We will Define Qigong

We are going to define qigong, which means in translation “working with the energy of life” we are going to look at one of the greatest qigong books QIGONG THE SECRET OF YOUTH. This is a great book by Dr Yang who has written many books on the subject, he is also a renowned teacher in Chinese Martial Arts, Taijiquan, and Qigong, born and raised in Taiwan began his study at the age if sixteen.

The Opening

This book has the forward written by Master Mantak Chia (who is the founder of the Universal Healing Tao System which is taught all over the world) check out: Master Mantak Chia for more information on him.

Information of where qigong started is covered, with detailed information on the author of his accomplishments listed in order.

This section has important concepts and terminologies but I recommend you read through each section taking your time to let all the information sink in as there is a lot of relevant technical information here.

What is real health, the body has physical and mental parts, the physical body is the body and the mental part is thinking and the spirit, the physical body being the yang and the mental part being the yin in Chinese Qigong terms. To have true health both Yang and Yin has to be balance with each other harmoniously to have good health. Having a strong body and healthy mind and spirit

To have a strong body the Qi must have a smooth circulation. The Qi must circulate throughout the meridians to keep your mind and body healthy. You will first need to understand the complete system. This is explained in detail in those pages in the introduction in section 1,

Martial arts, there is internal training on martial arts such as iron shirt or light Gong fu. In today s world many martial arts only concentrate on the external side of the martial arts training body to be fit and strong neglecting the internal side of martial arts. The information in this book will help you get to know about the internal side.

There is a full review into the history of Chinese qigong, this will give you a better underling of Qigong.

You will learn about Kan and Li which is used in Bagua

If you do Bagua this section (Kan and Li) will be of great interest to you.

Information about breathing different breathing techniques are detailed covering, chest breathing, Buddhist breathing, doaist breathing, Shen breathing, five gate breathing, body breathing. Teaching you how to progress from one to the other.

Theories and Principles

This section will give you the information and knowledge to guidelines for correct and smooth training. There is a lot of information here and the information is in depth giving you the keys for successful practice. This chapter should be read carefully and will need to be pondered, to help you get full understanding.

Yi Jin Jing Qigong Training

This section give training advise to cover the rules of training, to help you have a successful journey. Great detail giving you a framework for you training.

Topics like who can train and when to train.

Training equipment there are a number of items which can be used to assist you in your training journey.

This is a vital part of the book giving details you will need to train successfully and as with all the information in this book is detailed and vast. Some of those items can be made and detailing the ancient methods which are not found in many books

Covers : rubber ball, metal ball, wooden or metal bar, metal sand bag, ball bearings, wire whip, pestle, mallet, metal disk, and metal hammer

The Massage Gong and Circulation

An important massage, with plenty of detail regarding the benefits and processes of massage.

The heavenly circulation is covered in great detail with many pages of detail giving the benefits of the circulation and why it is practiced. Explaining the exercises needed to be able to build up to the small circulation in order to have success.

They do recommend before you start practicing exercises in this book to get the book Qigong for health and martial arts, Which will give you more practical information you will need. Please see below:


There is also some advance exercises in the following pages small circulation in great detail, Grand circulation, five gate breathing, Body expanding breathing, yin and yan channel breathing, grand circulation through muscle breathing and much more all detailed ready to try but those are advanced and will require you to be of a certain level of expertise. If you are already a qigong practitioner this is a must book for you for reference on your qigong journey.

The Final Chaptors

The last chapters in this book are like the previous chapters, detailed and vast. As mentioned above great reference materials.

There is plenty of photos throughout this book explaining all the exercises, chi flow, training items and massage etc

This is the book that DEFINES QIGONG



This book will answer many questions for many people regarding qigong and will definitely define qigong. A great book to have in your collection if you are a martial artist who is interested in many martial arts like myself. If you are already practicing qigong this is a must for reference and training. Great photos and diagrams throughout the book for instruction and illustration purposes.

You will learn history, principles, exercises, procedures, when to train and how, and much more than mentioned in this post.

This is a complete book of the internal system if there in one book you buy on qigong this book is the book that will cover all the subjects you need to know about in qigong,

If you do any Chinese martial art this is a book that will cover the internal side of the martial art.

This books has many 5 star reviews you can check those reviews out here

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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