Muay Thai for Beginners

Muay Thai for beginners also known as Thai Boxing, we are going to look at some basics of Muay Thai training, this will help those thinking of taking up this martial art. covering various topics giving you an insight into what is needed to start and progress. An excellent form of fitness, self defense and competitive sport. Known as the art of eight limbs Muary Thai is a very dangerous and effective martial art with attacks from fists, elbow, kicks and knees mainly.

Learning the basics in any martial art is critical as this lays the foundation for the future exercises and techniques. You will need a high level of agility and flexibility to be proficient at the art.

You will also need various items of training equipment Accessories, Body Armour, Gloves, Head Guards, Mouth Guards, Pads & Shields, Punch Bags, Shin Guards, Shorts and Ankle Supports. I will list these items again with information of where to get good quality training equipment from a reputable supplier of muay thai training gear. You will not need all this equipment straight away but will need the basics to get you going, unless you are already an established Muay Thai practitioner and has progressed and need more training stuff, please go through the items below,


Muay Thai is a great fighting art but not as popular as in the past, with many now training in muay thai and using those fast, powerful, strong and devastating knockout skills in the ring of the UFC and MMA, many muay thai fighters fight in those competitions and if you watch those bouts you will see them, They are very success. Please see below:

Best UFC Muay Thai Fighters

  1. Anderson Silvia
  2. Edson Barboza
  3. Valentina Shevchenko
  4. Donaid Cerrone
  5. Johnny Walker
  6. Jon Jones

This proves the effectiveness of Muay Thai against the other martial arts,

Brief History of Muay Thai

The history of this fighting art is long and complicated, I will only cover a brief description in this post as this post is mainly for beginners,

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and the chosen martial art of the country, developed two hundred years ago. A close combat system using the eight points as mentioned above and conditioning various parts of the body to use a weapon. The history goes back beyond the 14th century.

Taught to solders back in 1238, this art developed over many eras`s but has been taught to Monks, Royalty, and everyday people. Over the centuries

Modern Day Muay Thai

In the 1920`s Muay Thai fighter moved into the ring like boxers, With gloves similar to boxing replaced thee original hand protection used. They also started wearing groin protection.

Brought into line with other sports like boxing and kick boxing by having weight divisions and timed rounds etc to protect the fighters.

Back in Thailand many of the fighter start to train from around 6 to 8 years old and start to fighter in competitions form around 8 to 10 years of age. training many hours every day developing their skills similar to the Chinese monks in Shaolin and do become very skillful.

Due to the physical demanding and punishing nature of the training and fighting along with the fact they start so early. The careers are short due to injuries like broken bones, lacerations and joint problems like knees and ankles. They of course may still be able to train for self defense but not competitions.

Muay Thai is now an Olympic sport, many people from Europe, America and Canada (the west) have been traveling to Thailand to joint training Camps to get high level training, I myself have known some of those individuals and they have always given positive reports back of the training they received.

Checkout: muay thai beginners course in Thailand

Topic/Idea 2

Muay Thai Shorts

Please checkout the great range of shorts, keeping you cool agile great for training and competition there is a good selection for adults and kids. Comes in a selection of colours and designs made from 100 % polyester satin. These are high quality shorts

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Muay Thai Mouth Guards

CE approved coming in a large range of colours and sizes giving your teeth the maximum protection.comfortable fit.

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Muay Thai Gloves

These gloves are ideal for heavy bag work and competition, please check out our large collection for adults and children, having different colours and great designs to choose from, different size ounces with reinforced sticking, great wrist support.

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Muay Thai Head Protection

A large selection of different types of head guards for adults and kids, semi faced and full faced designs coming in a wide range of colours and designs. Fully adjustable in various sizes. Head guards for semi contact and full contact in the selection.

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Muay Thai Pads and Shields

Protecting your body and essential equipment for training helping others train, a large selection of different types of pads including focus pads, melon pads, cyclone pads, blocker, square wall mounted pads, sheild pads and many more different types please check those out to see this wonderful selection of pads. In different sizes and types and colours. Mounted, body and held pads. Must have for muay thai as they spend hours hitting pads developing great speed, power and technique as well as perfecting combinations.

