7 Star Praying Mantis kung fu

The book 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu is written by Leung Ting and the style is by master Lee Kam Wing. This kung fu system is not as popular as other styles but is an effective martial art system with great benefits. This book was released in 1980 and at the time was the only book introducing all the fighting methods, only book explaining all the methods and the only book teaching you all the theories and techniques of this style.

About the Author and Master Lee Kam Wing

Dr Leung Ting .

  1. Founder of Wing Tsun Leung Gymnasium
  2. Holder of level 10 M.O.C. international Wing Tsun Leung Ting martial arts Association.
  3. One of the founders of International Chinese martial-art federation
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and English,

You can find out more about the author in the book.

Master Lee Kam Wing


  1. Comes from a family of generations of martial artists
  2. Was trained in kung fu from a young age
  3. He was introduced to seven star praying mantis style in 1962

Just a few brief points above, the full and detailed article is written in this book covering many interesting facts like who was his master, the philosophical method, the use of the long period of study, how those skills were taught in those time, trained and taught for practicality and self defense. How seven style praying mantis was derived. I really enjoyed this section its gives the full story of 7 stat praying mantis kung fu,

The Origin and Development

This style of seven star praying mantis kung fu was created in the Ming Dynasty 13 68–16 44. Lee full details of the name of the martial artist who created it is documented within the book along with the full details of the province of where he started. Also, supplied is detailed history around that period. Yes provided is pages of history which helps you understand the martial arts and Chinese world more better. If you would like to know more about Chinese history this is a great section for you to read. Details on the government and army and the shaolin monastery, also covers Buddhism in relation to Kung Fu.

Grandmaster Wang Lang laying out a brief history of this martial artist detailing his martial arts skills. You can read about the battles of the martial artists here and how they worked on their skills.

How they looked at the mantis and worked out it strengths after studying its fighting techniques seeing the quickness, freely and willfulness control of it legs. The hand techniques were used in this system. Again I have only covered small bits to get the full pleasures of this section you must read it fully.

This system was found to be very effective and grew in popularity quite fast. There is also great stories about those Kung fu brother which is a nice read. How they kept improving the techniques.

What is cover in this book (7 star praying mantis kung fu)

Techniques of the seven-star praying mantis style,

The Eight stances: Training method of the eight stances combined with the hand techniques on the wooden dummy.

Training method and application

  1. Hook – Grapple – Pluck
  2. Upward block
  3. Go forward after intercept
  4. Chop
  5. Contact – Cling
  6. Tag – Lean
  7. Dodge
  8. Bounce

Training in the techniques of the 7 star praying mantis style

  1. The five internal Elements
  2. The five External Elements
  3. The three speeds
  4. The three attainments

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Fighting Methods

The eight rigid methods (illustrations and Applications)

  1. The mountain tai coming down onto the head
  2. Front straight forward punch to the face
  3. Double palming attack with forward step
  4. Elbowing hard with jointed hands
  5. Leaning forward against doo and wall
  6. Heavy chopping fist with surprising lower attack
  7. Left and right alternate round house punches
  8. Grapple, drag and ward off

The twelve flexible methods (illustrations and Applications)

  1. Withdrawing hands upon encountering rigid movements
  2. Surprise attack at opponents `s unguarded part while he is attacking
  3. Twirling around the opponent`s blocking arm
  4. gliding through opponents twirling arm
  5. Deflecting the straight forward punch in accordance with the keyword hook
  6. Attacking instantly after the pluck movement
  7. Attacking with the other hand while one hand is being trappled
  8. Pressing-in from outside and counter-attack
  9. attacking instantly after the downward pressing movement flipping off and attack
  10. Combining the hands again instantly after the open arms blocking movement
  11. Grappling opponent`s arm when it comes into contact
  12. The three conditions of stability
  13. The eight attacking points
  14. The eight non-attacking points

Application of force in the 7 star praying mantis style

Types of force

  1. Brute force and dexterous force
  2. flexible YIN and rigid YANG force

Training in the application of force

  1. The long force
  2. The foot-length force
  3. The inch-length force

Final Section

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  1. Punching methods
  2. Palming techniques
  3. Kicking methods
  4. Finger techniques
  5. Elbow and knee attacks

As you can see from the listed information above this book has all the conformation you need in this style of kung fu,

Buy you copy of the book: Seven – Star Mantis Kung Fu please click the Picture-Link below:


7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu is a book that covers all you need to know about this style of Kung fu. The book is filled with step by step photo and written instructions allowing the reader to learn and practice the moves.

You will read about the full history and all the grand masters and masters of this style. There is also a few stories about the development of this art by practitioners which I found interesting. You will also learn how this art originated and how it’s made up, which other styles influence this style.

This style also uses the wooden dummy, just like Wing Chun but, has it own wooden dummy form and techniques. Learn the twelve-word verbal formula! These twelve techniques are a major part of this system.

Having trained in various Kung fu styles I would class this style as a Classical Chinese martial art. This style has many similarities to other Chinese martial arts systems. Included is training drills, kicking, punching, etc. This style also identifies all the vulnerable points on the body which should be targeted during attack.

Other unique training methods are explained and trained, learn about the long force, the foot-length force and the inch-length force.

This style is a combination of eighteen forms there are many techniques,

Get a brief introduction into the other branch styles of praying mantis.

I think this book is ideal for anyone studies this style and would like to know more about the style, also martial artists who are interested in different styles of martial arts like myself. If you would like to find a club in this art, there are some clubs around you may have to look around. Once learnt this style is powerful and an effective martial art having known praying mantis practitioners in the past, they had powerful arms, hands, and fingers.

My Book Rating 4.1/5

“Fast as he wind, Quiet as a forest, aggressive as a fire and immovable as a mountain“

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. It’s a very interesting thing is kung Fu as well as other martial arts. I once tried Karate when i was a kid but didnt follow up on it really. But this is quite a good description of it all and goes to show that theres far more to kung fu than just fighting or beating each other up. thanks for a great article

    • Hi Kwidzn, thanks for your commends much appreciated, yes martial arts is more that just fighting in fact it is a way of life for many, The benefits go far beyond self defense and actual combat, 

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