. Hello and thank you for your overview of mixed martial arts training.  I have never been involved with MMA, but I have trained in karate, aikido and some judo since the mid 80’s.  My preference has always been karate.  My experience has been with 2 traditional Okinawan styles, Chito Ryu and Shito Ryu.  Both styles trained students in strikes, blocks and kicks.  In addition to those waza (techniques), we also studied bunkai (applications) which involved throws, wrist locks, arm bars and choke holds.  Personally I liked how both these styles offered everything I needed in my martial arts experience.
    Martial arts training is probably on of the best all around body workouts, improving cardio, flexibility and lean muscle mass.

    • Hi David, nice to hear you have great experience in martial arts and you have a good coverage of skills with the karate, aikido and Judo a great combinate, Put those together and you have a form of mixed martial arts and that the idea of MMA to use the best techniques from various arts and put those together. 

      I have allows thought martial art is the best overall training for mind and body.

      All the best, and thanks for your comments much appreciated.


  2. Hey Wince,

    I did try MMA one day with my daughter, who was looking into getting started. I must say it was quite intensive, and as an older person, I was a little bit fearful about injuries, as I could see that possibility… especially when engaging with others who were relatively new. 

    Interestingly, the only other woman there was the most scary for me, and I did come away from that day with a few bruises. 

    I can definitely see how people become very fit with this sport! Thank you for the information!

    • Hi Jacquie, 

      Yes MMA is very intensive and injury are possible, It is geared towards the younger person. I would recommend checking out my site again and read my post on the best martial art for beginners, this give you the full explanation of how to choose a martial art that suits you. 

      Once you have read it, let me know you thoughts 

      All the best 


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