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Muay Thai Punch Bags

Punch bags are another piece of essential training equipment in muay thai training and you will spend plenty of time on your punch bag perfecting those skills. This range is great for adults, children, beginner to advanced. I would advise getting a good punch bag as it will be with you for years. These are easy to assemble and come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from freestanding to wall mounted to hanging from the ceiling, Please take a look and see what is available you will not be disappointed. A session a day will sharpen your reflexes, increase speed, and improve your combinations. I would always recommend safety first so make sure you protect your hands with the gloves above. Also, get some hand wraps to protect your wrists please see supports section below.

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Muay Thai Shin Guards

Help protect your legs and ankles with these high quality shin guards, there is a large selection to choose from providing different levels of protection, Ideal for sparring and competition able to absorb the hardest blows preventing soft tissue damage and possible broken bones. Made with double padding and dipped foam. This is essential protective equipment in muay thai training. Comes in various colours and different levels of protection.

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Muay Thai Body Armour

Its always important to wear the correct body Armour to ensure we are safe when training and prevent any injuries, protect your torso comes in a range of styles and sizes, helping you and your training partners stay safe allowing you to train without worry. Special female and male upper body protection from light to heavy-duty.

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Muay Thai Supports

Joint protection a must, prevent injury in your joints: wrists, ankles, elbows etc great for all martial arts designed for your body parts and elasticated for your comfort and protection. Great for training and sparring. Essential for those heavy bag workouts.

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Muay Thai Accessories

Checkout our selection of Prajioud armbands

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muay thai for beginners (how to progress)

Starting any martial art it’s always best, as Bruce Lee would say `empty your mind` and start from a blank page even if you have done some form of martial arts yourself. One step at a time do not get overwhelmed by the with instructors or other students when you see them hitting the pads with such speed and power that the sound vibrates through the gym. If you follow the instructions you will be doing the same in no time!

As a beginner wear comfortable clothing for example T-shirts and track suit or shorts, also bring a towel and water for hydration and be prepared to sweat.

You will be training various parts of the body and different techniques, please see below a typical list for beginners by not rigid as all schools will have their own schedules this is just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Warm-up with a run of 2 – 4 miles this can be done in the gym or outside dependent on weather.

Skipping Rope, as in boxing this is great for warm ups and great for hand and body coordination. Its used as one of the primary exercises for muay thai due to the cardio, coordination and health benefits.

Leg flexibility for kicking: It is essential that as a muay thai martial artist you need to have a high level of leg flexibility as there are lots of kicking and a high number of those being high with the opponents head being the target. If you are a compete beginner to kicking stretching must be done slow and careful ensuring you listen to your body, list will help you prevent injury. This is something you must keep working on as with all the other parts of muay thai training.

Shadow boxing as a beginner you may find this awkward as you will not have built up the skills needed to be able to practice and get the full benefits, This will involve punching, kicking, kneeing and the use of elbows etc along with foot work which is very important in any martial art. Just start with the basics as in punches and kicks and footwork, then add the new moves as you learn them, You will eventually find this great fun for solo practice,

Pad work normally with a partner using focus pads or special pads for kicking or body Armour worn by your partner, This is where you learn to deliver the techniques with speed, accuracy and power. You will also be able to work on your footwork and combinations of different attacks for example punches only or kicks only or punches and kicks along with knees and elbows with other attacks.

Heavy bag work, this is great for solo training but you may need someone to hold the bag while you are striking it to stop the bag moving. This is great for developing power and body conditioning using both arms and legs, This type of training can be done outside of scheduled sessions allowing you to work more on your individual progress, many gyms have heavy bags or you can purchase many different types for the home. Again training on thing like attacks and combinations a must for muay thai for beginners to learn the basics well.

