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We have a book with a collection of martial arts masters passing on various stories and teachings, these cover many martial arts its more the wisdom within those stories one can learn from.

The book under review is Martial Arts Teaching Tales of Power and Paradox by Pascal Fauliot (freeing the mind, focusing the chi, and mastering the self)

By reading this book you will be able to gain knowledge from some passed masters and help you on your own personal journey of self discovery,

On the Threshold of the Mystery

There is a story about an old man being attacked by several younger men or moving an enormous weight and achieved a good outcome in both situations how? We can learn from martial arts masters.

Masters can develop powers after years of training, this could involve chi or Ki the great Aikido master Morihei Ueshiba was one on these masters, those powers were rarely used in real situations. He was able to sense danger before it happened and even manipulate time. He once accepted a challenge from an armed expert with a wooden sword and he was unarmed. Using only his body he evaded every attack, eventually his attacker ran out of energy.

There are many witnesses to those feats and these abilities were build up by years of development and training.

Master Tajima no Kami was able to sense intention of attacks and believed this was down to many years of martial arts, Read this amazing tale here of how he felt this while relaxing.

This section has great stories of how masters of martial arts had developed a number of super human abilities through years of practice things like focus, sixth sense, sensing danger etc.

Lessons of the Zen Masters

This is a great section for those who would like an in depth answer to what is Zen you will get the full explanation here. Going into great details and covering the Japanese, Chinese and India influence. Zen is neither philosophy nor religion, you will find all you need to know in this section.

Learn about meditations and what Zen masters think is a thousand times better meditation to the still meditation.

There are also short stories here o help you grasp the idea of Zen and Zen masters.

This is a great section and to get onto understanding the concept of Zen you will need to read this section a number of times but, this will not guarantee of full understanding this could take years. This section will give you a better understanding than most. If you are into Japanese martial arts in big way you will find this section very interesting.

There are a number of stories regarding swordsman and Samurai.

Winning without Fighting

This is an interesting chapter giving you the principles of Japanese martial arts, the art on non-resistance `be like water` seems to match this process.

How an old master controlled a young thug by applying the skill of nonresistance.

The Ultimate Secret

This again holds many words of wisdom and some of those words are given by Ueshiba Morihej

become the universe.

To know something you need to experienced it, this is just a very small part of wisdom within this section.


Short Wisdom

I have just assembled a few quotations from this book to give you a taste of the wisdom within the pages, some of those are my own personal favourites,

Of course the real wisdom is embedded within those stories in all the chapters, stories which have been passed down through the years, centuries etc

1. With one end of his bow The archer pierces heaven. With the other, he penetrates the earth. Stretched between the two, The bowstring hurls the arrow Into the heart of both the visible and invisible target.

2. As long as you are incapable of going beyond the mountain, it is impossible to attain the Way.

3. When the eagle attacks, he dives without extending his wings. When the tiger is about to leap on his prey, he crawls with his ears laid back. By the same token, when a sage is on the point of acting, no one can sense it.

4. To the ignorant, a precious stone looks like a simple pebble.

5. Benearth the sword raised high Hell makes you tremble But by confronting it You discover the land of bliss.

6. Water opposes no one. And therefore it cannot be confronted. Water gives way to the knife without being cut; It is invulnerable because it doesn, t resist.

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This is an amazing book of wisdom from masters who have gone beyond combat and trained their minds and bodies to that higher level. Masters from Japan and China this is ideal for any martial artist whether beginner or advanced.

This book will inspire you, and give you insights aiding you to self – realization.

Those stories have been passed down and you will read about some superhuman abilities.

This book may lead you to self discovery and will enhance your martial arts journey.

This is a great book easy to read due to the stories being short, but the wisdom within those stories may take longer to grasp, the stories are given by sword masters, tai chi masters, archery etc

Great stories from martial arts masters,

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Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. I truly enjoyed read through this article and very enlightening! I like that powers can be developed after years of training. I believe that we are highly intelligent and capable of so much more of our minds if dedicated and persistent…this book can be the start to something new and gain knowledge of incredible combat skills and abilities… thanks very much:)

    • Hi Farah, Thanks for your comments much appreciated. You can master martial arts but the work and years of training is not easy. Yes it just shows you what can be achieved by human beings. This book will inspire many, so glad you enjoyed the post.

      my pleasure,

      All the best, hope to see you back soon


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