Kenpo Jiu Jitsu the Original Self Defense System

Kenpo jiu jitsu is a great martial art for self defense, created by the Japanese Samurai warriors 1603 – 1867. This self defense system is effective and efficient in most self defense situations. Taught to defend yourself by any means necessary the techniques can be brutal but effective. The techniques are uncomplicated and easy to learn, books or videos will help give you some techniques to work with if you wish to learn this way.

Designed for self defense and not for competition making this martial art accessible to all adults and children. Learn kenpo great for anyone.


Brief History

Originally from Japan, and known as law of the fist, not just a fighting system but a complete self-defense system which included religion, training in the arts’ and humanities. The focus here will be the self defense system. This system was introduced to America by the great grand master James M Mitose. Who decided to teach this system to the rest of the world. Previously called Kosho-Ryu-Kenpo due to the religious philosophy and art additional to the fighting technique. We will be looking into the kenpo which means law of the fist, the self defense element.


Kenpo is purely an art of self-defense, it should not be treated as a sport or game. Kenpo jiu jitsu is practiced in the far east but as mentioned above is now global, this system does not use weapons which make it favorable to those who do not particularly want to train with weapons. Also, you will be able to spend more time on unarmed technique. There is defense against weapons, taught as parts of the system. Known for it superior techniques striking to the right or left and the power of this art is miraculous and boundless-truly beyond explanation, once mastered you will find this martial art invaluable.

This is one martial art which has specific techniques for women and girls, as this art also caters for, not only the strong but also the weak and infirm. So if you are weak, women or girl can you defend yourself? do you know basic self defense? if the answer is no to any of those two questions I would recommend you learn some form of martial art and this system is ideal as a non-competitive system, only a self defense system could be the art for you, comes highly recommended by the art itself, (if not please checkout my post on the best women self defense moves.)


Jiu Jitsu translate to soft or gentle art in combating an aggressor, Please see the list below of the structure of the techniques:

  1. Punching
  2. Striking
  3. Kicking
  4. Throwing and Locking

The above list is good in my opinion as you will learn to be proficient in all the above attacks which will give you options and make you a more rounded martial artist. Also, increase your knowledge in defending against those attacks, There is not many martial arts’ that cover all those attacks in such detail. Examples boxing only train the fists, judo mainly does throws, locks and chokes and taekwondo mainly does kicks etc. So this system has it advantages due to the syllabus.

This art will teach you the fundamentals of the above attacks, for example punching, kicking and striking to be used as the best method of defense and locks should only be used if the attackers is not dangerous, .

Techniques to help you learn kenpo jiu jitsu

There are a number of techniques just to give you an overview of some of those please see below:


  1. Straight punch
  2. Punching with forearm cover
  3. Punching with the side of the fist
  4. Continuous punching side punch
  5. Chopping/ striking with the knife hand
  6. Elbow punching
  7. Forearm punching
  8. kicks
  9. locks
  10. holds
  11. knees

The techniques in Kenpo jujitsu are fairly easy to learn and can be practiced on your own or with a partner.

You have the straight punch which of course can be to the face or the stomach etc, There is also blocking and punching simultaneously this of course is a defensive move from an oncoming attack. Another way in which the fist is used in this style of martial art is the side of the fist like a hammer blow usually it is targeted towards the face straight on, or the jaw which can dislocate the jaw and is a very dangerous technique so care should be taken when practicing or in a combat situation not to be used unless your life is in danger.

The fist can also be used using what is known as the back-fist which is basically the back of the knuckles. Also, similar to the previous attack., so care must be taken. Chops or knife hand to attack various places for example the most dangerous place is the throat and again care should be taken when practicing and only used in combat if your life is in danger as this could be a fatal technique. The use of elbow strikes is also used again this is very effective and can involve the weight of the body behind it for more impact. The forearm itself is also used as a form of defense and attack in a sideways motion when attacking.

The use of kicks are also used with kicking with the ball of the foot low-level, midsection, sideways and of course kicks in combination with punches or strikes.

This of course will be put together with other techniques such as locks, grabs are used as a defensive technique. They are a number of countering exercises if you have a partner they could do a straight punch you can then block and attack using various attacks for example the elbow or the chop etc. You will learn different combinations prearranged moves where you are the attacker and the other person carrying out the technique. Then switch round, attacks could be and grab, kick, punch etc using techniques from the kenpo jiu jitsu system.

Self Defense Application

As mentioned above you will learn defenses against grabs, holds, you will learn how to lock the wrist or the arm carry out counters using kicks punches which ever technique is required for the situation. Also learn how to do take downs in which you take your opponent to the ground and immobilize them with a lock or hold. There are a number of wrist locks and elbow locks in this style of martial arts’. This is martial arts’ system predominantly has plenty of emphasis on defense against grabs of the wrists single/ double and bear hugs. Also, attacks from behind etc.

There is also great defensive techniques against being attacked with a weapon such as knife, cutless and guns. You of course will have to have great skill to carry out the defenses with great proficiency and effectiveness against weapons, this of course will take time training and as I always I suggest you join a club and train with like-minded people where they are seniors there to guide you in the correct movements for the art to get a full understanding of how to defend yourself but that aside this is a great system for self-defense it is what it is designed for.

Personal Recommendations

Please see the items needed to get you on your self defense journey




Learn kenpo how to defend yourself with a martial arts’ system designed for self defense only, without all the complicated moves, technique. This simple but effective system has a long history and his been learnt by many, I think this is ideal for anyone but great for law enforcement, security personnel etc.

If you would like to known more please check out the items above, I have selected those to get you started on your self defense journey.

`Martial arts should be a way of life , not a job, not a hobby or sport but the way you live your life`

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Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review on the book Kenpo Jiu Jitsu. Martial Arts always fascinates me and it is something that always enjoy as a part of my work out routine. In my opinion as I have been practicing martial arts my whole life, I do not think that it is only kenpo that focuses on self defense but all martial arts are all focus on that. I have to check out the book, will get it and let you know what I think. I am sure that I will like it. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, Nice for you to return to my website and thank for the comments, Its always great to meet fellow martial artists and like you I have trained in martial arts of one kind or another all my life, I agree with you all martial arts focus on some form of self defense. Some moves are hidden in some arts like tai chi. 

      Yes checkout this book you may be able to add some of those techniques to your training as today many martial artists cross train to be more versatile with their skills. Giving you more options. 

      Yes be great to hear what you think of this book

      all the best 


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