The Clinch this is when you and your opponent are locked together in battle with your hands and arms occupied only being able to use them if you break your arms free. You will learn how to fight in this situation and stay in control of the situation. This will involve using your knees and learning sweeps for takedowns. You will learn interesting techniques and learn when to release and take the clinch position, this is applied when you are close and may wish to execute a knee or sweep. As a beginner you will find this a bit challenging at first but with a bit of practice and the right direction from your instructor you will get proficient at this.

Relaxation and meditation This is important you must learn to relax and meditate, this will help you recover from such intense training. The meditation will help you focus and improve your training.


The fundamentals of muay thai are the foundation of the art, learn and train these and you will be in a good place with your muary thai. As a beginner it essentially these are constantly worked on and improved.

Fighting zones, all martial arts do have ideal zones for using their techniques and muary thai is no different. This enables the attacker not to waste attacks if too far or not being able to perform the techniques if they are too near, Using the optimal range for the right punch, kick, knee, elbow or clinch technique will make your more proficient and effective with your attacks and making you more aware while defending.

Kicking range is zone

Punching range is zone

Knee range zone

Elbow range

You will have to bear in mind this will depend on the individual as we all have different length arms and legs so getting into the right range could have it’s challenges but you will learn the techniques to get round this, just being aware of this important point will give you the advantage over the untrained attacker.

1,2, & 3

Stance and guard, you will need to have a solid core and a good stance but have great deal of agility and be able to move fast to avoid those oncoming powerful attacks to all parts of your body, Having the correct guard is also essential to protect your vital areas and be able to respond with minimum effect. Between attacks, you must have a strong base, being able to establish a strong powerful stance and guard when needed is essential especially when being attacked.

The Angle of the attack and muscle loading which is the release of energy using the hips and shoulders, this is a quite advanced concept to understand and will take some time to train your body to respond in this manner, But with a good teacher and plenty of practice you will get the hang of it. Again this is what pad and bag training is for working of these fundamentals until they are second nature.

Impact areas, target points and which weapons to use, for example you may see an opening to attack the inside leg. Impact point being upper leg area. Target point inner thigh on right leg between knee and groin. Weapon of choice due to distance opening effect on opponent would be right leg foot arch. This sounds long and drawn but all this can be applied in seconds once trained and competent.


Muay thai for beginners: has been a great article covering the equipment and skills needed to learn this great art that has a long history and many traditions, If you would like to be disciplined like a solder, fit like an athlete, have the body conditioning of a shaloin monk and the mind focused like laser. This is the martial art for you.

I have provided a glimpse into the incredible world of muay thai but there is one book I can say is extremely popular with beginners giving them complete inspiration to start training immediately, answering all the questions you may still have. Covering a complete list of all the attacks and applications, more detailed information on the different fighting strategies of the muay thai system, learn the true feeling a thai boxer gets once they step into the ring,

Leading you through each technique helping you come one with the movements, Providing you with a training guide which you can adapt to your personal training needs. With a section covering self training where you can expand on your knowledge and skill. Please see below:

=>Click here for my personal recommendation the book Muay Thai Basics, for more info and current price on Amazon<=

`Do not fear the fighter who knows 10,000 kicks, but fear the fighter that knows1 kick but has trained it 10,000 times`

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Wince 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Muay Thai for Beginners

  1. This is certainly not a sport for the faint hearted.

    I can understand it being used by soldiers in battle, but to subject small children to it seems rather strange to us in western culture.

    For those who are up for it, it must be a great source of exercise and fitness.

    Thanks for the history as it puts it into perspective and explains how it developed into a sport over time.

    • Hi Geoff, 

      Thanks for you commends much appreciated, yes I agree subjecting children in the west may be a problem. The Thai children start training around 5-6 years of age and compete soon after this. Muay thai is the national sport of Thailand and it taken seriously. 

      Yes the fitness levesl are great and Muay Thai has many followers in the west, with many traveling to Thailand for authentic training. 

      The history is interesting helps you appreciate the art and training. 

      Please visit again 

      All the best 


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