Learn Ninja Fighting Techniques

Ninjutsu the art of the ninja, which started 572 – 672 in a military campaign a non-competitive art has different versions and was started in Japan.

There are more than 1500 techniques including joint lock, throws, movement and kick.

If you wish to learn ninja fighting techniques they are very effective and dangerous techniques.

Seishinteki kyōyō – spiritual refinement.

Know yourself (self Knowledge) to be a ninja you must know yourself and being in the present moment, you can normally achieve this state of mind in meditation or deep breathing.

You need to develop being able to perform tasks without anything clouding you mind.

You will have to confront the following what you like, what you do not like, what upsets you, what are you scared of, what are your weaknesses. This is part of the journey of knowing yourself.

There are seven aspects of spiritual development please see below:

  1. Self knowledge
  2. Understanding nature (reality)
  3. Fate (knowing ones destiny or call)
  4. Harmony
  5. The heart (Kokoro)
  6. The Eye
  7. Love

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1.Taijutsu – unarmed combat.

This is hand combat which cover kicks, punches, locks, chokes, rolling, attacks from grabs or holds, etc all great for ninja fighting skills.

2.Ninja Ken (Ninja Sword)

3.Bo-Jutsu (Stick and Fighting)

4.Shuriken-Jutsu (Throwing Blades)

5.Yari-Jutsu (Spear Fighting)

6.Naginata-Jutsu (Halberd Fighting)

7.Kusari-Gama (Chain and Sickle Weapon)

8.Kayaku-Jutsu (Fire and Explosives)

9.Henso-Jutsu (Disguise and Impersonation)

10.Shinobi-Iri (Stealth and Entering Methods)

11.Ba-Jutsu (Horsemanship)

12.Sui-Ren (Water Training)

13.Bo-Ryaku (Strategy)

14.Cho Ho (Espionage)

15.Inton-Jutsu (Escape and Concealment)

16.Ten-Mon (Meteorology)

17.Chi-Mon (Geography)

As you can see from above there are many techniques within the ninjutsu system too many to go into detail into the full set listed above but, the list will give you some idea of how the system works, before you learn ninja fighting skills.

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Ninjutsu Training

Ninjutsu training is very varied and you will need strength, flexibility, acrobatic ability, endurance etc with the mind of warrior as this is a military art. It is specifically designed for war.

Standard exercise for strength include press-ups, Squats, plank, kicks, punches, forward and backward rolls, leg raises etc

Standard stretching exercises but a lot f stretching will be required to be able to carry out many of the ninjutsu techniques

The training is military as the art was designed and used for war.

As a ninja you train your body to be able to deal with any situation that arises what ever the situation of attack using unorthodox ed parts of the body along with the orthodox ed parts to attack the opponent.

Like other art like aikido and judo techniques are applied by unbalancing the opponent these include locks, holds, throws etc,

Many techniques for escaping from holds, grabs, multiple attackers

Grappling using the leverage of the body, this will give you loads of power to use against bigger opponents,

As a ninja you will also learn the physiology of the human body giving you the advantage of knowing where to attack and how.

These are stands out from other martial arts due to the evasive techniques

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Ninja Sayings

1. He who strikes the first blow sets in motion the pattern of his own destruction

2. Even if the enemy is few do not mistake of taking him lightly, and if the energy is strong do not waver.

3. The martial artist one needs the ability to swiftly adapt to changes in technique and environment.

4. Ninjutsu also protects the spirit . In other words, in Budo if the spirit is not sound, The body can be killed. People fulfill the laws of the universe when they are truly genuinely sincere. The divine will is fulfilled when people align with the laws of the universe. Ninjutsu looks at a person`s spirit and does not admit them in any vacillation can be predicted

5.Ninniku Seishin: Hiding Spirit, Don’t show off everything Be Patient, wait and endure to succeed

6. The techniques flow on and on boundlessly, copying the movements of this great flowing river, please watch soke`s toes, finger`s, torso – in fact watch his whole body,

7. To become an expert on one thing you must focus and overcome your problems through all out effort. Once you access these inner mental abilities, you find (in spite of yourself) that you can work in numerous areas by adapting to your environment.

8. We should all pay attention to small details while being bold.

9. If you start to think of life based all upon loss and gain of money, you will lose your humanity. In our lives, we all must bear certain burdens and physical trials.

10. Everything is basics

11. A person has to be wholehearted in order to gain something true

12. Enduring to the end no matter what happens, persevering with life despite being prepared for death at any time is actually the secret of Bushido

13. Learn ninja fighting techniques


The art of Ninjutsu is a very dangerous martial art used and design for war, it has many techniques covering all sorts of situations like weapons, geography, espionage, unarmed combat, Disguise and impersonation etc as per the list above.

A very old art which as a long history

The art cover all aspects of fighting with the intent to cause serious injury or even death as it is a military art. You will have to be strong, flexible, acrobatic, disciplined, etc

Not one of the most popular martial arts but effectiveness already proven in battle and is one of the worlds most the deadliest martial art. Covering things like eye gouging, Breaking limbs, breaking backs, strangulation,etc

You should be able to find a local school but will not be as easy as the more popular martial arts.

I have included a number of ninjutsu quotations for your pleasure and to get an insight into the mind set needed of the ninja warrior, you may be able to find many more on line.

Please let me know your thoughts on this long-standing dangerous art,

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Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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