Focus Pads Martial Arts Review

Focus pads martial arts review for RDX INC FPL T3W, looking at those focus pads giving you information needed to make an informed decision whether to purchase those pads. Looking at quality, features, design. hopefully answering all those questions you need answers for. Those pads are very popular and are used by many martial arts, … Read moreFocus Pads Martial Arts Review

Quitters Never Win Book Review

Quitters never win book by Michael Bisping, this book is great quoted as a trailblazer, a legend and the man a true icon by an international newspaper and a best-selling Sunday newspaper. This man was born a fighter, as this book tells his incredible story from Grandparents to UFC champion and beyond. No hold barred … Read moreQuitters Never Win Book Review

Martial Arts Wisdom Quotes Found

We will be reviewing Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee the iconic actor and expert martial artist, martial art’s instructor, film director and philosopher and was responsible for popularizing martial art’s in the western world. Today we will be concentrating on his philosophy having a look at one of his many books called Striking Thoughts. This … Read moreMartial Arts Wisdom Quotes Found

Self Defense Information For Choosing a Martial Art

Today I will be covering self defense information for choosing a martial art, depending on specific attacks and styles Self Defense Countermeasures that involve defending your health and well- being, we are looking at physical and unarmed situations. Using specific martial arts. Those arts are more constructed towards the basin levels of self defense. As … Read moreSelf Defense Information For Choosing a Martial Art

One of the best Martial Arts Training Books

  book I would like to look at today is one of the best martial arts training books around today, This is in regard to Kung Fu in the style of Wing Chun, Covering a brief history, fundamental principles, and forms, This great martial arts training book, BUY  NOW =>  Wing Chun history and introduction … Read moreOne of the best Martial Arts Training Books

Best fighting styles for beginners to try

We are going to look at the best fighting styles that I recommend for beginners to try, just to confirm I am not promoting any particular art as I believe you have to choose the art you want to do and this will require some research and maybe attending various martial art schools to see … Read moreBest fighting styles for beginners to try